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   Chapter 87 A Debt Of Gratitude

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10348

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Emily was unwilling to accept the fact that she was defeated by Melinda.

In her mind, Jonas always belonged to her. He didn't have the right of inheritance and couldn't help her several years ago, so she left.

But she didn't expect that after she left, Nelson came to find Melinda and told Jonas that once he married Melinda, he would give him the right to inherit.

Emily thought that Nelson's decision was totally unfair. Out of anger, she chose to return to her own country for further development after being neglected by the company for five years.

She believed that Jonas had the ability to expand his own power by taking advantage of five years' power.

Everything went according to her plan, but she underestimated Nelson's stubborn, and also underestimated Melinda.

Now, she almost had nothing.

Since Emily asked for help again, Jonas refused without hesitation. "I have made it clear last time. That will be the last time I help you."

Since they had to cut off from each other, the relationship should be clear. This was one of Jonas's principles.

Besides, he had promised Melinda. If he offered help to Emily at this time, Melinda would definitely misunderstand him. It was not easy for them to get along well with each other, so he didn't want anything to go wrong.

"Jonas, are you really going to be so cruel? Don't you want to help me even when you see that I'm bullied?"

"If I help you once more, there will be a second. I promised grandpa and Melinda that I would not help you again."

Jonas knew clearly about Emily. If he helped her this time, she would think that he still kept his old love and come to him when something happened next time.

"Jonas, you've really changed a lot. You used to protect me from being bullied."

"You are not a kid any more. You have been in the entertainment industry for so long, but have you really not learned any methods to protect yourself?"

Jonas's words were more heartless than before. Emily knew that he didn't believe her anymore.

"Okay, what about this?"

Emily said, taking out a bracelet from under her pillow. The silver bead string was very simple, with a bell hanging in the middle. When it was taken out, it would ring.

Jonas's eyes narrowed sharply, and through the bracelet, he seemed to be back to his childhood.

Emily's hand holding the bracelet was trembling. She looked at Jonas with a forced smile, and finally lowered her eyes with tears, and said with a little helplessness, "Jonas, if there is a way out, I am not willing to take out this."

Jonas could not forget this. When he was a little boy, there was a story about hero and he loved it most. So when he was rescued by Emily from drowning, he gave this bracelet to her as a token.

He hadn't forgotten this matter for so many years, so he always defended Emily and often opposed his grandfather.

Finally, Jonas walked to the bed and took the bracelet from Emily. The bracelet was still shiny, although it was worn for a long time.

"You saved it very well."

Jonas didn't sound whether he was ha

available, and the staff was serving tea and water.

The person in charge and the director were sitting in the meeting room, discussing why Jonas asked them to come.

They were scared, wondering if they had done something to offend him.

After thinking for a while, they couldn't get the result. In the end, the producer said hesitantly, "I've heard that Emily has something to do with Jonas."

His words made them even more nervous.

The assistant pushed the door open and Jonas walked into the meeting room, whose aura was overwhelming in this small meeting room.

"Mr. Jonas,"

the producer greeted him first. The director reacted and also greeted him warmly. Jonas nodded coldly and then sat down opposite to them.

The assistant poured a cup of tea for Jonas and other people, and then stood quietly behind Jonas.

"The Soaring Group wants to invest in your new play,"

said Jonas in the name of the company, rather than telling William to arrange in private before. The producer's eyes lit up when he heard what he said.

If this play was invested by the Soaring Group, it didn't matter how much money it would cost. This could be a great stunt.

But how could such a good thing be easily handled in their crew?

"It's really surprising that Mr. Jonas is willing to invest in our casting group. I wonder if you have any advice to us. We will definitely improve our performance by all means,"

the producer said with a smile. In this way, he asked Jonas's requirements.

"The leading actress of this play can only be Emily."

Jonas didn't want to waste time with these people, so he told them his request directly. They had different facial expressions, because they had secretly planned to change the heroine.

Now, Emily was not a popular star anymore. Plus, she was bullied by her own company. Plus, she was injured. Therefore, she must be replaced.

But now there was such a turning point.

"Mr. Jonas, Emily is injured. Our crew need to continue..."

A day's delay of shooting would cost a lot of money.

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