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   Chapter 80 Not A Joke

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10470

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Jonas was not drunk enough to pass out. When he woke up after a while, he went to take a shower. Thinking of his confession in the police station, he could not help but laugh.

Before his grandfather could send someone to look for him, he had consciously visited his grandfather first.

"You are such a fool. How many stupid things do you have to do for Emily?"

Nelson didn't expect that Jonas could be so self-conscious this time, and after he arrived at the study, he was obedient to be scolded. His original harsh tone softened a lot.

After all, he had watched Jonas grow up. He didn't have the heart to scold him too harsh.

"Grandpa, it's just a mistake. I've explained it to Melinda."


"Yes, I have told Melinda, but she didn't want to believe me and was at odds with me."

Jonas touched his nose innocently. But he felt relieved when he thought of that Melinda hurried to the police station as soon as she knew that something had happened to him.

Anyway, Melinda had him in her heart.

"You deserve it,"

Nelson said. He even felt a little released. He thought that Melinda did a good job in torturing Jonas like this.

At the thought of this, Nelson was in a better mood. Then he widened his eyes.


Nelson had a guess in his mind, but he was not sure, since he found too many things from the past were all self-absorbed.

"Grandpa, I like Melinda. I'll be good to her,"

said Jonas solemnly. Since some things were revealed, it was not difficult to say them again. Seeing that Jonas was not acting, tears almost welled up in Nelson's eyes.

He had been waiting too long for this day.

"You finally figured it out. Live well in the future and break up the relationship with Emily as soon as possible."

"I know what to do, grandpa. Don't worry."

Even at this time, Nelson still hadn't forgotten to tell him to break the relationship with Emily, because he was afraid that Emily would destroy their relationship.

He just couldn't be too tolerant from the past mistakes.

Likewise, Jonas also realized that he had done a lot of things that failed Melinda for Emily's sake.

It was at this time that Nelson and his grandson unraveled the knot in their hearts for many years, and talked about a lot of other things. The smile on Nelson's face never stopped.

It was not until Gavin came to inform them that dinner was ready that they left the study together. Melinda excused that she was uncomfortable so she didn't come to the main villa for dinner. Meanwhile, Jonas was worried about her and he ate a little before leaving hastily.

When Jonas arrived at the villa, he found that Melinda had fallen asleep.

"Melinda, you can't let me go after I came to realize the truth."

Jonas had always been confident in himself. However, he felt that there were too many things he couldn't tell when it came to what had happened to Melinda.

He knew that Melinda was in a bad mood today, so he didn't dare to disturb her. After staying quietly in the room for a while, he went to the vice bedroom.

The layout of this room was almost the sam

on of Emily in front of the two people. He looked at Melinda with expectation.

Melinda looked away, with mixed feelings in her heart, unable to figure it out.

But there was one thing that she couldn't deny. It was that Jonas's behavior had pleased her.

Even so, she still said stubbornly, "Who knows whether you have memorized it secretly or not."

Jonas was shocked and then suggested that he could be monitored by her.

He answered seriously, and Melinda didn't want to find fault with him again. Tough as she was, her face softened a lot, and her attitude towards Jonas softened a lot.

Jonas felt he made a right decision this time.

Emily had been doing a lot of work recently, and had a lot of contracts. She was very proud to be the one who had the right to decide the time and place. When she was free, she wanted to call Jonas as an excuse to ask him out, but she couldn't get through to him.

At first, Emily thought Jonas was too busy to pick up. But after two days in a row, he always did so, and she finally felt something wrong.

Emily dialed Jonas's number with her assistant's phone, and found that although no one answered, the call could be connected. Obviously, she was blacklisted by Jonas.

This was not a result that Emily was willing to accept.

Emily called Jonas in his office directly, without mentioning the blackout thing. She said that she wanted to thank Jonas for helping her and invited him to dinner.

Jonas didn't refuse, and after hanging up the phone, he told this to Melinda, hoping that she could accompany him to the appointment.

"It's your date. I'm not going."

"Melinda, I'll break up with her. If you don't want to go, you can stay far away and just watch. After I explain to her, we'll go for dinner,"

said Jonas. In order to convince Melinda to agree to go with him, he had put a lot of thoughts and made himself very sincere. Melinda had long forgiven him in her heart and finally agreed to go with him.

Therefore, in the evening, Melinda and Jonas went to the place where Emily ordered together.

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