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   Chapter 62 Quarrel

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Jonas sat alone, and nothing else on the table remained untouched. Walking towards him and sitting down beside him, Melinda felt he was sullen and a bit annoyed.

"Why don't you eat something?"

As Melinda spoke, she picked up some food to Jonas and then picked dessert up for herself. After all this mess, she had long been hungry.

Just when she took a bite, she felt that Jonas looked at her coldly.

Looking at Jonas, Melinda finally put down her chopsticks, greeted Kent and the others, and took Jonas home.

The two went back to the Gu family's villa, and Jonas was still wearing a sullen face.

As soon as Melinda sat down on the sofa, she heard a loud sound of footsteps behind her, which could be felt through the carpet.

When Jonas walked up to her, the collar of his wind coat was a little messy, as if it had been torn apart because of anxiety and anger.

Melinda was confused and thought, 'What's wrong with him? He behaved like this at the wedding and even still behaved like this after getting home.'

Jonas stood there and looked down at Melinda. Feeling a pang of pressure, Melinda felt that the air around her condensed in an instant, as if being frozen.

She looked up and found that Jonas looked sullen, as if he was on the edge of anger.

Seemingly unintentionally, she annoyed the sleeping lion in front of her again. After thinking for a moment, Melinda moved aside and motioned Jonas to sit down and talk.

"What's wrong with you?"

"You ask me? Now that Kent is married today and you two are entangled with each other, did you put me in your eyes?"

Fury could be heard in the low voice of Jonas. He questioned Melinda. At the thought of what Kent had said at the wedding, Melinda understood him, but she did not tolerate him.

Looking straight into Jonas's eyes, Melinda was also a little angry that Jonas did not believe her and came to question her as soon as they came back.

"I didn't! Kent is just my senior."

Melinda was so angry that she shouted back loudly when she heard what Jonas said about her and Kent.

"He is just your senior? Then why are you still entangled with him?"

Obviously, Jonas didn't believe what Melinda said.

Melinda didn't want to quarrel with him at all and she tried to calm her down.

When Melinda had calmed down, she knew that Jonas was angry because he cared about her, so she stopped being angry at his attitude towards her.

Melinda could tell that Jonas was jealous from his words and tone.

Thinking of this, Melinda was a little happy.

But at this moment, she had to explain to Jonas and make sure that he wouldn't be angry anymore.

Because what Jonas said about her entanglement with Kent would neve


Emily smiled with happiness spreading on her delicate face, bringing a sense of chill to the surrounding.

"How are you going to deal with her?"

Yulia also smiled. They knew each other's thoughts.

"Isn't Jonas's company looking for the spokesperson for the main product?"

Yulia nodded, and she gave a hint to Emily to go on.

"I know that Melinda is also going to interview for the spokesperson." After a pause, Emily continued, "I'm also going to interview for it. Once we work together to get her down, I will be the spokesman of the main product."

"I really want to know how Melinda will feel after she knows that she hasn't become the spokesman."

Emily snorted softly. She couldn't wait to deal with Melinda.

After Yulia heard Emily's plan, she thought about it in her mind and made a decision.

She decided to work with Emily to deal with Melinda, who was so ordinary but had a good life in Gu family.

The more self-abased she became, the more she disliked Melinda and wanted to bully her.

"Okay, I agree."

She could not refuse Emily, and she did not want to refuse her either.

They came to an agreement. Working together, they got Melinda under control, and made Emily the spokesperson of the main product of the Soaring Group.

It was a pleasant result which was expected by Emily. She was very proud of the result. No matter how good Melinda was, she was the loser and Emily was the spokesperson.

Even if Melinda was with Jonas now, he would come back to her sooner or later. And he would still be hers sooner or later.

Since she had become the spokesperson of the main product launched by Jonas's company, she intended to let Jonas know how much she was better than Melinda. And Melinda was just an ordinary woman.

Thinking of this, Emily smiled happily.

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