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   Chapter 50 Salon

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Anyone who worked here was either rich or powerful, and the coaches were professional, who had won some big prizes in some competitions. A monthly fitness card was the cost of an ordinary person's annual expenses.

The equipment was complete and there were many classes. Most of them were yoga classes for women. Yulia took Melinda with her to have a spinning class.

"Melinda, just ride that one behind me. It's easy."

Actually, according to Melinda's physical condition, she was really not suitable to have such a tiring class in the gym. After class, she was all exhausted sitting on the sofa.

The sofas in the rest area were made of leather, and they were divided into different sections according to your membership level, as well as the treadmill. There would be no shortage of gym supplies like the regular gyms.

Melinda's face was red, sweat still hanging on her forehead, and the curly hair at her temples stuck to her face.

After drinking two glasses of warm water, her breathing gradually calmed down. This sweat soaked comfort made her very relaxed.

The soft leather sofa and a pillow were behind her. Melinda closed her eyes and took a nap. She was going to run on the treadmill for half an hour.

"Miss Mo, are you also here for exercise?"

Perry said surprisingly. His exaggerated acting made him look even more awkward. Handsome as he was, he was thin and wore tight sport clothes, looking very weak.

The equipment didn't show his good figure. On the contrary, it made him softer.

When Melinda opened her eyes, her eyes looked so pure and innocent as if she could see through people's mind. When Perry looked at her eyes, he had a feeling that he had no secrets.

They started talking embarrassed again.

"Mr. Yang,"

Melinda greeted him lightly and did not intend to take over his topic. She had always been silent with strangers. She would not say anything as long as possible. It was kind of respect for her to say hello to him.

"Linda, do you mind if I call you in this way? I know well about fitness, I can teach you,"

said Perry, totally ignoring Melinda's coldness. In order to flirt with women, he often went to the gym. Feeling that he had a say in the field of fitness, he wouldn't be easily mocked by Melinda.

"Mr. Yang, you'd better call me Miss Mo."

'Please, we are really unfamiliar with each other, ' she was complaining in her heart that the man in front of her has a thick face, although she didn't even lift her eyes.

Perry ignored the words of Melinda and continued to call her Linda. She was tired now and didn't want to talk too much. She responded to him from time to time.

There was a small fitness area near the rest area, and Perry went there to show off. Yulia was quite satisfied with this, watching not far away.

She knew it! Asking her out was the best choice.

However, everything was changeable. After performing for a long time, Melinda didn't look at Perry and soon she took a slow walk on the treadmill.

The tight sportswear set set off her goo

salon. He was allergic to the word "literature" since he knew Melinda.

The irony in her words really hurt.

Perry kept hitting on Melinda with all his patience every day. He didn't bother to spend the time alone even if he didn't have any response until he mentioned that he knew some writers who were going to hold a literary salon.

Melinda had taken part in similar salons with Kent before, and she had gained a lot. Even though she didn't like Perry, she was still interested in salon.

Seeing that Melinda was finally willing to talk to him, Perry had an illusion that the daughter-in-law would become a mother-in-law. Then he made up a story according to the scripts provided by Yulia.

That's right. Yulia also offered him the script, telling him how to act. All the problems mentioned in it were asked by Melinda. Fortunately, Perry had this information, or else he would be wasted in three minutes.

After hesitating for a while, Melinda finally agreed to go to the salon. The salon was usually held at night. But Perry didn't tell her the exact location. He only asked her to meet in a place. Melinda specially wore a small skirt to show her respect.

Perry liked beauties, and Melinda was a beauty. He stared at her and didn't even blink. It was his first time to think that he made such a good deal with Yulia.

Melinda didn't like such eyes, so she kept a distance from Perry deliberately. She furrowed her brows more deeply after she had followed him for a while.

Generally, this kind of activity was held in the banquet hall, and there was no building nearby that could meet the address.

"Here we are,"

said Perry. Raising her head, Melinda found that it was a restaurant.

"Mr. Yang, I overestimated your spirit of the literature."

The mockery was sharp to the point. This was not a salon, but the fraud. Melinda didn't give the man the chance to speak. She turned around and left, taking out her mobile phone to delete him on the wechat.

She had been wanting to do this for a long time.

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