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   Chapter 98 The Mysterious Guest

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9588

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It was nearly noon, and the sun was a little strong, but there was a gentle breeze on this road. Seeing two cars parking in front, the cars behind Jonas decided to take a detour.

Looking at Jonas's side face, Emily was obsessed with him.

"Is there anything wrong?"

Jonas frowned and looked at his watch again. Emily did not miss the anxiety in his eyes. She was more determined that no matter what, she would not let Jonas get to Melinda new book launch event.

"Yes, I don't know why, but it can't run away. I…

I don't know how to do. Can you help me to have a look? "

She took a careful look at him and observed his expression. Then he opened the door and went to check whether there was something wrong with Emily's car.

"Is there anything wrong?" Emily asked, as she followed Jonas step by step.

"Give me keys to the car."

Jonas stretched out his hand and asked Emily to take the key to start the car for inspection. Just as what Emily said, the car could not run away. As he turned his eyes, he saw the photo of them when they were young hanging on the trunk of the car.

Seeing that Jonas had seen the photo, Emily was excited. She had hung it on purpose today, because she wanted to know weather Jonas didn't care about their past relationship at all.

Jonas reached out and grasped the pendant. After looking at it for a while, he finally plucked it cruelly. Emily was nervous at once. She wanted to go forward to stop it, but her feet stuck on the ground.


"You'd better not hang it on the car, lest it cause unnecessary misunderstandings."

He said coldly. His words brought Emily's heart to the bottom. He held out his hand to hold the photo. He didn't pay attention to it, but he just felt that it would cause unnecessary trouble.

Of course, Jonas wasn't that childish to tear up those pictures. It couldn't be the only one in Emily's hand.


I'm sorry. I should have been more careful next time. "

Emily took over the pendant and put it in the bag. She stated in a shaking voice.

Emily has a gorgeous big waves, but it was a little dried since she hadn't taken good care of her body for a long time. When she turned her head on one side, her sharp chin was exposed. A wise person could see that she was much thinner and older.

"I don't think we can find anything wrong with the car in a short time. You can ask someone to help you with the car."

Jonas looked around again and felt something wrong, but he didn't find out, so he cover the car bonnet and said to Emily. This time, his clothes were wrinkled and stained with dust.

"Oh, okay."

Emily responded and took out her mobile phone. The photo of the mobile screen was taken by herself and Jonas after she returned home. At that time, she was not afraid of Melinda at all. There was a big smile on Emily's face. Although Jonas looked

nd could handle many unexpected things well.

The interview was over, and there was only one reporter interviewed left. This was the periodical office of her company. Melinda could finally have a rest.

"Will your wife get angry if you come out like this?"

"My wife likes your novel very much now. And she even asked me to bring her a signature. Well, do you agree to sign your novel or not?"

"Of course I will sign it."

The joke from Kent made Melinda relaxed a lot. Her cell phone rang at this time. Kent sensitively found that her face changed in an instant when her phone was rang.

"Excuse me, Kent. I have to take this call."

Melinda walked to a corner and hid herself behind a pillar. The name 'Jonas' glowed arrogantly on the screen.

She was not sure what news she would hear, so she picked up the phone with great anxiety.

"Melinda, where are you now?"

Since the press conference had come to an end, Jonas didn't mention anything about the launch event. Hearing his good voice, Melinda was relieved, but then angry.

"Jonas, do you still remember what you have promised me?"

Melinda asked angrily. Although her voice was not loud, her mood swing was not small.

Behind her anger was the unconcealed disappointment of Melinda. She was totally disappointed with what Jonas had done to her several times. She didn't know how to trust him again.

"Melinda, I'm sorry. Something happened to me and I'm late."

Although it was late, Jonas still drove to the place of the press conference in spite of his regret, he dared not tell the real reason.

Melinda had a bad feeling that he was deliberately hiding something from her.

"Jonas, do you think you can always solve everything with an apology?"

Melinda had been in prison for more than twenty years life had kept telling her that the apology was the palest thing in the world.

"I met Emily's car on my way here..."

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