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   Chapter 109 The Ultimate Goal

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10064

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"Really? It's just the beginning, but Melinda can't stand it?"

Emily was also smiling, but her smile was inexplicably creepy, and the cunning in her eyes was obviously complacent.

She disdained to hide her feelings so much when no one was around.

"When do you think they are going to divorce?"

Then Yulia looked out of the window and saw Nelson playing chess with Melinda in the yard. Nelson kept smiling after hearing what Melinda said.

She was supposed to be treated like this as his granddaughter. However, she lost everything because of Melinda.

"It's not easy to deal with her since the old man was here. What matters most now is your brother's position in the company. As long as your brother has a firm foothold in the company, then the old man will do nothing to threaten him."

Emily was quite clear about all these things, and she always believed that the reason why Melinda could be with Jonas was that of Nelson.

"I don't understand the things in the company."

Yulia was well aware of her ability. She was not used to the deception of those people, and she had once thought of working in the company and done something to impress Nelson.

But after a few days in the company, she was aware of her capability and completely forgot about it.

"Well, that's enough. You just need to report to me how they get along with each other recently. I will solve the problem by myself."

Emily emphasized the words of "solve the problem". Now it was clear that her magnanimity and Melinda's endless quarrel would shake the heart of Jonas.

In the past few days, Jonas didn't like to stay at home. He looked forward to meeting Emily. He was crazy.

In the CEO's office of Soaring Group, Jonas was buried in a pile of documents with a pen in his hand and rotating it gently. But his eyes were not focusing.

William walked into the office with a pile of documents to be dealt with. Seeing the way the boss looked, he sighed in his heart.

"Boss, this group of documents will be used this afternoon. They are in a hurry,"

William said to remind him. Jonas hadn't been in the mood for work recently, and general manager would occasionally make trouble for him. As secretaries, William and others had a hard time.

"Got it."

Jonas came back to his senses and put his attention on the work, thinking that at this time of these day, Emily would call him no matter what happened.

On the other hand, Emily was making the next plan. She thought it was the best time for her to contact fewer with Jonas during this period. Since a new crew came to her, she agreed to join them very soon.

Emily looked enchanting in Chinese ancient red costumes, different from her usual pure image. She asked her assistant to take a photo of herself at the crew, and then sent it to Jonas.

After a while, Emily finally called Jonas, whose call was almost answered in seconds.

"Have you seen the pictures I sent to you?"

Emily asked in a sweet and spoiled tone, as if she would lose h

Nelson would attend it every time. After all, he was the top decision maker in the company.

"Not bad."

Nelson rarely praised Jonas at a general meeting. In the past, he always pointed out a lot of shortcomings. But this time, he was satisfied. Jonas handed over a good answer paper to fully show his ability.

Moreover, on several major decision-making occasions, Jonas could accurately tell the pros and cons and find the most reasonable solution, so as to lead a group of his subordinates to make a lot of benefits for the company.

Compared with his remarkable data, Aron was not that busy. For one thing, the general manager was not as powerful as the CEO himself, and for another, he put most of his time on how to humiliate Jonas. He didn't complete many projects successfully.

"Jonas, I'm going to open a branch in the neighboring province and arrange a professional manager from the headquarter. Do you have any recommendation?"

It was not a secret that a company was going to set up a branch. Jonas had been following up. At this time, when he heard Nelson who asked about it, he spoke out his opinion.

"I think the vice manager of the planning department can have a try."

Jonas's reply surprised Nelson. The vice manager was actually Jonas's cousin. Sending him to the branch company was actually handing over the power to him.

At that time, it would be more difficult for Jonas to deal with him, but he was not in panic. He even did not take him seriously.

"You are responsible for the detailed personnel arrangement of the branch company,"

Nelson stated after pondering for a few seconds. There was an uproar in the meeting, especially Aron. He almost stood up from his seat.

Unintentionally, the action was handed over to Jonas. This time he could totally arrange his personnel to take over the new company.

Aron's son might be the general manager one day. So what? There was no his man under him, and he was pinned down by Jonas. Was this his ultimate goal?

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