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   Chapter 113 The Focus Of The Party

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Melinda breathed a sigh of relief. She lifted the hemline of her dress to sit down cautiously. She had rented the dress, so she must be very careful with it.

Young men and women danced trippingly on the dance floor. Yulia was so absorbed in dancing, especially social dancing that she had already become the focus of the whole party.

However, in front of Yulia, Melinda's performance was not surprising.

At the end of the song, the man expressed his thanks, but did not do anything further. Thinking that all this was caused by Melinda, Yulia became very angry.

She arrived at the buffet area and took two glasses of wine. Looking around, she finally saw Melinda hiding in the corner.

The light in the corner was not very big, but Melinda was very bright.

She sat on the sofa idly, with some snacks in front of her. She looked in the direction of the dancing floor, but her eyes were dull.

It seemed that she wasn't paying attention to that.

"Melinda, why are you here alone?"

To make herself look taller in high heels, Yulia chose the stilettos. Her high heels already brought her great pain and slowed down her pace.

She took the two glasses steadily.

"It's quieter here."

Melinda didn't expect to be found by Yulia hiding in such a corner. The latter took a glass of wine to her.

She looked at Yulia in confusion. She didn't know what she meant, but she guess it roughly.

However, it was better for her to not drink at the banquet, especially under the condition that this glass of wine was given by Yulia.

Since the lipstick mark was discovered by Yulia by accident last time, Melinda became more vigilant.

"I propose a toast to you. Don't let me lose face. Many people are watching us,"

Yulia said with a smile. Melinda looked around and found that there was few people around. And the number of people who looked at them was less.

This kind of behavior made Yulia a little embarrassed. However, her hand, which was holding the glass, was very stubborn and did not loosen at all.

"I don't drink,"

Melinda said with a faint smile, her eyes squinting slightly, which would be hard for ordinary people to continue forcing her to drink. However, Yulia did it on purpose, as she knew clearly that Melinda couldn't drink much.

What she wanted was to let Melinda make a fool of herself after she was drunk.

"It's okay, the alcohol in this wine is not high. You will definitely attend a dinner party with my brother in the future. It's time for you to drink, you should get used to it."

Yulia's thoughtful words made Melinda frown. She knew that Yulia was right, but it was impossible that Jonas would take her to a dinner party.

"Let me help her." A low male voice suddenly broke in, "This lady, I don't know if I have this honor."

When they were still in a stalemate, a man suddenly interrupted them. His voice was hoarse, but strangely magnetic.

He was dressed in a dark blue suit, with his hair scattered cas

rds made Melinda smile. The assistant came to deliver the clothes at a very fast speed. It was also a suit, but this time it was a silver grey one, seemed to be in order to match the dress of Melinda.

The material was a little bright, with a black golden cuff link, making him look more noble. They stood side by side, making people feel that they were well matched.

The design of her dress was chic, showing her beauty when dancing. Her dress swayed when rotating. Under the light of the dancing floor, her smile was mild, her neck was slender, and her small chin was slightly raised. Every movement was noble and elegant.

The man narrowed his eyes, and the look in his eyes became softer. His hard and cold face became softer under the light, giving people an illusion that his eyes were full of love.

The group of handsome men and beautiful women soon became the focus of the crowd. Melinda was not used to being the focus of everyone's attention, nor to wearing high heels. She only danced for one song and felt very uncomfortable at her heels.

"Let's go and eat something."

The man's consideration made Melinda satisfied. She nodded and they walked out of the dance floor hand in hand.

He was a very careful man. He noticed that Melinda did not like this kind of occasion, so he found a very quiet place. When Melinda sat down, he went to the buffet area alone. The food he brought back was the same as what Melinda took before.

The thoughtful care from him made Melinda feel like she was the apple of the eye.

"Why do you look so thin since you eat so many high-calorie food? Don't you think it's fair for your cakes?" The man took a quick look at Melinda and then looked away politely without any discomfort.

Hearing this, Melinda raised her eyebrows. "Can I take it as a praise?"

"Well..." The man pinched his jaw and thought seriously, "In fact, I just want to ask you if you have any secret on how to keep skin condition. Do you mind telling me?"

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