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   Chapter 52 The Gift

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 14016

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The dress looked even more alluring as the light hit hundreds of the tiny crystals sewn into the fabric. It looked like the Milky Way was glittering all over Melinda’s body.

It hugged her every curve, the skirt flaring out at the bottom and swaying at her every step. Her figure gave a sensuous edge to the dress, which was perfectly tempered by her naturally gentle demeanor.

She looked like an accidental temptress who was completely unaware of her lethal beauty.

Jonas was smiling when she walked out of the fitting room, but his eyes had a dangerous, hungry glint to them.

"It’s so beautiful!" Melinda ran a hand over the bodice of the dress as she checked herself in the mirror.

It truly was a piece of art, and as she gazed at her reflection, she briefly fantasized that she was a goddess who had descended upon the mortal world. This was without a doubt even more luxurious than the previous dress.

When the couple returned hand in hand to the banquet hall, all eyes immediately fell on Melinda. Women, in particular, eyed her with venomous envy, Yulia included.

She had fancied this very dress when she saw it on display, but she couldn’t afford it. It was, after all, the only one of its kind.

She had not lamented the loss of the dress since she couldn’t help letting it go, but now the damn dress was on Melinda, and so was everyone’s attention.

Melinda, on the other hand, was squirming inside. She wasn’t used to being the focus of such massive and rapt attention. She felt awkward and embarrassed, and moved a little closer to Jonas.

He gave her hand a little squeeze. "Chin up, chest out, and smile."

His words lent Melinda some confidence, and she heeded his words. When they stood side by side, they were the picture of a perfect couple.

To those who didn’t know Melinda personally, she had been nothing but a wife who was unloved by her husband. But now people were doubting their presumptions, since there was no mistaking the doting tenderness in Jonas’s eyes.

At this point all of the invited guests had already arrived, and the couple walked up to Nelson. The elder was wearing a traditional red suit, which only served to emphasize his festive mood.

He was mostly pleased with the obvious affection between the young couple. Nelson took Melinda’s hand and guided her around the room, taking his time in introducing her, with no small amount of pride, to those in attendance.

By the time the evening was over, nobody would ever mistake Melinda as anything else but a beloved member of the Gu family.

As the evening progressed, Melinda took Nelson aside. "Grandpa, Jonas and I have prepared a little present for you."

She gave the old man a little secret smile, which only made him curious. Jonas nodded to a couple of servants, and a painting was brought into the room. "It is but a small thing, Grandpa, we hope you wouldn’t mind."

When the painting was unveiled, it arrested the attention of everyone in the room. Nelson himself was wearing a pleased grin, and Jonas was beaming at Melinda.

It was clear that she painted it herself. The people milling around the painting began to praise her talents, while the two men in her life were nodding contentedly behind her.

In a far corner of the room, Yulia was seething. She happened to also have prepared a painting for her grandfather, only she bought the damn thing.

If she were to present it in the wake of Melinda’s ridiculous display, then she would only embarrass herself. She couldn’t stand how things were turning out; even now that bitch was surrounded by everyone.

Yulia slowly approached the circle that gathered around the couple, and without any warning she forcefully pushed the man near the front. The man lost his balance, and was soon hurtling towards Melinda.

Jonas didn’t miss a beat. With a subtle movement, he swept Melinda to the side, out of the man’s way.

The poor man sprawled into the floor, and when he raised his head to try to get up, his face was red with fury and mortification.

"Who pushed me?!" the man shouted as he looked back to where he stood only moments ago. The people in that area only looked at each other; they hadn’

ld go to great lengths to cover up how you feel. Being angry is a matter of course. It’s bad if you bottle up your emotions. Well, I’m not exactly sure if my words can lend you some comfort, but let me tell you something interesting."

The man settled on the sofa and began telling stories that amused Yulia. He was charming, and clever, and she hung to his every word.

They were interrupted when the man’s cell phone suddenly rang. He raised a finger to excuse himself and glanced at his phone’s screen.

"I’m terribly sorry, Miss Gu, but I’m afraid my friend wants to see me immediately." He rose from his seat, and so did Yulia.

He took her hand and gave it a little peck. "It’s been such a pleasure. I hope we meet again soon." And with that, he left the room, just as suddenly as he’d entered it.

Yulia followed him to the door and stared at his retreating back, feeling no small amount of regret at his departure. She milled about her doorway for a few moments, biting her lip, before deciding to head back down to the banquet hall.

The party was lively as ever. Melinda and Jonas were seated at a chaise longue near the French windows, taking some respite from all the mingling and socializing.

Jonas had been especially attentive to his wife, holding her glass for her when necessary. Their intimacy sparked in anyone who was watching.

The moment Melinda caught sight of Yulia striding back into the hall, she unconsciously grabbed at Jonas’s sleeve. He turned to her, saw her wide and alarmed eyes, and then turned to see what put her in such a fit. His sister was stomping her way around, her face wearing a mask of brood as she scanned the hall.

Yulia was looking for her mysterious night guest. She had gone over the faces in attendance twice now, and she still did not find him.

Was it all an illusion? Was she so angry that her mind started to play tricks on her? But the bracelet around her wrist was proof she hadn’t been imagining the rendezvous.

Feeling defeated, she walked to the edge of the hall, wandering aimlessly until she found herself in front of one of the large windows that opened to the garden outside.

'He said he was leaving to meet with his friend. If they aren’t here in the banquet hall, then he must be outside.'

She sneaked her way out, careful not to get noticed by any of the guests. She went past the garden, and was nearing the gates when she finally saw him.

She made no attempt to hide the fact that she had been looking at him, and came up to him with a small, expectant smile.

"Why are you out here?" the man asked.

"It’s too stuffy inside," Yulia answered with a stupid grin.

They both know it was a poor excuse, but Yulia didn’t offer to elaborate further, and the man didn’t bother to question her either.

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