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   Chapter 103 A Drunk Accident

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10274

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The manager didn't know Jonas, but he knew he was well dressed and had a temperament that was hard for ordinary people to have. And people of the other side were regular customers, so he didn't dare to offend Jonas and them. The only thing he could do was to comfort them separately.

Emily walked to hold Jonas, who was too drunk to stand upright. It was hard to imagine that he was the one who reacted quickly to the fight just now.

"Jonas, you are drunk."

Jonas didn't answer. His eyes were still staring at the manager and the group of people angrily. The way he vented his anger on the man earlier made him feel better. When he was stopped suddenly, he was very unhappy, and even had an impulse to continue to beat them.

The manager looked at his eyes, inexplicably starting to feel a little scared. He had a feeling that the next moment this guest's fist would hit on his face. Therefore, he silently retreated a few steps.

Many people had seen that Jonas beat someone first, but he was too drunk to tell the reason. Emily apologized guiltily, and no one noticed that she was the one who started it.

"I'm sorry, my friend is drunk. All the money for the wine is on our table,"

Emily said to the manager, trying to take out the wallet from Jonas, but she was avoided by him.

"Jonas, give me your wallet. I will pay for the wine."

Jonas looked aside from his coat for a while before he put a black leather wallet in Emily's hand. When Emily opened the wallet, she saw a photo of Jonas and Melinda.

The two people were holding each other intimately on the street of Fiji. The smile on their faces was so harsh.

Emily wanted to tear the photo into pieces, but she resisted the urge. The manager was a clever man. As soon as he heard that she wanted to pay the bill, he asked the bar counter to check the bill, of course, with the bill of the man who was beaten by Jonas.

Since Jonas didn't have much cash with him, Emily thought for a while and pulled out a Black Card from it. When the manager saw the card, he became even more respectful. In A City, not many people could have such a card.

"Could you please find someone to help me get him out?" Emily said to the manager. Jonas looked thin, but his weight was heavy. It was difficult for Emily to take him away by herself.

The manager didn't arrange anyone else. Instead, he himself walked along with Emily and helped the drunken Jonas out of the bar. This farce was soon over, and those revelry men went mad again.

Walking out of the bar, a night breeze blew, making people feel chilly all over. Since Jonas felt hot all over, he felt much better.

With the manager's help, Emily finally succeeded in pushing Jonas into her car. She sweated a lot and leaned against the car door for a rest.

"Miss, if there is nothing else, I will go back first."

The manager heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Jonas had been put into the car and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Thank you,"

Emily said. The manager looked at her and found her familiar, but he couldn't recal

"I am going to sleep."

In fact, Melinda stayed up all night. Knowing that Jonas was out, she couldn't help but think about his whereabouts. But she was too proud to ask him by phone.

"My brother is drunk. You..."

"Oh, you can just put him on the sofa. There is a quilt in the bedroom downstairs. Jasmine knows where it is,"

Melinda answered coldly, showing no emotion on her face. Yulia blinked, as if she had heard something wrong. Looking at her doubtfully, Melinda said again, "Anything else?"

"No... Nothing."

The door was closed after Yulia finished speaking, and she could even hear the door being locked.

Yulia walked back to the living room with some hesitation. She said to Gavin what Melinda had said. Gavin's face changed for a moment. Fortunately, Jasmine reacted quickly and saved the scene in time.

"Mrs. Melinda was tired and injured today, so she can't take care of young master. How about letting young master sleep in the guest bedroom downstairs? If anything happens tonight, I can check on him in time."

"That's it. Jasmine, go and clean up the guest bedroom first."

Gavin had no other choice. Melinda got hurt, if they still sent Jonas to her room, they two would have a hard time at night.

"I clean the room every day. The only thing I need to do is to make the bed."

As Jasmine said, she prepared a guest bedroom with her sharp hands and feet, and then several people took Jonas to the guest bedroom. As for his wrinkled clothes with the smell of alcohol, everyone selectively ignored it.

Since Jonas didn't like being touched by others, it was best for Melinda to help him change clothes.

"Well, everyone can go back to have a rest now. Jasmine, do you want me to stay here to help you?"

"No, it's not a big deal. I'm going to make some tea to sober the young master up. He can drink it when he wakes up."

After settling down Jonas, the group of people left with vigor and vitality. Melinda stood against the window on the second floor and went downstairs after it became quiet.

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