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   Chapter 53 Meeting Parents

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10483

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"Are you leaving?"

Yulia asked with a hint of regret when she saw the key in the man's hand.

"My friend has something urgent to tell me and I have to go home now. I'm sorry that I can't accompany you,"

the man said with a little guilty, but his eyes looked straight at Yulia, as if implying something. Yulia bit her lips and looked at the main villa.

She didn't want to go back to the banquet hall at all, because people did not care about her existence at all.

"I... Can I go with you?"

Yulia said after some hesitation. She liked to stay with this man. She felt comfortable and loved the feeling of being treated seriously by him.

"You don't want to go back to the banquet?"

The man's eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, and he saw through Yulia's mind at a glance. She nodded, and said with some grievances, "I don't want to stay there at all."

"I'm going out for a drink with a few friends. Are you okay with that?"

The man suddenly walked up and touched Yulia's head, as if to comfort her. Such intimate behavior made Yulia blush. Then she put her arms around the man's waist and said, "Take me away, please."

His chest was as warm as she imagined, and he didn't refuse. She was sure that this person must like her, and could not help but smile.

"Let's go,"

the man said and held Yulia's hand. Yulia got into the car and the man fastened the seat belt for her carefully.

"I don't know your name yet."

Yulia was so happy that she even forgot to ask his name. The man smiled and said, "My name is Sheryl Lu."



Sheryl looked at Yulia in confusion, while she was grinning. The car was soon started and drove away from Gu's mansion. With Sheryl around, Yulia was not worried that they didn't talk to each other at all. She kept smiling all the time.

Some of Sheryl's friends were in the bar. Seeing Sheryl took Yulia, they played jokes on Sheryl and Yulia. Yulia was still in a psychological shadow for the bar and stayed quietly beside Sheryl.

They started to play dice. Sheryl drank a lot, and he blocked the alcohol for Yulia. He quickly leaned on Yulia, taking a nap.

Yulia did not resist such intimate behavior. She even expected that.

They were just drinking and watching the show, not having other intentions. When it was over 1 a.m., they separated. Before they left, they still looked at them with flirtatious eyes.

Yulia took Sheryl to the hotel. Then, the two of them slumped into the bed. Yulia was on Sheryl, with hands on his abdomen, provocative movements.

Sheryl held his breath and stopped Yulia.

"Miss Gu, I'm going to take a shower."

Yulia knew that Sheryl was rejecting the offer. Her face turned pale immediately. But she heard Sheryl say again, "There will be a chance in the future."

The ambiguity in his eyes was not disguised, and Yulia was instantly fascinated. She was a little embarrassed about her own actions.

Yulia wrapped her arms around Sheryl's waist and said softly, "Call me Yulia."

"Yulia, stop it. I'm afraid I can't control myself." She wanted to say that it didn't matter

ou without appointment. This is a gift I prepared for you. I hope you will like it."

"Take a seat, please. Gavin, ask the servant to serve the dishes."

Gavin accepted the gift on behalf of Nelson. Sheryl bought all the gifts for everyone with great care, even for Jonas and Melinda.

Nelson had always wanted Yulia to find a boyfriend. Now that she had gotten one, he didn't say much, but he needed to get to know him well.

"Aner electronic technology company?"

said Nelson. He felt a little familiar with the company's name, and then remembered that Yulia had inquired about this man with him some time ago. It turned out that the young man in front of him was that man. He looked nice, but it needed time to know exactly how he was.

Jonas paid little attention to Yulia, but kept an eye on it. It was an IT industry, and the topic of them was around IT.

Melinda could not understand what they were talking about, so she just ate quietly. She found that Jonas's face was gloomy and she was a little curious.

"You don't like him?"

Melinda asked Jonas after Sheryl left.

"He should be a leader in the IT field. When I asked him some low-level knowledge in IT, his answers were all wrong."

What Jonas said shocked Melinda. Didn't he say that he was a leader in IT field? It couldn't be so. Thinking of this, she realized why there was something wrong with Jonas's expression.

"Do you suspect him?"

Jonas didn't reply, but what he did had explained everything. He had asked William to send someone to investigate Sheryl secretly.

"Isn't it appropriate for you to do that?"

Melinda asked. Jonas didn't realize that he had done anything wrong. If there was something wrong with Sheryl, it would be a hidden trouble for him.

"I will be at ease if I make the investigation clear,"

said Jonas. Melinda didn't say anything. She'd better stay away from Yulia's issue.

However, no matter how secluded William might do, Yulia heard about it at last. It was said that her beloved man had been doubted, so Yulia went to see Jonas without thinking.

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