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   Chapter 39 Travel

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Jonas should have been used to his grandfather defending Melinda.

Thousands of family households had most of their lights switched off by then. When Jonas walked out of his office, he saw William dozing off with one hand resting on top of the desk. The sound of the heavy wooden door opening startled him and he almost fell to the floor.

Placing both hands on the desk and barely supporting his weight on the chair, William couldn't resist yawning. There were dark circles under his eyes, silently complaining about the immense amount of work that day.

"Mr. Gu, are you off duty?"

William asked in a drowsy voice. He felt that he could sleep standing up.

"You can take a day off tomorrow."

Jonas's voice trailed away as he made his way out of the office. Rubbing his ears, William felt that he had misheard him. Then his smile grew bigger and wider like a fool.

At long last, he could relax for one whole day.

When Jonas returned home, he threw his suit jacket over the back of the sofa and slumped down. He was no ironman and he felt exhausted. He had been hectic these days that a gray stubble covered his cheeks and chin.

It just so happened that Melinda went downstairs to get some water to drink. After adapting to the new surroundings, she seemed comfortable walking under the dim lights as she made her way to the kitchen. Despite the blurry vision, she could make out Jonas's figure. Seeing him so tired made her frown unconsciously.

She gripped the glass in her hand tightly and sighed. She poured another cup of water and flipped on the kitchen light.

The painfully bright light made Jonas feel uncomfortable. He frowned and blocked the glare with his hands. Melinda handed him the water. She just stood there in silence.

"Go back to your room and get some rest. You'll catch a cold if you sleep on the sofa."

While Melinda spoke, she could hear a grumbling sound from his stomach. She peered at Jonas and saw his reluctantly expressionless face.

For a moment, she found Jonas very adorable.

Ten minutes later, a bowl of steaming rib noodles appeared in front of Jonas. Melinda yawned and her eyelids grew heavy.

"I'm going back to bed. Good night."

She didn't care whether Jonas ate the food and fumbled back to her bedroom. Showing some concern for him had become a habit, and this practice was undoubtedly scary.

In the past, the late night snacks she prepared all ended up in the dumpster. She smiled with self-mockery and stopped thinking about it too much.

Jonas tasted the broth. The flavor was bland but his hard heart softened a little.

The next day, Melinda got up early to do Tai Chi with Nelson, which made him praise her a lot. Gavin was beside them, smiling.

Recently, Melinda had lots of free time, and had also developed a habit of sleeping late. Nelson spoiled her with too many things and spoke nothing of it. Today's abnormality compelled him to ask, "Sweetheart, do you have something to tell me?"

Melinda smiled shyly, blushing a little. She indeed got up early on purpose today.

"Grandpa, I know what happened between Jonas and Emily."

Hearing this, Nelson's face darkened and his enthusiasm fade

ne landed, Jonas and Melinda went to take their baggage together. The driver waited at the airport gate. The Gu family had a villa here, close to the seaside. At night, they could view the starry sky and observe the lively night scene in the distance.

The beach gave off a cool vibe after dark.

Both Melinda and Jonas remained aloof to each other. The driver took off after dropping them to the villa. Everything in the house was ready, but there was no servant around. Obviously, it was Nelson who arranged it on purpose.

Upon arrival, Melinda didn't unload her luggage and instead laid down on the bed to have a rest. She was not in good shape, so the flying made her feel exhausted.

Emily, who stayed in A City and whom Jonas avoided for a long time, was unwilling to give up and came back to the company again. But the receptionist intercepted her and declared with a smile that the boss wasn't in his office for now and was on vacation.

Jonas was a typical workaholic, so Emily didn't buy his sudden leave of absence. At last, after asking around, she got to find out that Jonas was traveling with Melinda.

Emily clenched her teeth and wished she could fly there and grab all of Jonas's attention in front of Melinda. But she had a show to attend in two days, so she could only send people to spy on them in secret.

The night fell. There were many people camping on the beach side. In Melinda's school days, she enjoyed backpacking and going on excursions the most. Looking at the festive crowd far away, she felt envious.

"You like that?"

The sudden voice made her heart skip a beat. Even though there was a hint of a smile in the corner of her mouth, the atmosphere was weird.

"I'm hungry."

She abruptly changed the topic, and Jonas could not snap back. He was also starving at the moment.

After they helplessly discovered that there was no food in the villa, they walked outside together. Jonas wanted to drive to a restaurant for dinner, but Melinda insisted on joining the barbecue party down by the beach. Left without a choice, Jonas obliged.

He couldn't find a car here, anyway.

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