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   Chapter 51 Formal Dress

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 11101

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Perry's plan to hook up with Melinda was completely failed here. He did not encroach on this pagoda, and he also wasted a lot of money.

"Miss Gu, when are you going to do the next plan? I'm running out of money now and I can't take other orders because of you."

Perry was a person who often did things like that. He was usually very generous with his behavior, and he didn't like to do things that he didn't want to do. A quick reward suited him best.

Perry could get at least tens of thousands yuan each time from the cooperation with Yulia. What's more, she had a lot of money. Therefore, Perry expected more cooperation from her. After all, Melinda was a beauty.

He could get both money and beauty, which was naturally not tired of.

"You go to take other orders. I don't need you here. Perry, you did a bad job."

"Miss Gu, no matter how bad I am, I can't be worse than you. Don't think I don't know that Melinda is your sister-in-law."

Perry's tone changed, with a threatening tone. At the beginning, he really didn't know that. Recently, he was so annoyed that he complained to his friends. It was not until then that he learned that Melinda had such an identity. At that time, he was soaked in cold sweat all over.

How dare he to seduce the woman of Jonas? He must be tired of living.

Yulia held her breath. She didn't expect that Perry would know about it.

"I'll give you 200000. I don't want anyone to know about it."

"What a pity. Transfer the money as soon as possible."

Yulia received a lot of phone calls from Perry lately, but in the past, she got the upper hand. This time, it was she that got caught. She did not want him to continue to pester her, so she spent money to solve it.

In her world, it was not a problem as long as one could pay for it.

Nelson's birthday was getting closer. At this critical moment, nothing should go wrong.

The Gu family had the highest status in A City. Nelson's birthday banquet would be an important banquet. All the powerful business men in A City tried their best to get the invitation.

The invitation letter was the symbol of identity. If one could get in, one could talk to others about some cooperation even if one could not approach Nelson.

The banquet finally was decided to be held in the main house of Gu family. As a granddaughter-in-law, Nelson gave free rein to Melinda and let her prepare for it. With the help of Gavin, Jonas also had to help.

The most important thing for Jonas was to confirm the guest list. Melinda didn't know these social relationships very well. The whole Gu family was nervously preparing for Nelson's birthday banquet.

Melinda always had her own wishful thinking. When people arranged such a banquet, they would prepare it in a luxury way. However, she behaved differently. She was going to prepare a warm banquet.

Nelson adored her more than anyone else. He always thought that Melinda's choice was the best one. Jonas always felt that his grandfather favored Melinda more than Jonas could imagine.

In addition to Nelson's birthday banquet, Melinda was also very busy with literature communication meetings recently. Now she had a certain amount of fans and the popularity followed.

All kinds of activities made her busy, but full. With the help of Gavin at the

al nerves. The banquet had just begun, and there were many times to smile today.

"Melinda, why are you here? There are many guests over there."

Yulia came over with a plate of pastries in her hands. Seeing that the couple were flirting with each other, she could not help but interrupt them. Following her eyes, Melinda found that the guests there were completely new faces to her.

Jonas was in charge of greeting people.

"Why not come and... Ah!!!"

Before Yulia could finish her words, she started to scream. In a second, the pastries in her hand flew to Melinda. She stumbled and slowly came back to her senses by holding a pillar nearby.

Seeing that something flew over, Melinda quickly turned around and hid in front of Jonas' chest. Her subconscious reaction cheered Jonas up a lot.

The silver gray dress was conspicuous in the light. When the pastries were pushed down, the scene on Melinda's back was just like a movie.

"Melinda, are you all right? I just stumbled over the carpet. I'm so sorry."

However, there was no sign of apology on Yulia's face. Obviously, she did it on purpose. But it was not appropriate to have a fight here.

It was just that she didn't have other dresses.

"Yulia, you'd better stay in the bedroom if you can't walk properly. Don't come out and make a fool of yourself."

Jonas's voice was so cold that Yulia looked a little pale. Melinda was not in the mood to care about it until her hand was held by a pair of hands.

"Let me take you to change your dress,"

said Jonas, and Melinda followed him, still in a trance. She was shocked when she saw the gorgeous starry sky dress.

Under the light, the starry sky dress was like a spotlight. Melinda fell in love with the dress at the first sight.

"Did you prepare this?"

Melinda asked in surprise. The look on Jonas's face was unnatural. He cleaned his throat and said, "It's the latest style in the shop."

In fact, this was the dress that Jonas bought when he passed by a shopping mall. He thought that it was suitable for Melinda. But he never found a chance to let Melinda wear it.

Today was a good opportunity. And the dress Melinda was wearing did not disappoint him.

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