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   Chapter 54 Car Rental Company

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9263

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"Jonas, why did you investigate Sheryl in private?"

"Something is wrong with Sheryl. I advise you not to pay too much attention to him,"

Jonas said coldly. He didn't care if Yulia knew this. What's more, what he had investigated lately was that there was something wrong with the Aner electronic technology company, but time was limited, so he couldn't get more useful information.

"He's my boyfriend, my future husband."

Yulia was now in love with Sheryl and she thought that whatever Sheryl did was good. So she didn't like him to be slandered by her brother.

"Not necessarily,"

Jonas said indifferently. 'It's a tragedy to have such a brother, ' thought Melinda beside them, and she felt pity for Yulia.

"Brother, I don't allow you to investigate him anymore."

Yulia was so angry that she had completely forgotten what kind of person Jonas was. Her warning had no effect on him at all.

"Yulia, you should know that you are a member of this family. You should be responsible for this family as you enjoy all the honor and benefits the family has brought to you. Don't bring any trash back."

Melinda felt that Jonas had been so polite to her when she heard him call Sheryl trash now.

"How can you abuse Sheryl? Jonas, I will marry no one but Sheryl in my life. You can't stop us."

Melinda looked at Yulia, and her look made Melinda remember when she was blind in love.


The atmosphere was suddenly quiet. Jonas ended the topic. Yulia went back to her bedroom to pack up her things in anger.

Everyone in the Gu family was shocked by the dramatic scene. When they saw that Yulia left with her luggage, Jonas said nothing, but it seemed that from his eyes, Melinda saw the word "stupid".

Feeling sorry for Sheryl and wronged by her brother, Yulia came to Sheryl's home with her luggage. The moment she saw Sheryl, she cried.


"What happened? My little princess. Come on, don't cry."

Sheryl wiped the tears of Yulia and took her to the house. Yulia was crying sadly and told the whole thing in a disorderly way, but she deliberately hid the fact that Jonas investigated him.

"Silly girl, is it worth quarreling with your family because of me?"

Sheryl had expected that this would happen at any time, but he didn't expect that it would happen so soon. Seeing Yulia trust him so much, Sheryl felt relieved.

As long as he controlled Yulia, he didn't have to worry about the aftermath.

"It's worth it."

Yulia looked at Sheryl with her teary eyes. The man in front of her was so kind to her that she had never received such attention in her life.

"This is your home now," Sheryl said as he took Yulia to the master bedroom. His house was not big, and there were two bedrooms a


It was not until Sheryl started the car and drove away that Melinda came out from behind a pillar aside. She picked up a business card at random. When she saw the company name on the card, she was shocked, with her eyes wide open.

A car rental company? Sheryl rented his car. Didn't he say that he had his own company? Moreover, he said that his company's prospect was prosperous. Why did he rent a car?

Melinda was lost in thought, and there came a horn sound from the side, which was from the former writer.

"Why do you go downstairs?"

"Sorry, I have something to deal with, so I can't go to the party. Please help me to tell them."

Full of doubts, Melinda just wanted to figure out the truth. Seeing that Melinda was really in a hurry, she asked if she should help. Melinda shook her head and only let her pass a message.

Melinda searched the location of the car rental company online and then took a taxi to that store. The location was not big, and the cars were usually in the garage behind.

"Miss, do you need to rent a car?"

The reception greeted Melinda with a sweet smile. Seeing that she was dressed up, the reception became curious. 'She must be a rich woman. Her clothes are even expensive enough to buy a car. Why does she come to our company?' the reception wondered.

"I want to talk to your boss about a big deal."

Melinda pretended to be very rich, but in her heart, she was thinking about how to say it later. The car rental company was very popular, and at the same time, many people were discussing and receiving different services.

She had planned to look for the sales clerk to investigate it, but now she felt that it was a large range, so she changed her mind temporarily.

With a big business, no one dared to neglect it. Melinda soon saw the owner, a plump rich middle-aged man.

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