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   Chapter 72 Pregnancy

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Melinda was the first one to open her mouth. After a lot of things that had happened recently, she almost forgot the existence of this person.

When Nelson heard that it was Jonas's ex-girlfriend, he was even more angry and he was about to hit Jonas with his stick.

"All the girls are looking for you."

"Let her go back,"

Melinda spoke to Jonas in a weird tone. Jonas looked uneasy.

"Mr. Gu… That lady said she was pregnant with your child. "

The man who came to deliver messages came close to Jonas and whispered in his ear. His voice became lower and lower, worrying that he might be heard by the other two people.

She didn't dare to look at the face of Jonas. They had already guessed what situation they would face after hearing the news, so they chose the unlucky one to send this message.

Nelson didn't hear anything, but when he saw that Jonas was about to see Holley, he couldn't help but hit him with his walking stick. With a grunt, Nelson almost fell down, Melinda hurriedly held him, but Nelson's face didn't look good.

I just dealt with Emily, and now here comes another women named Holley. All the things are in a mess right now.

"Gavin, take grandpa upstairs to have a rest. You can let that woman in."

"No way. I'd like to see what she was capable of. They won't take advantage of my absence to bully you."

Gavin came forward to support Nelson, but he was declined by Nelson. The messenger had escaped very quickly. And Jonas, with his back leaning on the ground, was alleviating the pain.

It was apparent that Nelson's hand was trembling with anger. On the contrary, Melinda was very calm, but only she knew that her heart was on fire and she really wanted to snap.

"Grandpa, you should trust me."

She looked at Andrew determinedly. She wouldn't allow anyone to bully her now, not to mention Emily.

Nelson was still worried about Melinda, and looked at Jonas in front of him with warning eyes. There was an unexpected expression on the face of Jonas, who was also thoughtful, but he didn't retort immediately. Melinda's heart sank.

Due to the insistence of Melinda, Nelson, leaving Melinda and Jonas in the living room alone. Looking at the door from a distance, she saw a swaying figure coming towards them in an arrogant manner.

Holley was a model and she was used to wearing high heels. But today she changed into some flats.

"Jonas, I miss you so much."

Seeing Jonas, Holley pursed her lips, feeling wronged, and said like a spoiled child, totally ignoring Melinda.

Seeing that Nelson wasn't there, Holley breathed a sigh of relief.

She was anxious and worried that something bad would happen since she didn't get any news from the outside for a long time.

She had been pregnant for more than a month, but her belly did not show it. Her action of not massaging her belly from time to time at that time still made Melind

back to the hospital a week ago.

Since when had this woman been so tolerant? Jonas felt something was wrong.

"Holley, we haven't been in touch recently, have we?"

Since signing the agreement with Melinda, Jonas became a real abstinent man. His sharp eyes seemed to be able to read people's mind. Holley almost blurted out the truth, but she still trembled and said, "Jonas, you… You was drunk that day."

Jonas quickly remembered what happened a month and a half ago. One day, he was really in a bad mood and drank a lot, and Holley was also at the banquet.

"Damn it!"

The thing that happened after getting drunk could not be remembered in his mind. Jonas only remembered that he was pulled out of the party by Holley, and they took the elevator directly to the hotel upstairs.

Then things went out of control and blur.

Holley carefully observed the look of Jonas. That night, she took him to a hotel. When they arrived at the room, Jonas fell asleep. She had no choice but to give up. Unfortunately, she end up with that poor loser.

"Jonas, do you believe me now?"

Seeing that Jonas could not recall what had happened that night, Holley was more confident. Her eyes turned red quickly and almost dropped a few tears.

"I suggest you have an abortion."

Said Jonas without any emotion. He wouldn't let Holley give birth to the baby, and he couldn't let Nelson and Melinda knew about it.

Alcohol might cause serious trouble. Since this lesson had been taught, Jonas thought in his mind that no matter what happened in the future, he should not be drunk on the table, so that no one with impure motives could have a chance to get drunk.

William would lost his bonus this year, since he didn't watch him at the table. Poor William, once again was innocent.

Holley didn't look surprised at all by Jonas's decision. Although it was still a little uncomfortable, she knew that it was the best way to deal with it.

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