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   Chapter 43 Being Sarcastic

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It had been three days since Jonas finished his work. Seeing his appearance, Melinda was shocked, with dark stubble on his chin and sunken eyes, looking very haggard.

However, he was dressed in a suit. His sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through a person.

It was weekend, so Jonas stayed in the company for half a day and came back to the Gu's mansion. Emily was much better now. William's people were reliable. When he took care of Emily every day, he also reported the situation to Jonas in real time.

Nelson was playing chess with Melinda. Jonas, standing behind Miss Mo, was watching the chess game with a slight frown.

"Come here,"

Melinda's fingers were white and slender, and her nails were small and charming.

When she was thinking about how to get out of here, she found that there was a man standing in front of her. The man's voice made her want to put down a piece on the table where the man pointed to.

The situation of it in the first place slightly reversed. Nelson looked at Jonas with dissatisfaction, and then he was a little more cautious. Melinda was so concentrated on the chess game that he had completely ignored the existence of Jonas behind him.

Finally, the game was all taken over by Jonas. He helped her won Nelson by a narrow lead.

"Who would play chess like you? You even had one-to-one guidance. You shouldn't help when it comes to chess. Do you understand?" Although Nelson was dissatisfied with the result, he was still smiling. He was glad to see that Jonas and Melinda got along so well with each other.

Nelson was used to taking a nap in the afternoon. Melinda and Jonas went back to their own villa, and Jonas had changed into a set of casual clothes, as if he was ready to go out.

"Are you going out?"

It was a rare question. It felt like a generation had passed. Jonas hadn't felt any care from Melinda for a long time.

"I'm going to see Emily,"

Jonny didn't try to hide from Melinda. Looking at his frank manner, she didn't know what to say. She pursed her lips and looked at Jonas without saying a word.

Inexplicably, under such an eyesight, Jonas felt guilty.

"Okay, I know,"

After saying that, Melinda turned around and went upstairs, feeling that she was really crazy. When she said that, she wished she could bite her tongue off.

It must be because of the good atmosphere that she forgot to keep a distance from him. Melinda took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

The arrival of Jonas made Emily very happy. Knowing that he was worried about her, she felt very happy.

She knowingly kept a distance from Jonas, as if they were ordinary friends. But he didn't notice that, and just did what he thought he should do.

Since the company's affairs were not busy, Jonas would go to visit Emily after handling all the things. Although this was the case, Nelson was still dissatisfied with Jonas's behaviors.

Therefore, the most unbearable thing happening in the Gu's mansion was that both Nelson and Melinda would feel uncomfortable.

"Jonas, I noticed that Melinda didn't

ips and moved away obediently.

Seeing this, Jonas smiled with satisfaction and handed a glass of warm water to Melinda to comfort her.

Emily, like an outsider standing nearby, looked at all this silently, while her hand almost crumbed the glass. She gritted her teeth secretly, put down the glass and never touched it again.

Nelson was used to taking a nap in the noon. He went back to his room to have a rest at this time. Jonas sat between the two women and the atmosphere was really weird.

"I didn't expect that you could be so delicate, either,"

Looking at Melinda's pale face, Emily said sarcastically with a hint of envy that could not be ignored.

"I'm too old to bear hardships. I like to be spoiled,"

Melinda smiled lightly, but attacked her wholeheartedly. Emily was older than her, but he spoiled her so much. It reminded her that Jonas had been taking care of Melinda recently, leaving her in the hospital alone.

"I always thought that you are a strong woman, not like a frail girl like me,"

Melinda's resilience and stubborn eyes at the banquets before always astonish her.

"We are different..." Melinda said in a long, meaningful voice.

Emily was about to ask her what did she mean, but Melinda suddenly changed the topic. She seemed to think of something and said, "I've read the news some time ago. About some uncultured Internet Celebrities. They talked rubbish and affected their fans. They often spread bad ideas,"

"These people are bad influence, am I right? Oh, I almost forget that you often go live stream as an influencer. Are those people really like this, or just for hype?"

Melinda turned to look at Emily confusedly. How could Emily not know the irony behind it? How could she compare the low-end cam girl with her!

"But I don't think it's a right thing to do, both in itself and in order to attract attention. This kind of world view invited troubles to others. They are so disgusting!"

Since Melinda jeered at her again and again, Emily didn't have to be polite. She knew how to fight back.

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