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   Chapter 93 The Marriage Certificate

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"Melinda, I'm sorry that I was rude. I want you to go out and relax, but not go back sadly like that. Let's play two games, just two. Then we'll go back."

Like coaxing a child, Jonas softened his voice and spoke to Melinda softly. He looked around and found there was ice cream not far away. He went to buy ice cream, and it was the vanilla that Melinda liked most.

"Melinda, have a rest and have an ice cream first. Then we will go to play,"

Jonas ordered, walking her to the side for a rest. Many sharp eyed businessmen came to sell their products. As long as anyone praised Melinda, Jonas would buy their products generously.

He was spoiling her in this way. Instead, Melinda was not used to it.

During the whole day's tour, Jonas was ingratiated with Melinda, who was always indifferent, and she had even tried many times to ignore him.

As a man with high self-esteem, Jonas had challenged his own bottom line for several times in order to play up to Melinda. However, she did not respond, which made him feel very embarrassed.

Especially when they met a partner halfway, even though Melinda was cooperative, any wise person could see through her.

The two returned home silently. They were not as happy as they were after a day's tour at all. On the contrary, the expressions on their faces darkened.

Unclear why, Nelson thought two of them had a quarrel, so he warned Jonas.

Jonas didn't know what to say. He could tell his low position in the family.

Yulia had been grounded for a long time. She saw the changes in the family since she had quarreled with everyone at the beginning and now she was quiet. She had her own ideas.

"Melinda, I have been learning to write poems recently, but there are many things I don't understand. Can you teach me?"

Yulia, wearing a light blue denim skirt, tied up her hair. The thin bangs made her face look even more beautiful. She held a collection of poems in her hands, which made her more charming.

"I don't know much about poems. You can look up the Internet and find some collections."

Melinda was surprised. After a long time, she pointed at the collection of poems in Yulia's arms and gave a good suggestion.

Yulia wanted her to teach her something. She just worried that silence could eat up the air.

The smile on the corner of Yulia's mouth was somewhat stiff. She finally made up her mind to slowly interact with Melinda. She chose this topic since Melinda liked literature. She didn't expect to come up with such an embarrassing result.

Melinda was a little embarrassed, smiling in embarrassment. She recommended a few books to Yulia to read.

"I don't understand. Can I ask you if I still meet sentences that I don't understand?"

"Yes, you can."

After listening to Yulia's words, Melinda felt a little inexplicable. But then she thought about it. If they had to live under the same roof, their relationship should be softened.

Momo had become the master of the Gu's mansion recently. She should be good to the cat since she wanted to g

e certificate was hidden.

"Grandpa, Melinda is busy with new novel recently. She can't figure it out for a while. Don't urge her all the time. Give her some time to think about it,"

said Melinda. As Melinda lowered her head and thought hard about it, she tried to pinch Jonas's waist again, but she found his muscle was too tight.

"Jonas, when I hid it, you were also there. Can you help me recall where I put it?"

Melinda said in a sweet and soft tone, like a spoiled child. Hearing her soft and clingy words, Jonas could not help but smile. He really spoiled her as she looked so smart.

She wanted them to die together.

"I remember you told me that you had put it in the safe."

"Well... Really?"

Melinda tried hard to recall what she put in the safe, and then she found that she did not even have a safe at home. Those in the study were all Jonas's.

"How can you not remember?"

Jonas stretched out a finger and gently touched Melinda's head, saying in a spoiled tone. The smile at the corner of his mouth made Melinda feel colder.

"Melinda, you can't be so careless with such an important thing."

"Grandpa, it's my fault. I will be more careful next time," Melinda apologized sincerely, but felt wronged. There was no any marriage certificate. However, Jonas asked her to handle this thing and wanted her to cope with Nelson.

"I am not blaming you. Well, go to get it now."

Hearing her grievance, Nelson thought that he had been rude to her, so he hurried to make up for her. Melinda nodded with a little pale on her cheeks. She raised her head to look at Jonas with a sneer in her eyes. There was no marriage certificate at all, so she didn't know where to find it.

What's more, Jonas's behavior really disappointed her. The disappointment in the eyes of Melinda was undisguised, and Jonas was a little worried, seeming to realize that he had done something wrong.

"I'll go with you, honey."

Touched Melinda's head and held her hand tightly with his. They left together in a hurry.

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