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   Chapter 68 Independence

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At night, Gu's mansion.

Jonas returned home after a day's social engagement, but he learned from Gavin that Nelson had gone to the countryside.

"Mater Gu said that he just went to visit his old friend. In addition, Mrs. Gu was taking care of him, so young master didn't need to worry."

Gavin told Jonas what Nelson had said. Nelson was well intentioned. He didn't forget to give Jonas a good impression of Melinda at this time.

"Why does Melinda take grandpa with her? Doesn't she know that grandpa is weak now? Grandpa was so nice to her, but she was so selfish."

Yulia was full of righteous indignation, and his eyes seemed to be burning. As her eyes turned, she met the cold eyes of Jonas, and her opened mouth slowly closed.

She dared not breathe.

"Am... Am I wrong?"

Yulia swallowed and said nervously.

"Gavin, who are the accompanying people?"

"Two drivers with two teams of bodyguards in the dark."

Nelson had a special identity. He usually stayed in the mansion. When he went out, he would always arrange some people to protect him in the dark.

"Where are the medical staff?"

Jonas frowned and asked. Although Gavin was careful, he was still a little worried.

"One of the drivers happens to be a doctor. Please rest assured, young master."

Gavin was not annoyed by Jonas's question at all and answered patiently. He was very happy that Jonas cared about Nelson.

Jonas nodded and didn't ask any more questions. On the other hand, Yulia was still indignantly talking about the selfish behavior of Melinda going home.

"All right, stop talking. And don't go to find Melinda trouble."

Many things, Jonas seemed to see clearly at this moment. Yulia said that about Melinda in front of him, not to mention when the two were alone.

Yulia curled her lips. Jonas's protection of Melinda made her feel bad. Melinda, an outsider, was protected by so many people.

"I see."

Without Nelson and Melinda, the dining table was quiet. Queena seldom ate at home. Yulia still had some resentment in her heart. She took two bites at random and left the dining table.

For a moment, there was only Jonas left in the quiet dining room. Looking at the exquisite food on the table, Jonas couldn't help but think of the time when Melinda was at home.

Although it is easy for two people to quarrel in many cases, Melinda has always been a very careful person, who has arranged everything to the advantage.

Maybe he misunderstood.

Jonas had this idea in his mind. For a while, he wanted to go to the countryside with Melinda and apologize to her.

"Young master, William asked me to remind you of an overtime meeting tonight."

Gavin appeared behind Jonas, still holding the mobile phone in his hand, and Jonas couldn't eat it either. He simply took over the mobile phone, reminded William of some places that needed attention, and left directly.

The table was full of delicious dishes.

The journey was long and tiring. Melinda had been sleeping in the car for a long time. After all, Nelson had just recovered from a serious illness an

ou and Lin were best friends when you were kids. She has come back these days. Are you going to see her?"

"Is Lin back?"

Melinda asked in surprise. Since she got married, the two had little contact. She was in A City, and Lin was also working in other cities.

"Yes, she came back two days ago and she talked about you."

"Finny, I'm going to find Lin."

Following the path in her memory, she walked slowly and soon came to a small villa. This house had no small yard, but there were two sago cycas on both sides of the door, which were flourishing at this time.


Melinda shouted at the room, and soon the sound of a woman running in slippers came out, and the door opened from inside.

The woman had maroon curls without any make-up, and she was a little gentler than when she was young.

"Melinda, you are really back. I thought my mother was bluffing me when she called just now. Come on in."

Lin was very happy and hugged Melinda. With a smile on Melinda's lips, the two walked into the living room.

The two had not seen each other for a long time, but they were not unfamiliar with each other. Melinda thought this might be the best friendship in the world.

"Are you married?"

When Lin talked about her husband and new family, Melinda realized it and was shocked for a while.

"Yes, you are heartless that you don't even know I am married,"

Lin said and glanced at Melinda. Melinda looked at Lin begging for mercy. Finny and Leonard always thought that the two were still in touch, so they didn't mention it, which led to Melinda's ignorance.

But Lin was excited, and began to talk with Melinda about her and her husband's affairs, as well as the daily life after marriage. Although her husband's family was ordinary, the two had very sweet love.

"I always think there is a difference before and after marriage,"

Lin said with emotion, but there was no worry in her eyes. Melinda was very envious. Her marriage with Jonas had stood at two extremes from the beginning, which led to the failure of the marriage.

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