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   Chapter 114 A Male fans

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A man was good at talking and being humorous, which made Melinda feel comfortable. And Melinda couldn't help laughing.

She didn't get fat so easily like this, and most of the time, she felt helpless. Besides, as a girl, she had a good appetite.

The man carefully selected many good-looking desserts and placed them in front of Amelia. Looking at them, Melinda could not help but twitch the corners of her mouth. She admitted that she had a good appetite, but it was too much for her. She had eaten a lot just now.

They chatted for a while, and the more time they talked, the better she thought of him.

"I find you very interesting." Melinda giggled, supporting her chin with her hand.

From the appearance, he was a mature and handsome man, but occasionally he behaved like a child. He did not make people feel childish, but gave people a feeling of warmth.

"Do you describe people in such an abstract way?"

It's funny that you can't tell whether it's a praise or a criticism.

Melinda smiled, but did not explain.

Fortunately, they didn't embarrass each other. Because of such a person's company, the party won't be too boring. As time passed, many people began to retreat. Subconsciously, Melinda looked for the figures of Queena and Yulia in the crowd.

"It's really a good chance for us to know each other. Let's make friends. My name is Leo Liu."

He stretched out his hand and looked at her with a smile. His fingers were slender and long, like the fingers of a girl with distinct bones. Those people who like a pair of beautiful hands would surely be attracted.


Melinda's hands was much attractive than Leo. They just politely shook hands with each other. When Leo asked her phone number, Melinda told him her number directly.

It was rare for her to meet a person who was nice and interesting.

After Queena greeted her friends for a while, she was about to leave. Queena didn't bring Melinda when she left, which made Melinda stand up from her seat in a hurry.

"I have to go now. Bye."

She walked quickly for two steps and suddenly stopped. She turned around and said to Leo. Then she turned around and walked towards Queena. When Queena saw Melinda, Queena just gave her a faint glance and said nothing.

On their way back, there were only two people. Yulia made a lot of friends and they were already going the next party outside.

Queena didn't like Melinda, and was not even accepted to stay in one car, but there was only a car at home to pick them up. Melinda sat on the copilot seat.

Melinda felt so depressed that she decided to ask the driver to send her to that customized shop.

"Mommy, I have something to deal with, so I won't go back home now."

Melinda said to Queena, even if Melinda knew that Queena didn't care at all, Queena closed the window without answering him and let the driver leave.

When the car left, it was like a wind. Melinda rubbed her arm and smiled indifferently.

At this time, there was no one in the store except a salesgirl. The gir

t a helpless smile.

"No, I'm married."

Melinda was not a fool. She knew that Leo had a crush on her because he wanted to talk more with her. She also had a good impression on him, but they were not lovers, but friends.

Leo was a very suitable person to be friend, because his behavior would make you feel comfortable.

"I know you have a husband, and I also know his name is Jonas."

The message from Leo surprised her again. Thinking of the words she had just sent, she wanted to withdraw, but the action was to cover it up. At that moment, she was embarrassed and didn't know how to reply.

Fortunately, he was able to stop the embarrassment.

"Melinda, I'm your fan. Can't you achieve my simple goal?"

The more he said, the more confused she became. Was he her classmate?

At the thought of this, Melinda couldn't help but begin to look for the information about her alma mater. It was not long before she could find any information about Leo that could be used as the representative to advertise for men like her.

He was two years younger than her. There were a lot of information about him, but all of them were compliments.

"Oh, we are from the same school."

She said with a smile on her face.

"Yes. You know how much I admire your literary talent. But it's a pity that I don't have the talent in this aspect. Otherwise, I will go to write stories with you and Kent. We three can surely surely make a living and explore the literature together."

Hearing what he said, Melinda couldn't help laughing. She suddenly felt that he was like a big child. Their conversation became more pleasant probably because of the relationship between them.

Melinda had been depressed recently. It was rare for her to be so happy. When Jonas returned home, he felt like he was travelling through the time.

Jonas pushed the door open and took off his suit. The sound he made throughout the process was neither loud nor small, but it was precisely because of this. Mo Lian did not look sideways at him.

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