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   Chapter 41 Car Accident

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At the beginning, Emily planned to have sex with Jonas after he got drunk, but she didn't expect that Jonas left so quickly. She tried to contact him again, but she could not find him.

And according to her investigation, she got the news that Melinda had been staying in the villa all the time and that she and Jonas were in a good relationship.

Nelson was worried about them so much. He was surprised and happy when he knew that Jonas accompanied Melinda at home.

He had the feeling that his grandson's eye disease would be cured sooner or later, due to Melinda's great kindness.

The two of them couldn't know what Nelson was thinking about. It had been three days since they went to the market. At that time, they needed to purchase food again. Thinking of the use of Jonas, Melinda took him and went to the nearest market and bought a lot of things.

At the same time, Melinda was curious about how long the vacation would last. Was it really okay since Jonas did not go back to company for so long?

In the Gu's mansion, Nelson was so happy to get the latest news. Gavin standing beside him complimented Jonas for finally being smart.

"Well, this vacation is indeed a good way to promote feelings. It seems that I will soon have a little great grandson."

Nelson thought it was a good decision to arrange the two of them to go on a holiday. He used to think that they would be fine with each other, but now he wanted a great grandson.

As the grandfather of the man of action, Jonas, Nelson was the same. He called Jonas quickly.

"Jonas, how are you doing with Melinda?"

"Not bad."

After all, they could take their own fun in harmony. Although he was unhappy, he would rather not to think about that.

"That's great. You are old enough to have a child. Do it as soon as possible. I'll wait for your good news,"

said Nelson. Jonas's face was frozen for a moment, but then he was back to normal.

"I get it, grandpa. Do you have anything else?"

"It's okay now. You can go on your honeymoon and enjoy yourselves." Nelson squinted and hung up the phone. People all said that the child on their honeymoon vacation was the best.

Jonas knew he had to face it sooner or later, but considering his current relationship with Melinda, he was afraid it would be difficult.

Somehow, at the thought that he might have a child with Melinda, he felt a little excited.

Every businessman was thick skinned, and so was Jonas. He thought it over and decided to talk in the most simple and straight manner.

"Let's talk."

Jonas walked to Melinda's room. The door was not closed, and Melinda was not writing. Instead, she was lying on the cane chair, relaxed. Her eyes were closed, the corners of her mouth lifted. Jonas's voice was uncontrollably light.

Melinda opened her eyes, looked at Jonas, and then stood up, pointing to the seat beside her.

The arrival of Jonas was somewhat unexpected. Proud as he was, he had been snubbed these days and felt humiliated. Why d

have misunderstood her, but she didn't explain anything.

Due to Nelson's order that he had to bring Melinda to the main villa for dinner, Jonas went to inform Melinda. Melinda's pajamas were loose, showing her attractive collarbone and cleavage. His eyes darkened, and he bit her neck, leaving a little strawberry.

"What are you doing?!"

Melinda stared at Jonas angrily with her hands around her neck. Jonas put on a poker face and said, "I don't want my grandfather to find out something."

After finding that she was speechless, Melinda stood up in anger. Seeing that she seldom got angry, Jonas showed a smile secretly which he himself was not aware of.

On the table, the kiss mark still could be seen on Melinda's neck. Even if she tried hard to cover it, Jonas would find a way to let people notice that. All of a sudden, Nelson said she was too thin and she needed nutritious as he added food in her bowl.

This scene, however, made Yulia more resentful. 'She comes back and grabs all the attention of grandpa. Why does she have a higher position than me in grandpa's heart?!'

There was an episode during the dinner, which made Nelson angry again.

During the dinner, Jonas received a call from William, who told him that there was a car accident when Emily returned to A City and it was serious.

As soon as Jonas heard the news, he didn't panic as Melinda thought. He looked calm, but there was obvious worry in his eyes.

"I'll be there soon,"

Jonas said to William. In his eyes, Emily needed to be taken care of, because she was too weak to be looked after by herself since she was a child.

When Jonas thought of when they were children, there was a sudden emotion that could not be understood by Melinda in his eyes. He just hung up the phone. Without explaining anything, he left directly.

Nelson threw his crutch out at once. Hearing this, Jonas stopped for only a second and then strode away.

Melinda's long hair covered most of her face and a mocking smile.

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