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   Chapter 71 Exposed

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9974

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"I see."

Jonas hung up the phone and walked to Melinda in confusion. The woman who had just fallen asleep was in high spirits at the moment. He thought that he should leave her in the car. Anyway, she woke up after he took a shower.

"Your pure angel asked you out, right?"

Melinda asked with a smile. The term "pure angel" had not been mentioned since Jonas was furious when he heard this last time. Maybe it was because Jonas's attitude was too good recently, or it was because of the change of her mood that Melinda began to be unscrupulous at this time.

Jonas was indeed not angry. Many behaviors of Emily during this period of time made him feel a little uncomfortable.

"She asked me to go to the hot spring tomorrow."

"Wow, it's really romantic."

Her clear eyes made Jonas feel a little guilty. Then Melinda showed him a chat record with her mobile phone.

There was a chat record between Yulia and Emily. Jonas's eyes gradually became deep, and the emotions inside were hard to explore.

He felt that the Emily he knew and the Emily in the conversation were two different people, and Yulia's attitude towards Melinda was the same as before. Melinda waited quietly for Jonas to finish reading, and then asked lightly, "Are you still going?"

"I will take you to go fishing tomorrow,"

Jonas said, giving her his own answer.

Melinda smiled with satisfaction, and was relieved in her heart. In fact, she was worried that Jonas asked her where the record came from. She really didn't want Jonas to see what she had done.

Emily thought that Jonas had agreed, so she began to dress up early in the morning and specially prepared swimsuit, hoping to take this opportunity to have sex with him.

She knew Jonas well. If they had sex, Jonas's heart would naturally favor her.

However, what she didn't expect was that she had waited for a long time but had never seen Jonas. Emily walked anxiously at the appointed place, but due to her public identity, she couldn't go outside to see the situation.

As time went by, the person who Emily was waiting for were fishing with Melinda in a reservoir in the suburb.

Melinda was quiet. At this time, she found a suitable leisure project. Although Jonas had caught a lot of fish, she didn't make any movement here, but she was still happy in it.

"Oh, I think I get one."

Melinda clearly felt the change. She said in surprise, holding her breath and looking at the pole. Jonas was also attracted by Melinda for a while.

But it was at this time that Jonas's phone rang. Before Melinda could catch the fish, it ran away.

"Jonas, you should compensate me for the fish."

Melinda stood up angrily, and the stool staggered to the side. Jonas looked at her innocently, and then pointed to his bucket, in which many fish were alive and kicking.

"Pick whatever you like."

Melinda was angry.

The phone call was from Emily. She was very aggrieved and asked Jonas where he was, an

"Grandpa, it's not clear yet."

"There's no need to figure it out. I think that woman planned it."

Nelson didn't like Emily, and everyone knew about it. But this was the first time that he had such an attitude. If it were in the past, Jonas would refute him, but now he could only listen to him today.

Emily answered the phone of Jonas though she was hesitant.


Emily said in a low voice. "Emily, why did you let Yulia monitor Melinda?" Jonas opened his mouth under the gaze of everyone.

"Jonas, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Could you forgive me?"


"Jonas, I love you so much that I can't see you with someone you don't love, so I came up with this idea. Jonas, I'm sorry. It's my fault."

It was a sad cry. Those who heard it might cry, but Melinda sneered. No wonder Emily was the first-line actress, she could cry at any time.

"In the future, don't let such a person full of bad intentions contact with our Gu family. Gavin, freeze all the cards of Yulia. Don't go out without my order."

Nelson was very angry. Melinda hurriedly patted his back to help him breathe smoothly, and also advised him to calm down. For Nelson's illness, the most taboo was too emotional.

Emily's face turned pale, and she realized what had happened. Jonas hung up the phone calmly, and Yulia was taken back to the bedroom by Gavin in anger.

"Keep an eye on Yulia. Don't let her keep in touch with Emily,"

Nelson continued to say uneasily. He had better be on guard against the scheming Emily.

The whole thing happened around Melinda, but when they dealt with it, she was like an onlooker.

"Only you think that Emily is innocent. Look at this. It's really a good girl,"

Nelson sneered at Jonas. Melinda, standing between the two people, felt helpless. The bodyguards of the Gu's mansion went in at this time, bringing a news that surprised everyone. Someone at the door wanted to see Jonas, and the person's identity was very sensitive.

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