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   Chapter 97 There's Not Much Time

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The new book launch was to be held in two days. It seemed to be a big event for everyone in the Gu's mansion. At dinner, Nelson asked again about the event. Melinda answered with a smile, and said that Jonas would be present.

"That's it. If you have time, it's good to accompany her and cultivate a relationship."

Nelson was relieved. He patted on Jonas's shoulder, instantly feeling that his grandson was much more pleasing to him.

Yulia went downstairs to look for the kitten, but she didn't expect to hear this conversation. So she went back to her bedroom quietly.

She just wanted to find something to trouble Melinda in her new book launch, but she didn't expect this opportunity to be presented so soon.

"Are you nervous? Do you need me to attend to back you up?"

It was the first time for Melinda to hold a new book launch, and she had invited a lot of famous writers. It was true that she was nervous. And she thought she was recognized by everyone.

"Don't, grandpa. I would be really nervous if you were there."

In fact, Melinda didn't want Nelson to be tired walking around. Moreover, she must be very busy during the press conference, so she would not have time to deal with him.

So this time, she also declined her own grandfather and grandmother. Only one person she invited was Jonas. The other people were the studio team specially arranged for her by the company.

When the staff of the studio knew that Jonas would be there, they had been attracting a lot of people. Some of the prototype of characters in the book would attend the new book launch.

A publicity stunt was grand.

Melinda went to the site to see the layout of the site for two consecutive days, worrying about the safety and something else. Seeing her like this, Jonas quietly added a group of security guards.

Melinda needed a style on the day of the new book launch. In order to save trouble, she went to the company in advance, and the studio had already arranged everything well.

The hairdresser had designed the dress for Melinda in a style that she was familiar with. She chose a literary girlish dress, which was a light blue princess dress, with an irregular design of lace, and a pair of silver white high heels.

The hair on her two sides was made into small pigtails and slightly curled. The light make-up made Melinda look fresh and gentle.

"Melinda, your skin is so smooth that it makes me jealous."

For the sake of little rest, writers' skin was rarely flawless. Melinda just smiled. She had always been demanding herself not to stay up late.

After the editor reminded Melinda a few matters needing attention, a group of people set out from the company and went to the site of the new book launch.

There were not many fans. Except for the top ten fans of the list, Melinda used the draw mode to choose twenty fans to the list. They were very excited when they saw her, but not over excited.

"Melinda, I'm your big fan. I've been following you from your first book. Your words are so warm. Sometimes they make me feel like I've been reborn; sometimes they make me suffer more. You make me feel moved. Thank


Yulia didn't want to talk about this topic anymore. What happened just now was like an insult to her. Fortunately, not very much people saw that here.

When Yulia walked out of the bathroom, she saw Jasmine looking for her anxiously. Seeing Yulia, Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief.

"Gavin has arranged the driver and servants to send you to the hospital," Jasmine said as she brought some hot water to Yulia.

"I went to the bathroom just now and I am just on my period. I'm fine,"

Yulia said as she held her stomach. She acted like a shy girl. And Jasmine bought that immediately.

At the same time, Jonas was driving at a high speed. There was enough time for him, but he didn't want to make Melinda wait too long. It would take an hour to arrive at the press conference. According to the current speed, he could arrive at about forty-five minutes.

When he drove out of the suburb, he crossed the urban bridge. The buildings on both sides of the bridge were passing by at a high speed. Jonas slowed down gradually. The traffic in the city was heavy. He couldn't be willful like that.

Emily had investigated the road from the Gu's mansion to the site of the conference. She had been waiting for him on a road that Jonas must pass. When hearing his voice from the headset, she started the car and drove forward.

Seeing a car turned around suddenly drove in front of him, Jonas hurriedly stepped on the brake, only to see a familiar person come out of the car.

Emily got off the car and clapped the car, her face full of anxiety and helplessness. When she saw Jonas's car, her eyes flashed with excitement, and then she went forward and knocked at his window.

"Jonas, it's really you!"

Emily said happily, clasping her bag nervously and using all her acting skills.

"Can you move your car aside? I need to get through."

It was the only road, and it was narrow. Emily's car just blocked his way, so he couldn't drive through.

The smile on Emily's face froze, and then she said in a sad tone, "I don't know what's wrong with my car. It can't work anymore."

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