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   Chapter 55 Shell Company

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In the humble meeting room, Melinda sat opposite the boss, and the tea in front of her was still steaming.

"May I know your name?"

the boss asked cautiously. Melinda dressed up decently today. The reception believed her words as soon as she said she had a big deal to do with the boss.

"My husband's surname is Gu."

The boss was thinking quickly. There were only a few rich people whose family name was Gu in A City. The person in front of him looked familiar. After thinking for a long time, the boss realized that the person in front of him was Melinda, the granddaughter-in-law liked by Nelson of the Gu family.

It was said that she had been humiliated for five years before and now she was favored by Nelson. The boss naturally dared not to offend her.

"Mrs. Gu, I've heard a lot about you. What business are you going to discuss with me?"

The boss was also a smart man. He immediately flattered her and asked her for her purpose. He didn't think that she would just rent a car here.

"I want to buy a message from you. I wonder if this car was rented today."

Melinda took out her cellphone and opened the photos that she had taken. It was a luxury car, which was rented to very few people. Only a few people had the chance to receive such kind of customers.

The boss asked the receptions one by one. Soon, Melinda saw the person who was talking with Sheryl on the sports car. That person had a bad impression on Sheryl and said something bad.

"Sir, I hope no one knows what happened today."

Hearing the accurate news, Melinda decided to investigate the background of Sheryl carefully. Jonas didn't know that Sheryl was a liar since he was distracted by Yulia last time and didn't do anything else after that.

The Gu family had a high social status. Melinda offered a lot of money, and the boss was a smart man. He promised again and again that he would keep his mouth shut. Moreover, it was bad for their reputation if people knew that they divulged customer's information.

Melinda hired a private detective to investigate Sheryl.

Sheryl hadn't been home for three days. When Yulia came to the Aner electronic technology company, she felt the company was so deserted that everyone looked terrible.

In the office, Sheryl was leaning against the sofa in the smell of alcohol. There were many bottles of wine on the floor and a pile of fresh beer on the tea table.

Yulia quickly ran to Sheryl. Sheryl had no longer the grace of a tree as he had been before. His eyes were red, and his body was full of wine, and his chin was covered with stubble.

"Sheryl, what's wrong with you? Why did you drink so much?"

Yulia asked with concern. She put her hand on Sheryl's cheek and the coolness seemed to soothe Sheryl. Sheryl raised his head in a daze and smiled, "Yulia."

"What's the matter?"

Yulia felt heartbroken to see Sheryl's haggard face. She had long forgotten that she had been neglected for three days.

Originally, she was a little angry, and wanted to use this anger to make Sheryl accompany her back to the Gu family. Now, all these things had already been forgotten by her.

"Yulia, I know I'm useless. I feel s

r of shoes. The woman was very happy to try on a pair of shoes. After she tried several pairs of shoes in a row, Sheryl praised her with all kinds of ways. At last, the woman made a bold decision to buy them all.

When the shopping assistant was packing the shoes, the woman handed a credit card to Sheryl, and Sheryl took the card to pay the bill.

"Honey, I will pay the bill for you in the future,"

Sheryl said firmly. He put his arm around the woman's waist and led her to the bag shop across the street. The clerk guessed that the man must be rich as she saw the bags in Sheryl's hands and then warmly greeted him.

Following them, Melinda, who seemed to be a peeping maniac, kept taking pictures of them. They went to jewelry shop after the handbag shop, as well as clothes shop. There were many bags in Sheryl's hands.

The pictures of the two were all in Melinda's phone. She didn't miss the way that woman gave credit cards to Sheryl. What's more, she despised people like Sheryl.

He was a typical scum.

The two drove away, and Melinda followed by a taxi. She didn't stop taking pictures until she saw the two entered the hotel. Melinda felt that she really had the potential to be a paparazzo.

Melinda casually entered a store and washed several photos. She wanted to post them to Yulia, but she was worried about Yulia. Yulia was living with Sheryl now. If Sheryl received the photos, her 24-hours following would be in vain.

After thinking it over, Melinda still managed to get Yulia's e-mail address from Jonas and sent an electronic version to her, telling her to question Sheryl, and she implicitly told her the fact that Sheryl was a liar.

That was all she could do. She wouldn't have interfered with these things if she hadn't hated for what Sheryl had done and realizing that, at any rate, Yulia was a member of Gu family.

Melinda thought so as she felt hanger. She was busy eavesdropping and taking pictures while dining.

The scene that Sheryl and that woman made out passionately came to her mind, making her sick. Men were really untrustworthy. Jonas must be the same.

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