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   Chapter 73 Accident

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"Jonas, this is our baby."

With hands on her stomach, Holley stepped back a few steps, far away from Jonas and the low pressure circle that made her can't help but be afraid. Although, no matter how far away she was from Jonas, she could feel his aura.

"I won't admit the child, and I won't let him appear in the world."

"Jonas, how could you say that? It's your baby!"

The emotionless words and ruthlessness in Jonas's eyes frightened Holley. Her voice trembled. She wanted money, but money and the unborn child at the same time.

Even though she knew it was impossible.

When she heard that her baby was disliked, she felt wronged and shouted out loud.

It's not easy to compromise to something. People will be suspicious.

"One million, then I will get rid of this child."

Due to Jonas's identity, if he wanted a child, he didn't need Holley at all. Besides, he should have had a child. With blood in his eyes, he clenched his fists, looking frightening.

When Holley heard "one million", she was so excited that she almost cried it out loud. That was exactly what she wanted. When she heard it from Jonas, she wanted to say yes immediately.

"Jonas, it's a life."

"Do you think I care?"

When Jonas said this, a mocking smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. When Holley wanted to shake her head. How could he care? It was a man with no feelings.

No one seemed to be able to arouse his extra emotions. Holley's eyes were turning left and right, and she was also planning when this drama would end.

"Jonas, I… I want to keep the baby, please give me and the baby a chance. It all depends on… For the sake of the old time, okay? "

Holley looked at Jonas in pain and kept begging him to let them go. It seemed that Jonas was still that ruthless and heartless man who abandoned them.

Jonas was so irritated that he wanted to throw Holley out immediately. But when he thought of it, he controlled himself. Because she was pregnant now, but he almost lost his patience.

"One million. If you give up this child, I will contact the doctor for you. Holley, you'd better accept this term when I am still patient, or I will let you lose everything."

A sense of fluster flitted across Holley's mind. It was not a joke. Holley really annoyed Jonas. He would absolutely do such a thing. She had seen his way of doing things.

"Jonas, I..."

Holley put her hands on her stomach in pain and was reluctant to go to the hospital. But when she thought of what Jonas said, she was still a little scared. He pulled the collar of his shirt and didn't talk with her. "I'll only give you three days. Think it over by yourself. Holley, you're not stupid. You know what to do."

Since Jonas was in a bad mood, he directly asked Gavin to see her off. He returned to the villa in a fret and went to the wine cabinet to get some bottles of red wine.

Melinda had be

Melinda to know this kind of thing, because there was a person who wished she could have a bad time, Yulia. After being locked up at home by Nelson, she has been surfing the Internet every day, and she watched the news as soon as the news appeared.

In the mansion of the Gu's mansion, Melinda sat in the yard of the villa. The computer screen was showing the latest news, though it had been withdrawn from the front page at this time.

There was not much expression on her face and no trace of warmth in her eyes.

As soon as Jonas went back home, he began to look for Melinda. Seeing this scene, he suddenly hesitated.


"Why do you come back today? Don't you need to accompany the mother of your child?"

Looking at the gentle smile on the face of Melinda, the tone of his voice was unspeakable sarcasm. For a moment, Jonas was speechless. Looking at her deeply in the eyes, she turned away and closed the computer.

"I can explain it to you."

"Explain what? Holley is not your old lover, and her child is not yours?"

Melinda recalled how arrogant Holley was when she came to meet Jonas that day. And it turned out that the reason why Jonas avoided all of them was that she was pregnant.

Jonas knew it all the time, but said nothing. It was not until now when the matter was discovered that he came to explain. Melinda sneered in her heart.

"The baby is mine, but it was just an accident."

"Well, you are the one who truly love each other. The child was just an accident."

Thinking of the joke on the Internet, Melinda could not help but sneer. Her husband had a child with the woman who killed her child!

"I was drunk and didn't know anything. I've told Holley to abort the baby. I didn't expect things to turn out like this."

It was rare for Jonas to explain things. Especially in the face of Melinda, he didn't know what to say. He always felt that everything he said was wrong.

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