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   Chapter 110 Emily Is Back

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10578

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"Dad, since Rey is going to take charge of the branch company, don't you think it would be more appropriate for him to select the staff?"

Aron couldn't endure it anymore. He decided to fight for the rights of his son, Rey Gu. The shareholders who had come to a consensus seemed to agree with Aron. They felt that it was beneficial for the company.

"Do you doubt my judgment or your son's capability? Or are you scared that I'll make things difficult for him?"

Aron was perplexed by Jonas's questions. He wanted to say that he was afraid that he would deceive him but swallowed his words.

"No, that's not what I mean..."

"Good. Don't worry, I trust his ability. I will supervise the company to get him back on track."

Jonas cut Aron off before he could finish his words. In the end, it was Jonas who managed the recruitment of the staff. He wasn't ready to give up the power and responsibility that Nelson had given him.

After the meeting, Nelson asked the staffs from all the important departments to stay back. He instructed them to follow Jonas's decisions, irrespective of how big or small they were.

"Work hard. Don't let me down."

Nelson patted Jonas's shoulder and smiled. Jonas could see that his grandfather was getting old and became weaker with every passing day. He couldn't see him like this.

Jonas was busy with the recruitment process and development plans. He hardly had time for himself. He gave the employee list to Rey Gu and informed him about the people who would be joining the company. When Jonas left the meeting room, he got a call from Emily.

They hadn't talked with each other for a long time. Jonas was busy with work and almost forgot her.

"I'm back from filming. Do you want to have lunch with me?"

Emily asked hopefully. She had been patient and tried hard suppressing the urge to call him. Now that she was back, she felt that it would be a reasonable excuse to contact him.

Emily knew that Jonas would get busy and would soon forget her. She had to keep in touch with him to remind him of her presence.

"I owe you a treat anyway. How about meeting today for lunch? I will send the time and venue later."

"Sounds good to me. I'm going to unpack my stuff now. See you later."

Emily smiled and hung up the phone. Jonas asked William to arrange everything. William immediately made a reservation at a restaurant. "Boss, you have a meeting this afternoon regarding the branch," he said hesitantly.

"Got it."

The affairs of the new branch were more important to him. This was a test given by Nelson and he needed to prove his proficiency.

William managed to squeeze an hour and a half in Jonas's schedule to have lunch with Emily. Lunch would be served at noon and he had specifically booked a restaurant that served the dishes swiftly.

Lunch was ready by the time Jonas and Emily entered the restaurant. Emily sat down and swept her tongue across her lips. "Wow, what a feast! I cannot wait to finish them all."

"Really?" Jonas asked with amusement.

"Yeah. I'm tired of eating the same boring lunch every day. The crew members prepared lunch for me but I fell sick every time I

he ended up choosing a small private room in the restaurant as she didn't want anyone to recognize her.

Dinner was served as soon as Jonas walked into the restaurant. Emily had taken special care to order all his favorite dishes.

She was also aware of the brand and age of wine that Jonas preferred. Therefore, she had ordered a bottle of his favorite wine.

Jonas was touched by Emily's thoughtfulness. He was comfortable around her.

"Why is it you guys always have fun? This bottle of wine belongs to me today."

Emily smiled and raised her glass before clinking it with Jonas's. She closed her eyes and took a sip of the wine, relishing its taste.

She took another sip and swished it with her tongue as the flavor exploded in her mouth. The exotic flavor of wine made her taste buds tingle. Emily scrunched her nose and looked at Jonas.

"You may not like it in the beginning, but you will eventually fall in love with it," Jonas said.

Emily was slowly getting addicted to the taste but she told him that she couldn't taste anything. She began to ramble about how Jonas had lied that wine tasted good just to have a drink with her.

"I think you need to stop drinking. You've had enough already." Jonas frowned.

Emily giggled like a maniac and poured herself another glass. "Why are you stopping me from drinking this tasty wine? This is an elixir and I want to drink more," she slurred.

Emily's face was flustered and she looked completely drunk. Considering that they had finished dinner, Jonas paid the bill and ushered Emily into the car to drop her home.

Although the restaurant wasn't far from Emily's house, it took a lot of effort for him to drive her home. Emily was constantly giggling and pestering him and Jonas couldn't keep his eyes on the road.

The car finally halted in front of Emily's house. Jonas opened the door and helped her come out. Emily staggered and leaned heavily against Jonas's chest. She suddenly stopped and wrapped her arms around Jonas's neck.

"Jonas, I like you." She pecked on his cheek and ran into the house, giggling like a little girl.

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