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   Chapter 56 The Man's Tricks

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 13460

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Yulia had always lived an extravagant life, but of late she had lost many luxury goods all of a sudden, which made her very uncomfortable. At last she decided to return to the Gu family and secretly take an additional credit card from Jonas.

Alan had been busy for the last few days because the company was in grave danger. Yulia could not help him in any other way except to raise funds. She hated feeling so useless.

Alan's apartment was small, and Yulia had nearly never worked a day in her life let alone do any kind of housework, so Alan's home had not been cleaned in several days. The moment she pushed the door open, a pungent smell hit her nostrils.

"What's this? Why does this place stink so much?"

Yulia cast a glance around the small apartment and wondered if she should hire a part-time cleaner to make the house more presentable. She turned around surveying the whole place with her nose raised and wrinkled, a look of disgust on her face when she noticed an envelope on the ground addressed to her.

Who would send her mail at this place? Who even knew that she was living here? Though Yulia was confused, she squatted down and opened the mail. It was encased in a small courier bag with a waterproof cover. Inside, there were pictures of Alan and another woman in a very compromising situation.

Yulia's mind went blank for a moment, before she regained her senses, this time with a new energy fueled by rage. She rushed out of the door, with her chest puffing and heaving the anger slowly boiling in her belly like a volcano about to erupt any time.

Alan and recently found a new target who he could easily swindle a lot of money. He was very pleased and proud of his good looks and boyish grin that seemed to have been working to his favor of late. Moreover, the person he was happily conversing with on the phone was another woman and not the one he was supposedly living with. He talked to her in a tone dripping with honey as he called her all sorts of sweet names, promising a day full of unadulterated love and intimacy.

All of a sudden, the door of the office was banged open almost breaking at the hinges from the force that was used. With a hard controlled face, Yulia walked up to him and smacked a pile of photos on the desk. She looked as if she was bursting at the seams with repressed anger, prowling like a tiger, just waiting for the right time to roar and spit fire like a dragon.

"Yulia, what's wrong with you? Who bullied you?" Alan asked as he carefully approached her.

Without taking a look at the obviously offending item that Yulia had thrown on his desk, Alan tried to hold Yulia in his arms and comfort her. But she was in no mood for games. She wanted answers and sidestepped his outstretched arms. She pointed at the photos on the desk and shouted, "Alan, who is this woman?

Alan, you are a two timing bastard! How could you do this to me? I had a fight with my brother for you. When your company went through a crisis, I sold all my jewelry to help you back on your feet, if that was even true. Did you give all my money to this woman? Is that the person you have been holding all those late night meetings with?"

Yulia vented all her anger with a ferocity that was scary. Anytime she thought of how she had been taken for granted, Yulia trembled with anger.

"Yulia, I'm hurt. You actually sent someone to follow me and take pictures, but you never gave me the benefit of the doubt or try to listen to my side of the story, and now you are interrogating me like a common criminal. Do you really think that I am that kind of a person? Is that what you take me for?"

Alan was a little flustered and his heart was beating at a 100 beats per minute, but his face was full of disappointment and anger. Yulia was confused by his reaction.

"Yulia, this woman is just one of our company's clients. She has been reluctant to sign a contract that is worth a lot of money and keeps coming up with all kinds of requirements. I have no other choice but to meet he

so you won't say anything, right?"

Melinda said as she thought to herself, 'You can say whatever you want. Anyway, Grandpa will help me. It feels great to do whatever I want with someone backing me up.'

"So you are the one who asked someone to investigate my bank account?"

Jonas thought of what had occurred during his call with the bank manager and what had happened before and after the call. He knew that Alan was a liar, but he didn't care much.

"I guess so. I've arranged for someone to collect evidence, but why would he investigate your bank account? It's so weird." Melinda touched her chin in confusion. Jonas didn't want to argue with her any longer. Looking at his expression, she turned her head around.

"Is that money yours?"

she asked with great care.

"If not, who else's would it be? Would it be yours?"

His words were full of sarcasm, which hurt Melinda deeply.

After knowing this matter, Jonas told the bank about it and from there it was easy for them to investigate the issue, and the evidence was soon collected. Melinda immediately let the detective turn it to the police.

After the evidence was submitted, the police filed a case, and the employees of Aner Electronic Technology Company were quickly rounded up and taken to the police station for further questioning, and the company was closed down pending investigations.

The news quickly spread and caused a great sensation in A City. Alan was taken to the police station, and his true identity was soon exposed. Many women who had been deceived by him came to the police station to file for more claims.

Alan had extorted a large amount of money, ranging from tens of thousands to millions, and Yulia was his biggest victim.

Yulia was also taken to the police station to assist in the investigation.

"Sir, there must be some mistake. Alan is not that kind of person. You must be mistaken."

Yulia was tempted to use the power of Gu family to save Alan, but she didn't dare to do so. Even though she was unwilling to admit it, the facts were all staked against Alan, so if she used her family's powers, she would disgrace the Gu family.

"Miss Gu, we understand your feelings, but the evidence is here right. I hope you won't make it difficult for us."

In fact, the police station was sympathetic to Yulia, but they changed their attitude when they saw that Yulia was likely to stir up trouble.

When Yulia left the police station, she was like the walking dead. Her lover who had been intimate with her this whole time was nothing but a wolf in sheep's skin and all he wanted was her property.

She couldn't believe how silly she was to believe his sweet words.

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