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   Chapter 70 Wrong Whereabouts

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"Melinda, don't try to slander me."

"Yulia, can't we get along well with each other?"

Melinda deliberately ignored Yulia's words and said in her own way. All the time, the trouble was Yulia. Naturally, her words were more credible.

She was not a weak person. Maybe she had tolerated a lot for Jonas before, but now, she just wanted to let those who were plotting against her know that she was not easy to provoke.

"Get along well?" Yulia's eyes widened in shock as if she had heard a big joke. Then she laughed and looked at Melinda sarcastically.

"You can't expect me to get along well with you all my life. Melinda, you can't be my brother's wife forever."

Yulia always believed that Jonas didn't like Melinda, and all this was because of Nelson, as long as Nelson... Then, Melinda would become a pitiful person who was nothing.

"Yulia, don't go too far."

With these words, Melinda turned around angrily and was about to leave. However, she bumped heavily into Yulia's arm. Yulia exclaimed. The mobile phone in her hand fell on the carpet in an instant.

"Your phone."

The mobile phone was close to Melinda. Melinda picked it up and gave it to Yulia, but her fingers behind her were tightly clenched. There was an identical mobile phone.

Yulia took over the phone angrily, only to find that it was black and couldn't be turned on.

"Damn it, how did it break?"

"Your phone has been used for grade years. It's time to buy a new one,"

Melinda said with a guilty expression. This mobile phone was of good quality. How could it break just after it fell to the ground? It was because she had switched it.

However, Yulia didn't have such an IQ. She thought the phone was really broken down. Melinda breathed a sigh of relief, and then turned around to leave.

According to her understanding of Yulia, there were only a few passwords, but it was obvious that Melinda overestimated the phone. It was okay to fall on the carpet, but when it hit the furniture, the screen had broken and the phone couldn't be turned on.

If it was not to confirm that this was not the one she had prepared, Melinda would have suspected that her plan had failed.

Fortunately, the mobile phone was not serious broken. When Melinda went to the mobile phone store to repair it, it was quickly fixed. The password was unlocked in an instant after she tried Yulia's birthday.

Thinking that Yulia always revealed her whereabouts to others, Melinda couldn't help but click on Yulia's wechat.

Yulia added a lot of so-called ladies and sisters. When she clicked into wechat, there were a lot of messages. Melinda looked at the contact list and saw something.

There was no note. But the head portrait made Melinda recognize Emily in an instant. When she saw the chat records of the two people, Melinda's face was completely cold.

"Watch me?"

With a sneer on the corner of her mouth, Melinda swiped the screen of the mobile phone to see all the messages. All the answers were clear in an instant.

It was no wonder that Jonas was deceived. Yulia and Emily cooperated with each other when she didn

ng with you recently? You often send me wrong whereabouts. Yulia, I'm very busy and have no time to play with you."

In order to chase after Jonas these days, Emily pushed away a lot of activities and announcements, but in the end, she waited for the person who hadn't appeared in a place like an idiot.

"What wrong whereabouts?"

"You said they went to the resort today. I've been waiting at the resort for an entire day, and I haven't seen any figure."

"I didn't send you a message."

"Yulia, you didn't recognize the wrong message. I have the chat records."

"I really don't know. My phone was broken."

"I know your phone is broken. Now I wonder if you have broken your phone or your brain. Melinda is not simple. You can't only say one-sided words. After confirming, send me a message. I don't want what happened in the past two days to happen again."

Emily's tone was very strong, but Yulia was confused. How could Emily know that her phone was broken? And she gave her the wrong whereabouts? This was even more impossible. She did not contact Emily in the past two days.

At the same time, Melinda, who was woken up by a series of wechat messages, looked at the messages flashing on her mobile phone. When she saw the two women's words, she smiled. Then she took out her mobile phone and quietly recorded the conversation.

The two people, who were not familiar with each other at all, united to deal with her. It was true that the enemy of the enemy was a friend.

Emily angrily ended the conversation with Yulia. Thinking that she hadn't seen Jonas for a long time, she couldn't help calling to make an appointment.

When Jonas came out of the shower, his phone rang. Sitting on the bed, Melinda looked at him quietly. Her black and white eyes were clear, but exuded a different charm.

"Jonas, do you have time tomorrow? Let's go to the hot spring together."

The sweet and seductive voice was heard by Melinda. The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while. When Jonas was about to go outside to speak, he saw Melinda waving to him with a smile.

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