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   Chapter 48 Awkward Conversation

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10054

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Though showing no expression on her face, Melinda started to investigate what the evil thing Yulia had done.

She didn't know how to frame someone up, but she would do it with good evidence.

In the Gu's mansion, Nelson was sitting at his desk in the study. He looked at the company's business reports in the past two months, which made him smile with satisfaction.

Anyway, Jonas wouldn't let him down.

"Knock, knock, knock."

There was a knock on the door. Nelson took off his glasses, covered the material and put it in a small drawer of the desk. Then he took out a book from a book by his side.

The cover of the book was a little yellow, but Nelson protected it well. He rubbed the corners of the book carefully, and then said to the people by the door in a low voice, "Come in,"

When Yulia heard Nelson's voice, she managed to pull herself together and opened the door. Seeing that Nelson was reading a book, she asked with a flattering smile, "Grandpa, what are you reading?"

"Nothing. What do you want from me?"

Nelson held one of the books in his hand. It contained letters from a long time ago. He took it out from the drawer habitually these years, but he couldn't remember the contents of it.

"Grandpa, I feel much better now. I want to do something to distract myself."

Yulia had been well for a long time. In order to get Nelson's attention, she had been pretending to be ill. She had thought that no one would find out, but she did not expect that Melinda knew about it. So at this time, she stopped pretending.

"Just do what you want. There is no need to explain it to me deliberately. You just need to remember the bottom line of the Gu family."

The rich and powerful families hated those people who did something to disgrace their families the most. In the Gu family, there were many rules, although both Jonas and Melinda had offended all of it.

"I know, Grandpa. I want to start my own business."

Yulia said her aim. The basic requirement of starting a business was money. She had nothing but to ask Nelson for help.

When Nelson learned that Yulia wanted to start her own business, he thought it was a good thing. If there was something else that could distract Yulia, it might be helpful to her illness.

"What are you going to do?"

Nelson asked. He had been in this business for many years, and had a good eye for opportunities. Although the Gu family was rich enough to let Yulia try even if she failed. But he could help her when he can.

Yulia was very happy that Nelson cared about him. Yulia thought for a while and said, "I want to try the clothing industry. Grandpa, I will try my best."

Said Yulia. Nelson told her some things that needed to be paid attention to in the early stage of business, then he asked the secretary to give her money.

Now that she got the money, some plans could be carried out.

When Melinda was about to go out, she met Yulia, who was dressed in a plaid blouse and a denim skinny skirt,

rary until it was time to leave. The driver that Jonas arranged had already been there waiting for her for a long time.

In the evening, Melinda's cellphone kept vibrating when she went to take a shower. When she picked up her cellphone again and was about to browse some short videos, she saw more than ten text messages.

If it were one or two calls then it's definitely from the telephone company, or any public account, but this time, there were more than ten of them. Melinda clicked on the mobile phone and saw the word "Perry".

Melinda tried her best to recall who he was and finally remembered the face of that person. Then, it seemed that they were not so familiar with each other. These dozens of text messages were unbelievable.

Out of politeness, Melinda opened the text. At the beginning, it was a simple greeting. Then Perry wrote that he heard from Yulia that Melinda was a writer and he was a literature lover. In addition, he read many books she had read over the past few years, with some understanding.

Looking at the words on the screen, Melinda felt awkward, but Perry didn't notice that and kept on sending her messages.

He expressed his a huge enthusiasm for the literature. But Melinda found a misspelling which he copied from the internet.

"For the book you mentioned, the writer was not from the Y country. He settled in Y country when he became famous, and he was from the F country."

Melinda was silent for a while. When she heard the news again, Perry was embarrassed and said that he had made a mistake.

He then tried his best to improve his literary quality, but he was mocked by Melinda cruelly. Didn't these people know that we can't trust the internet?

This kind of awkward conversation made Perry know that he was just teaching fish to swim in front of Melinda, and then he stopped struggling with this topic.

It turned out that it was unwise to talk with the expertise. Since they would immediately spot your fault and sneered at you.

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