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   Chapter 81 A New Honeymoon

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10072

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It was a quiet restaurant with relatively remote location, but it had its privacy. Emily was quite popular recently, so she needed to pay attention to it.

If it were not for the demand of the working team, she would like to let everyone see how she and Jonas were together.

As a member of the club, Jonas had arranged a private room in advance for Melinda and ordered many dishes that she liked.

Both Melinda and Jonas came here early, but they did not expect that Emily came earlier. As soon as Jonas entered the restaurant, he was guided to the room where Emily was.

"Go ahead, I'll wait for you in the room."

Melinda smiled at Jonas and then asked a waiter to lead her to the room booked by Jonas. Coincidentally, their rooms were next to each other.

It was not until Jonas saw Melinda go into the room that she pushed open the door of the next room. When Jonas pushed the door open, Emily was making up her lipstick. She hurriedly packed up her things, and tidied up her clothes, revealing her perfect appearance.

"Jonas, here you are."

With a bright smile, Emily walked up to Jonas and tried to hold him by the arm, but she was dodged by Jonas, which made her a little embarrassed. Emily said to the waiter at the door, "Serve the dishes now."

The waiter left and closed the door. Jonas pulled his tie and sat down farthest from Emily's seat.

Emily picked up the red wine on the table and poured two glasses for each of them. "This is your favorite wine. I have been keeping it for a long time. Today I came here in advance to open it. It's just the right time to drink it. Have a try."

Jonas took over the glass and put it on the table, leaving it untouched.

"Jonas, are you angry?"

Emily said cautiously. She thought that Jonas coming here showed that he had forgiven her and could not forget her, but the development of the story seemed to be not as she expected.


"Jonas, thank you for helping me. I'll propose a toast to you."

While speaking, Emily drank up the red wine in the glass but choked on it and coughed. With no glance at her, Jonas sat there.

"This is the last thing I can do for you. Don't contact me from now on."

Jonas still remembered that he came here today for the purpose of breaking up the relationship with Emily. When Emily heard his words, her face went pale and she almost couldn't hold the wine glass.

"Jonas, you... Are you kidding me?"

"Do you think I'm kidding?"

Not at all. That's why Emily was so scared.

"Jonas, we've been friends for so many years. How can you break up with me so easily? Do you forget the deal we made when we were young? Even if you were forced to marry someone, I never blamed you. I just thought that as long as we were together for the rest of our life, even if I am your lover, I will accept it. But how could you be so heartless now?"

the more Emily said, the sadder she became. She couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Jonas, don't cut off contact with me, okay? I w

nas. Melinda felt a little embarrassed and finally sorted out their luggage in person.

There were a lot of things that Jonas decided to buy on that day and the time was plenty. This time he had only one purpose that was to make Melinda happy.

Mauritius, Melinda only saw this country in the movies. She had been quite interested in the customs and culture when she wrote about it last time.

She had thought that Jonas would arrange a trip in places like Paris, or New York, but she didn't expect it would be here at all.

But when she said jokingly, Jonas replied seriously, "If you like it, we can go there next. I asked you at that time, but you didn't tell me, so I went to your novels to look for it."

Melinda was deeply touched by the love and care from Jonas. Being cared and loved by others made her feel happy and contented.

There were many black people living here. Their first station was Port Louis, which was the capital of Mauritius. Surrounded by three sides of the mountain, it was a natural port. Melinda was able to feel the culture of this country from this city.

Apparently, Jonas had done a lot of researches and explained to Melinda many times. At night, he took her to the seaside.

Melinda wore a beach skirt. Jonas also wore a casual shirt and shorts. He even prepared the same kind of sunglasses for himself and Melinda.

There were a lot of people on the beach. When there were only two of them, Jonas was holding Melinda's hand tightly and he was telling the story to her in a low voice. Melinda suddenly turned around, her ears a little red.

Not until now did Jonas notice a couple kissing passionately on the beach not far away.


A kind of bewitchment could be heard in the voice of Jonas. Hearing his flirtatious voice, Melinda could not help but look up at him. As soon as her lips were touched, she slowly closed her eyes and responded to his kiss.

This was the greatest strength for Jonas.

The day was peaceful and nice.

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