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   Chapter 88 I Really Like You

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"You don't have to worry about the fund. You can ask me for it no matter how much it will cost."

It was a wide range of money, so the crew couldn't figure out what Jonas meant for a while. All of them looked hesitant and moved.

There was no doubt about Soaring Group's financial resources. If they could be fully supported, the crew of the play would be promoted.

"Thirty million."

Seeing that people from the crew had been hesitating, Jonas directly told them the amount of money he could promise. Thirty million was enough to shoot a big play. The crew was so excited.

"As long as Emily is the heroine?"

the producer asked, but he was calculating in his heart. After all, Emily was decided to be the heroine. If she was changed, he had to compensate a lot of compensation for breaking the contract, including her being injured.

Although there was someone who supported this, it was still a headache to spend money. Although Emily was out of date, her flow was still better than those unknown actresses. Plus he could get the investment of thirty million.

"Mr. Jonas, I hope you can often come to the set and have a look,"

the producer said with a smile and showed his attitude, which agreed with the request of Jonas. William soon took out the contract and the lawyer was present to testify.

Soon both sides signed the agreement, and the crew also quickly sent people to the hospital to visit Emily, breaking the news that they were going to change the main character on the Internet some time ago.

Soon, Emily was listed on the top news again. She had gained a lot of fans because of this. The company had to take this seriously.

In the hospital, the ward, Emily looked at these people's fawning faces with a gentle and decent smile on her face, but in her heart, she kept sneering.

A bunch of snobbish and superficial people.

"Emily, please get better soon. We can do nothing without the leading actress."

"Right. What did the doctor say? How are you?"

They talked at once. Emily's hands and feet were not in plaster as they used to be, but bandaged only with gauze. She was in a hospital gown with stripes, very weak.

She had been in hospital for a week, but Jonas hadn't come to visit her since the day he came here.

"Emily is all right now. Thank you for your concern. It's late now. I have made a reservation at a restaurant nearby. Would you please come with me?"

Emily's agent saw that Emily's face was not good and worried that she might make trouble again, so she quickly said.

"You're right. Emily hasn't fully recovered yet, but we're still disturbing her rest. We shouldn't have disturbed her,"

the assistant director said, then said a few conventional greetings and left with a group of people. The agent left Emily to her assistant and personally entertained the group.

After all, these people had a pretty good resources.

"Miss Bai, what would you like for dinner? I'll order for you."


Emily said, holding the phone to check the news on

of stars. The director had specially told the others to serve Emily with great care.

Although the director agreed Emily to be the heroine, he personally asked the scriptwriter to cut down the number of Emily's shot.

On the third day, there was a promotion meeting held by the play crew. After much thought, Emily took the opportunity to contact Jonas.

"Jonas, thank you for helping me. Can I invite you to the promotion meeting of the crew?"

The promotion meeting of the crew was held by several investors. As the largest investor, Jonas would draw a lot of attention.

"No, thanks."

"Jonas, I just want to thank you."

Emily didn't expect that she would be refused so decisively, which was not as she expected.

"Emily, I don't need your thanks. And this is the last time I give you a hand. You saved me when I was a child, and then we are done."

Emily's fingertips were a little pale, and she was not as excited as she was at the beginning, but panic. She suddenly felt afraid. If Jonas really left her world, she would lose all the reliance.

No, she would never allow such a thing to happen.

"Jonas, that's your life. It can't be erased."

"Yes, I can. Emily Bai, I don't want to contact with you anymore. My wife doesn't like that."

It was a part of one's life experience. But so what? It was impossible for a person to live in the past all the time.

Just as before, he had never thought that he would fall in love with Melinda.

"Jonas, don't be like this, okay? I will never forget you, and I will never forget that I have liked you since I was young. How can I keep distance with you now?

Jonas, I can do anything you want me to, but don't ask me to leave, okay?"

Emily leaned against the wall and felt exhausted. She had a strong sense of uneasiness that Jonas repeated to draw a line, not for fun.

"It's my decision,"

said Jonas. He would have cut off from Emily long ago, but for the love and gratitude he had when he was a child.

"I really like you very much."

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