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   Chapter 77 Love And Care

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After lunch, Melinda had some desserts and fruits with Nelson. Then she played chess with him, overwhelmed by his enthusiasm.

Leonard taught Melinda how to play chess, so they had the same methods. Nelson knew Leonard best and soon defeated Melinda.

"Grandpa, I'm no match for you at all. We can play something else next time."

Surrender, Melinda had no chess skills, so she could only play chess with that amateur player. On the contrary, she was better at playing go than the former.

It had something to do with her personality.

"Okay. Next time we can play other games. You have accompanied me for so long and you are tired. Just go back and have a rest."

Nelson looked at the chessboard, still studying the situation of Melinda, wondering if she could escape. However, Melinda put away the chessboard and pretended to be serious, "Grandpa, it's time to take a break."

"You naughty girl,"

Nelson said with a smile. He was taken to rest by a servant. Melinda picked up the chess pieces carefully and packed them. After that, she went back to the villa slowly.

Jonas was still immersed in the story of the novel when he suddenly heard the servants greeting with Melinda downstairs. After coming to himself, he felt guilty and hurriedly pressed the power button to shut down.

The door was opened from the outside and Melinda appeared in the bedroom.

"When did you come back?"

"I just came back. There is something wrong about my computer. I want to borrow yours. I need to finish a file. I will be quick,"

Jonas said calmly. He did not tell her that what he had seen and he did not want Melinda to discover that. Melinda did not suspect him.

"Wait a minute. My computer is a little messy. I'll give it to you after sorting them out."

Thinking of her novel, Melinda felt a little embarrassed and found an excuse. Jonas was not really going to use her computer, so he said, "Never mind, I'll go back to the company."


Although both of them had their own thoughts, they didn't disturb each other because of the tacit understanding between them.

Jonas returned to the company, lost in thought of the novel written by Melinda.

Many of the plots were retouched, but there were still many plots in which the resentment that Melinda had to him could be seen. As far as Jonas learned, his behavior in the past was a kind of emotional abuse.

The marriage was all because of Nelson's obsession to her. She married into the Gu family because of her love to him. However, she did not enjoy the good treatment that Nelson wanted him offered to her. Instead, she suffered a lot here with him.

It was his ruthlessness that made Melinda so obedient and sensible.

She should have been spoiled, but she had suffered all because of him. She had learned to endure, smile at those humiliations.

In the eyes of many readers, he was a typical bad man.

In the whole afternoon, Jonas sat in his office, not handling anything, but thinking about all the things that had happened since he met Melinda and reflecting on his own behavior.

'Did I go too far?' he thought.

When Jonas re

ite shoes, Emily looked like a college student.

She seldom wore make-up like this. And in order to draw Jonas's attention, she had made up her mind.

But when she arrived at Jonas's company, she still didn't see Jonas. William said to her politely with a professional smile on his face that Jonas was not there.

"William, is Jonas in a meeting? It's okay. I can wait for him,"

Emily said. She took off her sunglasses and prepared to wait aside, but William's smile did not change.

"Miss Bai, the boss is with his wife now. If you really have something to tell him, I will send the message for you. And if you want to rest here, I will ask the assistant to bring you a cup of tea."

William's words were a big blow to Emily. She couldn't believe that Jonas had been with Melinda during work hours. She was clenching her sunglasses, seeming to be trying hard to control something.

The fresh makeup couldn't hide the jealousy in her eyes. Without saying anything, Emily left.

After leaving Soaring Group, Emily stopped at the corner of the coffee shop and saw Jonas and Melinda sitting by the window. They were laughing and joking, wearing the same style of clothes, like a couple's wear. Jonas was even gently wiping the corners of Melinda's mouth.

They were talking about some interesting things happened in college in the coffee shop. They felt that they were very destined when they recalled each other.

Several accidental encounters all surprised Jonas.

But Melinda was full aware that she planned all these for a long time.

Emily walked into the coffee shop and went straight to the front of the two. The happy atmosphere instantly disappeared, and Melinda looked coldly at the woman who suddenly broke in.

"Jonas, I went to your company. Why aren't you there?"

The attitude of Emily made Melinda frown immediately. Then she looked at Jonas coldly with arms folded in front of her chest.

Jonas knew in his heart that it was not the right time for Emily to show up, and he knew Melinda disliked her most.

"What's the matter?"

Extremely cold.

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