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   Chapter 84 Under Mount Fuji

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10067

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Jonas had been staying quietly by Melinda's side. With a serious look on his face, he listened carefully to Melinda and shared his opinions from time to time.

The two seldom talked about culture, which gave Melinda a new impression on Jonas.

It seemed that Jonas was no longer the untouchable person but her lover.

The word "lover" sounded in Melinda's mind. Finally, she smiled and left here with Jonas.

It was the witness of national culture, but sometimes it made her a little depressed.

Jonas and Melinda also traveled in France for three days. Without inquiring about the schedule, Melinda just followed Jonas.

It seemed that they were going to travel all over the world.

Back to the castle, the servants prepared a lot of dishes that Melinda liked to eat. Since this period of time, Jonas had known what she liked to eat. He took good care of her and arranged a proper travelling. Except that she was a little thinner after eating something wrong, Melinda had gained a lot during these days.

"Jonas, I feel like I've gained weight."

Melinda touched her face and said gloomily. Girls all wanted to have a good figure, and Melinda was no exception. Most of the people lost weight when travelling, but she became more plump and white.

"Nonsense, you are still too thin."

As Jonas spoke, he looked meaningfully at Melinda's chest. Melinda became shy and furious. She glared at Jonas, but he looked calm.

Melinda poked the rice with chopsticks in anger.

"Melinda, you are too thin. I feel worried when I see you."

Noticing that Melinda didn't look well, Jonas hurried to make up. Melinda had always been very thin, but now she was even thinner. This made Jonas feel very uncomfortable and even guilty, thinking that all this was because of him.

But Melinda didn't answer him. Instead, she obediently ate the food that Jonas put in her bowl. Jonas breathed a sigh of relief. Then he began to pick up food for her.

As a result, Melinda ate too much. Therefore, Jonas took her for a walk in the garden of their castle.

"Melinda, where do you want to go next?"

With his fingers tapping on hers, Jonas found it very interesting. Melinda's fingers were slender, and her fingers were a bit rough, perhaps because she usually typed on the keyboard.

"You arranged it, didn't you?"

Melinda said as she had great trust in him. Traveling was the most beneficial way to improve people's relationship. Now she felt that their relationship had improved a lot over these days.

Happy to have her trust, Jonas told her what he had arranged. "Let's go to America tomorrow."


Melinda nodded in agreement. Anyway, as long as Jonas was there, she could go anywhere. Of course she didn't say this out.

The next day, Jonas didn't leave here in a hurry, because he wanted to let Melinda have a good rest.

She should enjoy instead of being tired after the trip. When they arrived in the United States, the gray sky also affected Melinda's mood.

"Sir, may I ask you to take a picture of me?"

All of a sudden, a girl's voice came in, which was in complete Japanese, while the girl said again in lame Chinese.

Melinda turned around and saw a girl in cherry colored kimono, standing beside Jonas, expecting something, and soon she realized that Jonas was accosted.

"Sorry, I will only take photos of my wife,"

said Jonas, and then pointed to Melinda not far away. Melinda was curious about what he said, so she approached him, seeing that he went up and wrapped his arms around her waist, and said to the girl, "This is my wife."

Melinda was about to struggle, but she gave up after hearing Jonas's introduction. The girl took a look at her and left.

"Are you using me as an excuse?"

"Mrs. Melinda, it seems that you are not very aware of your identity,"

Jonas said. Melinda thought that Mrs. Melinda was supposed to block women's love affair for Mr. Jonas.

It seemed that she was used to going to every place to take pictures there. With the help of a Chinese, she took many pictures of the two of them before leaving with Jonas.

When they arrived in Tokyo, a singer was holding a concert there. At that time, Jonas asked his assistant to buy two tickets and took Melinda to the concert.

Melinda was a little unfamiliar to the singer on the stage, so was Jonas. Meanwhile, Jonas and she listened to the song quietly. Coincidentally, the singer sang Under Mount Fuji. Melinda could not help but sing with the singer.

Her voice was different from that of the singer on the stage. This was the first time that Jonas had listened to her singing. He listened carefully to her, even humming.

Now there was only Melinda left in the eyes of Jonas while everyone else applauded.

"He sings so well. Although some of his pronunciation are a bit strange,"

Melinda said with a smile and looked away to avoid eye contact with the deep one of Jonas. Meanwhile, she heard Jonas say in a low voice, "You sang very well."

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