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   Chapter 90 Cyber Manhunt

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10386

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A City was a commercial city, with high buildings could be seen everywhere. Soaring Group, located in the center of the city, was like the symbol of power, attracting many people to sacrifice themselves for entering the company.

At this time, the entrance of Soaring Group was crowded with media. Everyone was looking at the way to the entrance. When the car representing Jonas drove in, the media were all excited.

With the sound of brake, the car stopped at Soaring Group's front door. The security guard stepped forward and opened a path for him. Jonas got off the car. He looked around coldly.

He straightened his suit jacket and slowly walked into the company. The media immediately took pictures of his back. Even if there was no news about him, it was good enough to get the picture.

But they seemed to be excited too early. The security guards cleared up the area. Someone forced them to delete the photos they had taken after Jonas entered the Soaring Group.

All the invited reporters walked into the Soaring Group, in the envious eyes of others.

Jonas held a press conference. Although he was suspended, Nelson still allowed the group's PR department to fully cooperate. Of course, the precondition was that Jonas was to explain the rumor and defend Melinda.

The manager of PR department stood next to Jonas and reported the situation of the spot.

"Boss, this is the draft for you to be familiar with when you rest in the lounge." The manager took out a file from his bag and handed it to Jonas, who only took a quick look at it but didn't reach out his hand. "No need," he said indifferently.

Those remarks were too official.

At nine o'clock, the press conference began. This interview was in live broadcast. Melinda, who had been staying at home, was unable to control herself to change to the Livestream channel at this time. It was a familiar handsome face in front of her.

The camera was zoomed in. Jonas was solemn like an old official. But he had a perfect looking.

'He looks more handsome in real eyes', Melinda thought.

All the journalists asked were normal questions. When they mentioned Emily, there was dead silence.

"The purpose of the press conference today is to tell everyone that I have been married, and my lover is Melinda Mo."

Jonas put his hands on the table with crossed hands and didn't step close to the microphone, but his voice was clear enough to be heard by everyone.

A deep and powerful voice with a hint of bewitchment, Melinda even felt that even when Jonas said this, he was smiling.

Comments were flooded by Emily's fans in an instant, and everyone was wondering who Melinda was.

Some reporters asked her identity and information, but Melinda was well protected by Jonas, who was not willing to reveal anything.

The Internet was already in a mess because of the press conference, and the people of Emily's company were taken aback by Jonas's act. The PR department held an urgent meeting, and finally hired a group of rumormongers to lead the public opinion.

"Who Melinda is? Our Emily is Mr.

put his hands on her shoulders, with guilt and love in his eyes. His strength was not heavy, but was just enough to limit Melinda.

"When I was a child, I fell into the water. Emily saved me and I gave her a token. This time she took out the token and asked me to help her. In return for saving my life, I promised. After this matter, we have been out of touch."

Seeing that Melinda had calmed down, Jonas said what had happened in the past. Melinda was short of breath. Thinking of the helplessness of the young Jonas in water, she felt a pang in her heart.

All of a sudden, she didn't hate Emily that much.

"Mr. Jonas, you are such a romantic man. You even used a token."

Although Melinda felt nervous for this, she still couldn't help to make fun of him. Jonas knew he was in the wrong, so he changed the topic.

"I left without saying goodbye to you in Japan last time. It was all my fault. At that time, it was very late. I saw you played all day long and you were very tired, and there was still a schedule to go, so I came back alone. I'm sorry."

"Then have you ever thought about asking my opinion?"

What Melinda said made Jonas suddenly enlightened. He also understood why there were always conflicts between them.

He always made decisions as usual and rarely asked for Melinda's opinion.

"I will change."

"How are you going to deal with this matter?"

Melinda quickly changed the topic, which also showed that she accepted the apology from Jonas.

The Internet was full of opinions, which was very disadvantageous to Melinda. Jonas just thought that it annoyed her because of this, but he did not know that she was scared.

Melinda had always thought that she stole Jonas's love from Emily. Now they were exposed in public, she began to fear.

"I need your cooperation. We will attend the press conference together."

Melinda was a little surprised, but then she nodded cautiously. Maybe she would live under the camera after attending the press conference, but it didn't matter as long as she had Jonas by her side.

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