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   Chapter 75 A Favor

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"Yulia, shut up. I don't want to hear anyone else talk about this, especially you,"

Jonas knew it was impossible for Melinda to do such a thing in front of him, and he was not going to keep the child at all. The only explanation was that it was all done by Holley.

It never occurred to him that Holley would do such a terrible thing when she was cornered.

"Brother, she killed two children, but you still defend her. Melinda, how did you confuse my brother and grandfather so that they protect you no matter what?"

Yulia had thought that Jonas would be angry, but she hadn't expected such a thing to happen and that Jonas was still defending Melinda.

Looking at Jonas, Melinda was also surprised that he was willing to believe her at this time. Her mood became complicated all of a sudden.

When you were doubted by the whole world and felt yourself fighting alone, there was someone standing by your side and firmly defending you.

This man had been the one Melinda loved since she knew what love was. The impact made her eyes red.

Melinda snuffled, and then slowly opened her mouth and said the first word since the accident happened.

"Not me."

"I believe you."

Said Jonas sadly. He stretched out his hand and hesitated for a while. But finally, he held Melinda's hand. Seeing that she did not break free from his grip, he felt relieved. He was really worried that she would refuse him.

"I also believe you. She is a kind girl. It is impossible for you to hurt her."

Nelson went downstairs, followed by Gavin. His eyes were full of pity when he looked at Melinda, but when he turned to Yulia, he was much colder.

He was more disappointed in his granddaughter.

"Yulia, if you continue to talk nonsense with her, I don't mind sending you abroad for a few years to learn some etiquette."

Nelson's words worked. Yulia didn't dare to speak for a while. Looking at Nelson, Melinda felt a little guilty. She knew that he always wanted a great grandson.

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy?"

Nelson touched Melinda's head, and her eyes were even redder. Tears were shining in her eyes.


Melinda wanted to go back home at that moment. She had neither revenge nor heart broken. Only her grandparents loved her so much. She was like a little princess. Sometimes when she made mistakes arrogantly, her grandfather would deal with it for her.

Then, he used his own method to teach Melinda. Leonard was a soldier, and the righteous and kind nature in him had been infecting her.

"No, I'm not. Grandpa is here. If Leonard gets to know that, he will want to fight with me. I'm not as strong as him now, so you should help me."

What Nelson said made Melinda miss home more, but she stopped crying. Grandpa had said that it was no use crying outside.

Your tears will always be harmful to your family.

Seeing this, Jonas was a


Noticing that there was no refusal on the table for Melinda, Jonas picked up several dishes that she liked to eat. She kept eating until her bowl was full of food, and then she raised her head to look at Jonas.

"I can't have reach the rice now."

The dinner had covered all the rice.

Hearing this, Jonas put some food in his bowl and left a place for Melinda to eat rice.

"Jonas, you two go for a walk together."

Melinda didn't like to waste food. Since Jonas had added too much food for her today, she was a little full and massaged her stomach from time to time.

Hearing this, Jonas stood up from his seat and directly held the hand of Melinda. She wanted to break free, but when she saw the expectant eyes of Nelson, she resisted it. Then she followed Jonas out of the hall.

The Gu's mansion was large. There were a lot of main villas and small villas. It took a long time for Jonas and Melinda to go around the whole mansion, holding each other's hand.

Melinda saw a lot of people that she rarely saw before. Along the way, Jonas was spoiling her and holding her hands, giving those people a signal.

Now that he had personally protected Melinda, it was time for those who had thoughts of her to give up on her.

When the two returned to their own villa, Melinda only felt that her feet didn't belong to her. She was reluctant to call an end to such a warm feeling when getting along with Jonas, so she followed him all the way slowly.

"Jonas, don't you blame me?"

"I know it's not you. The idea was designed by Holley herself. She wanted to frame you."

Jonas knew that Holley was narrow-minded, but he didn't expect that Melinda would be involved and be blamed.

"Jonas, I think you are weird."

Melinda whispered in a low voice and felt that Jonas was different from usual, especially when his eyes were full of affection for her. And she liked the way he looked at her.

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