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   Chapter 47 A New Label

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10048

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When Jonas got the news that Melinda was not pregnant, he felt a little sad, but he didn't show it. The two went back home as usual.

Melinda had always known that Nelson was looking forward to have the baby. Although the news that she was not pregnant was somewhat disappointing to him, she still chose to say it out.

Although Nelson was in a low mood, he still felt delighted and comforted them, "it doesn't matter. You are so young. Don't worry. You will have babies,"

"Grandpa, I'm sorry."

Melinda felt guilty not because she was not pregnant, but because she didn't want to have another child with Jonas. Such a feeling was very complicated.

"Silly girl, it's not your fault at all. The doctor said last time that your womb was too weak. Next, take good care of yourself and you will get pregnant soon,"

Nelson mistook Melinda's sadness of not having a child. This kind of comfort made her nose twitch. Sometimes she would think about giving birth to a child for Jonas to make Nelson happy. But she didn't want her child to grow up without her parents' care.

Not knowing from when, Melinda was certain that the relationship between her and Jonas would be over sooner or later.

There was no news of her pregnancy. Some were happy while some were sad. However, many people were aware of the significance of her pregnancy in this family.

Needless to say, Nelson thought highly of her and Jonas has taken good care of her recently.

Yulia was happy that Melinda didn't get pregnant and she was also worried that if she really got pregnant. But she really didn't know how to destroy this.

"Are you writing again?"

After the two returned to the villa, Melinda turned on her computer and began to type on the keyboard. Just now, a lot of inspiration flashed through her mind. She didn't want to miss it.

It was not the first time that Jonas had seen such a situation, but it was the first time that he asked. There was no aversion as before in his tone. Unconsciously, he had accepted a lot of things about Melinda.

"Yes. I have been free for a long time."

Yulia's fake kindness ruined everything, and since the last draft was lost, she was not in the mood for writing for a few days. Today, she was in a good mood, so she did not deliberately hide anything in front of Jonas.

She liked writing. She liked it simply. When she typed a word, she felt satisfied.

"What did you write?"

Jonas seldom read novels, and mostly read classics and proses, not too many of poetry. Melinda looked up at him with a subtle expression in her eyes, and finally said helplessly, "I don't think you're interested in this,"

But the love stories was not suitable for Jonas at all. After entering Jonas's study, Melinda knew that Jonas had read most of the words with a little difficulty for ordinary people to understand.

Jonas didn't force Melinda. He went to work in the study while she was typing. The two got along well with each other.

As Melinda was wri

ctually scolded her being a lazy girl. Though rich people's wives didn't need to make money by themselves, she often took part in various activities or banquets to stabilize their husband's connections. Nobody was like Melinda.

Melinda yawned and stopped. Before she could fight back, Nelson spoke first.

"She is not in a good health. She needs to have a good rest before she can get pregnant. There are so many people in the Gu family. What else do I need her to do?"

What Yulia hated most was that Nelson protected Melinda undisguised, and Melinda took it for granted.

'Bitch! She took advantage of grandpa.' Yulia thought to herself grudgingly.

"You are not a little girl anymore. You should understand something.

Melinda deliberately spoke with an air of shyness. Yulia was not a virgin. She must understand what she was talking about. She could not help but feel humiliated.

'How dare she say such shameless thing in public? What a slut!'

Melinda was a typical lazy person in the Gu family. She would show up at dinnertime and hiding in her own villa or elsewhere most of the time. Yulia deliberately slandered her in front of a lot of people.

Therefore, a lot of people in the upper class knew that Melinda was the representation of laziness. She knew clearly that only Yulia would be so boring to do such a thing.

Only a brainless person like Yulia would do such a disgraceful thing to hurt to reputation of the Gu family. With the protection of Nelson, Melinda was able to save some face.

But Yulia totally offended Melinda. Melinda didn't think it was necessary for him not to fight back before, but he was not a soft hearted man. Now she had to teach Yulia a lesson.

After years of struggling and climbing in the upper society, Melinda had her own way to solve the problem. Not everyone was blind. She also met some people, so she asked them to help her investigate the matter this time.

Yulia had a small group and they had done a lot of bad things.

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