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   Chapter 101 Emotional Flooding

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9722

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After a long while, Melinda came to her senses. Her elbow was bruised and her head was hit. She rubbed her head and looked at the angry face of Jonas, who standing beside her.

Melinda fumbled around to find a point. When she touched the photo frame on the bedside table, her temper burst out. She slammed the frame hard on the floor.

The frame fell to the corner. Two seconds later, it fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

The clear and crisp sound made Jonas sober up in an instant. He realized what he had just done and could not help but feel a little flustered.

"Melinda, I..."

Melinda rubbed her forehead and looked at the photo frame. She staggered over and picked up the photo among the fragments. At this moment, the pleasure and happiness in the journey disappeared with this broken photo frame.

She rested her fingers on the photo, looking at their smiling faces. Then she tore the photo into pieces with her hands without mercy. Soon, the photo and the frame were broken into pieces.

Seeing that, Jonas's heart throbbed. He wanted to stop Melinda, but he didn't know what to do.

"Melinda... Are you okay?"

Looking at her worriedly, Jonas was annoyed that he had lost control of himself. He clasped his hands, and he wanted to break them. He whispered the words of concern and didn't know what to do.

"Slapped me and then gave me two candies?"

Melinda said with a mocking smile. Looking at the mess in the bedroom, she could not help but have a headache. Jonas looked at her with eager eyes and he was like a kid who had made a mistake.

"I want to have a rest."

She was too tired to take care of the wounds on her body and mind. Now she just wanted to have a good sleep, and if she fell asleep, nothing would be wrong.

Melinda curled up in the bed, exhausted.

She had been busy with the new book launch the whole day. In no time, Melinda fell asleep quickly. Her tense body gradually relaxed. In the quiet room, her smooth and light breaths sounded.

Jonas slowed down and approached the bed. Melinda's hair was a little messy on the face, which covered the wound on her forehead. Her forehead was tightly wrinkled when she was asleep, which hurt Jonas a lot.

He was very gentle and slow, as if he were looking at the rare treasure. When he saw the wound on Melinda's forehead, his eyes contracted, his fists clenched, and then loosened. He carefully lifted the quilt to check the injury on her elbow.

The slight red and bruise made him chagrined. He then quietly left the bedroom and went to the living room on the first floor to look for the medical kit.

He was not familiar with the decoration at all. Finally, he found it with the help of Jasmine. When Jonas came back to the bedroom, he carefully cleaned the wound for Melinda and then sat on a sofa, paralyzed.

Thinking that it was all his fault, he didn't know how to face Melinda. Look

nd out his feelings for Melinda as soon as possible, but he felt there were too many things that he hadn't noticed during this period.

For example, the contradiction between the two people, and those dissatisfaction.

"No, thanks."

Jonas didn't want to talk about it at all. Actually, it was because of Emily. If they two keep in touch, Melinda would misunderstand them.

He didn't make a mistake, so he knew that there was something he couldn't do.

Emily was a little surprised, but still said considerately, "Well, you can call me at any time if you are unhappy."

Without answering, Jonas hung up the phone directly and threw his phone aside. He got up and walked to the French window, with two sides of high green plants. Looking down, it was a city with heavy traffic.

He reached out to pull a leaf from a plant and observed the vein of it carefully. He was serious about such a boring thing, but his eyes were hollow. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

After a long time, Jonas threw away the leaves and picked up the mobile phone and the car keys on the table. He found that he could do nothing. He just wanted to go home and see Melinda.

Even though they got into a real fight, it would make him feel at ease. It was self-torture.

On the way, Jonas had been thinking about how to face and how to talk to her nicely. He must control his own emotions. He had thought a lot, but he ignored that Melinda did not pay attention to him at all.

"Melinda, how's your wound? Let me help you with the ointment."

Melinda was wearing a long sleeve and her hair was down. Since Jonas couldn't see her wound clearly, he could only say dryly.

"Jasmine, prepare a cup of milk for me at nine o'clock. I'm going to my room."

Seemed not to hear what Jonas said, Melinda turned to say to Jasmine. Jonas, being snubbed by her, was unwilling to leave. He followed her all the way until he was shut out of the bedroom.

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