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   Chapter 74 Jealous Of Holley

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"Drunk? What a lazy excuse."

Melinda didn't believe Jonas at all. Even if he swallowed his pride and explained, all men were thinking with their dicks!

"Melinda, I've explained it. What else do you want?"

"Jonas, do I need your explanation? Do you think that I should be grateful since you have explained it to me? I should have forgiven you and told you it wasn't your fault. It was you who was raped by Holley. "

Melinda sneered and wanted to smash her notebook on the desk if she didn't have a lot of documents in her laptop. Because of what she said, Jonas could do nothing but stared at her.

"I'm sorry. I promise I'll handle it."

Said Jonas, staring at the floor, with his eyes closed for a long time. Hearing what he had said, Melinda thought she had misheard it.

For a moment, her heart was softened, but thinking of that Holley was still pregnant with Jonas's child, she felt uncomfortable. Melinda stood up from her seat, took her laptop and returned to the bedroom, not even willing to say a word to Jonas.

Jonas knew that he was in the wrong. It would be better if Melinda could sneer at him as she did just now. But after his apology, she left without saying anything. This kind of psychological abuse made him very uncomfortable.

It was quiet in the villa. The servant had left. Jonas sat on the sofa and rubbed his temples.

At the same time, the phone in the suit pocket of Jonas rang. Looking at the caller's name on the screen, he became angry.

"Holley, I'll give you the last chance. Take the money and go to the hospital to have an abortion, or you'll get nothing."

"Jonas, It was an accident, I didn't spread the rumors."

When Holley heard that she couldn't get anything, she became more afraid. She explained in a hurry, but she didn't have the confidence to do so. Although she didn't do it, but the news got out from her.

"That's all I want to see. Holley, you'd better mind your behavior."

Now all the internet trolls were lemmings. As long as this child is aborted, and Holley says some beautiful words, this problem can be easily solved.

Holley was clear about the result, but she didn't dare to say anything more to make the show more convincing. She just wanted to get rid of this baby as soon as possible, and then take the money and leave.

Nothing was more important than money for her.

"Don't worry, Jonas." When Holley was about to say something more to please him, the phone was already hung up by Jonas.

"Don't blame me, child. Your real father is poor."

Holley muttered to herself, touching her stomach. There was no attachment in her eyes. The warning given by Jonas still echoed in her ears. She dared not make any more trouble at this time.

Jonas had already arranged the doctor, and Holley had contacted the doctor. After that, she went out with her bag, wearing sunglasses and mask.

Now she realized that the media was waiting outside her house, in order to get the latest ne

ere all required to be ordered. Having been acquainted with the owner for several years, the owner directly gave Melinda some freshly cooked cookies.

"Thank you, Mrs. Chen."

Melinda liked to eat these food when she was in a bad mood. After paying, she turned around and hit a person. The cookies fell to the ground and Holley covered her stomach and screamed.

Looking at Holley on the ground, Melinda's eyelids twitched. She had a feeling that something was wrong.

"What happened? Why is she bleeding?"

Mrs. Chen came out of the counter and saw the scene. She was scared and called the ambulance in a hurry. At the same time, Melinda was standing in a corner, with her eyes fixated on the cookies and on the bleeding Holley.

She knew she just suffered from miscarriage and the great pain she had gone through before.

"Melinda, the baby is innocent. Why did you push me?"

Holley accused Melinda in one breath. It was not until now that she came to her senses. The bodyguards quickly sent her to the hospital, but it was too late. Holley had lost the baby.

This matter was quickly exposed, and there was the truth. Holley was crying to accuse Melinda. She knew that she was trying to get her into trouble.

It was such a coincidence that she couldn't find an explanation. Holley planned the whole thing.

Things wouldn't have been so serious, but Holley did it on purpose.

Melinda returned to the Gu family in a daze.

"Melinda, you are so heartless. That is my brother's child. How could you play dirty tricks to kill the child because you are jealous of Holley? Aren't you afraid of having a nightmare?"

Yulia couldn't wait to see Melinda get into trouble.

"You can't protect your own baby. What's worse, you have to hurt other people's baby. How horrible you are, Melinda!"

Yulia's harsh words made Melinda's face paler. She opened her mouth, but said nothing.

All she could think of were her miscarriage and the miscarriage of Holley.

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