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   Chapter 85 I Am Going Back

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10130

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The singer didn't leave at once. Instead, he told the audiences a story about himself and Mount Fuji. Melinda was not good at Japanese, so she was looking at Jonas.

Jonas began interpreting. Melinda found that she liked Jonas's voice which was low and elegant, just like that of a violoncello.

She didn't pay attention to the story and only heard Jonas's voice.

It took more than three hours to enjoy the concert. Melinda felt that culture and music were alike. Even though she couldn't understand anything, she was still touched by the melody.

"Melinda, you didn't sing for me,"

Jonas whispered in Melinda's ear, his hot breath spreading around her ear, making her ears turn red.

In fact, she had sung for Jonas, but he didn't know that.

"You never sing for me,"

Melinda said. She couldn't help imagining his appearance when he was singing. Since his voice was so pleasant, it must be very good.

"Will you sing for me tonight?"

Jonas gave a wry smile at the end of the sentence. Due to lack of self-control, Melinda thought Jonas was too attractive and she said yes involuntarily.

How she wished she could pat her head hard that she made such a mistake.

Melinda agreed to sing. So Jonas was not interested in listening to the concert any more, what kind of interaction the singer had had had nothing to do with them. All he wanted to do was to leave there with Melinda.

It was a standard Japanese style residence. Melinda was kneeling on the edge of the couch. While Jonas was making tea, her neighbor sent her some cakes.

It was at night, but Melinda enjoyed the food very much. Considering that she might be overstuffed, Jonas led her to go for a walk after dinner. As for singing, Melinda didn't say a word.

"Melinda, have you had the experience of the kimono bath here?"

Jonas's voice always attracted Melinda. With the previous lesson, she became sober and didn't show her interest, but waited for Jonas to go on.

'My wife has learned to be smart. It is not easy to fool her, ' Jonas thought.

Melinda once experienced the kimono. She wasn't very curious about that, but she was perplexed by what Jonas said in a funny way.

Finally, Jonas took her to experience the kimono bath. She felt that it was the same as the spa in China, but she enjoyed it very much. After such a long journey, she was now relaxed a lot.

Melinda was so tired that she fell asleep while she was enjoying. She had totally forgotten about singing. Therefore, Jonas had to carry her back to the room.

After a good sleep, Melinda was a little lazy when she woke up the next day, and was reluctant to get up. It was new for Jonas to see her lazy appearance.

"Aren't you going shopping, Melinda?"

Jonas asked. Melinda opened her eyes, but she was still lazy. The last time when she updated, she inadvertently spoke about her travelling in some irrelevant words. In the comment area, fans were asking her to buy things for them. Melinda directly arranged an activity, and she w

e and left in a hurry, looking worried.

After a comfortable bath, Melinda eased her tiredness, but she almost fell asleep. Finally, she became sober from the cold, shivering, and wrapped herself in a bath towel. She felt confused.

In the past, if she soaked in bathtub for a long time, Jonas would find it out. But today, what happened?

Back to her bedroom, Melinda saw the camera placed on the cabinet. She could not help but open it to see the photos inside. When she saw the photo of Jonas and him, a sweet smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

"It's strange. Why did he take so long in the shower?"

Melinda mumbled as she poked her head towards the door. But she was still very worried that Jonas might fall asleep in the tub, as she was afraid that Jonas would be as tired as her. So she got up and went to the bathroom next door to look for Jonas.

The room was empty. Although the lights were on, nobody was there.

Melinda called his name in panic, but no one answered. She was cold all over and various violent news came to her mind.

At this moment, her mobile phone rang. Seeing that the call was from Jonas, Melinda hesitated with her fingers. Worried about hearing the bad news, she finally calmed herself down and answered the phone in a flurry.


Melinda seemed to worry that the person on the other side of the phone was not Jonas. Since it was quite noisy around Jonas, Melinda felt that the background was gradually quiet.

When Melinda was getting more and more uneasy, she heard Jonas's voice over the phone.

"Melinda, I'm at the airport and I'm going back to China."

It was not until Jonas boarded the plane that he realized that he hadn't told Melinda about it. Afraid that she might be worried, he called her, but as soon as he finished speaking, Melinda hung up the phone.

Melinda was angry. Thinking of her worried look, she even felt it ridiculous. Jonas left without saying goodbye and went back alone.

She was angry, but tears fell.

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