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   Chapter 38 Threat

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After locking herself in the villa for a day, Melinda felt that her thought was like being suppressed by something that she could not escape.

When Jonas returned home, he saw Melinda pacing through the living room, wearing a long white shirt and a pair of white slippers, frowning tightly.

Her hair stuck to both sides. Her fingers were very beautiful. When she held the pen, she would nibble the pen when she thought about things. This scene was very visual and made Jonas can't help but swallow.

'Damn it! What a tempting woman she is today!'

Completely ignoring the flirting eyes and inner thoughts of Jonas, Melinda turned around again and bumped into a figure. She rubbed her head, and then looked up in confusion. She saw Jonas, and the fire in his eyes.

"What... What are you doing?"

Clenching the pen in her hand, Melinda looked at Jonas cautiously. They had been married for five years, and she was familiar with the way he looked at her. But the look in his eyes was different this time. She couldn't tell why it was different.

"All of a sudden, I want to fuck you."

Jonas grinned in a playful yet serious manner. Hearing his words, Melinda cast a glance at his lower part.

Then she swallowed nervously, quickly jumped back like a frightened rabbit, and made a sharp turn. "Grandpa asked us to have dinner with him tonight. I'll go to change my clothes first."

With that, Melinda disappeared in a flash. Hearing her words, Jonas could not help but burst into laughter in a deep and cheerful voice, which confused himself.

Melinda wore a dress and her hair was rolled up. She looked more mature than before. Jonas was still in a suit. They went to the main villa together intimately, and Nelson was waiting for them.

At the same time, Yulia was also at the table. Her mood fluctuated a little bit when she saw Melinda. Melinda licked her lips and silently sat farthest away from Yulia.

Looking at the careful movement of Melinda, the cold and hard corners of Jonas's mouth softened.

The meal was a little dull, but Melinda was trying to make the atmosphere among them become harmonious. Even in front of Yulia, she took good care of her with all her heart, although it was a little awkward.

At the table, Nelson scolded Jonas that he was busy with his work and he didn't know to accompany Melinda.

On the early morning of the next day, when Melinda saw the person sitting in the living room, she felt that she might be dreaming. "Don't you go to work?"

"I'll stay at home with you today."

Thinking of the scene that she was alone in the living room yesterday, Jonas felt what Nelson said made sense, so he decided to take a holiday to accompany her today.

"I don't need your company."

Melinda was telling the truth. Now she liked the feeling of being alone more. She would be uneasy and uncomfortable with the company of Jonas.

Hearing this, Jonas's face darkened. He spared some time to accompany Melinda, but she rejected him in a straightforward way.

"I will be at home today,"


the next day. These days, the gossip media were very excited.

Jonas was either in the company or accompanying Emily these days, and he didn't go back home most of the time. Therefore, he seldom talked with Melinda. Seeing that he hadn't mentioned anything about Melinda to her, Emily was quietly relieved.

The phone in the Gu's mansion was called to William. His fancy excuses no longer worked.

"He is too idle to go out with those disreputable guys."

Nelson was in a towering rage with the support of a crutch. He reduced Jonas's workload in order to let him spare more time for Melinda and to cultivate a good relationship with her.

But Jonas always stayed with Emily, which made Nelson feel so bad that he felt like he was making a wedding dress for others.

The next day, Emily made an appointment with Jonas as usual, but William answered the phone. William told her kindly that Mr. Gu was very busy recently and he didn't want to be disturbed by someone unimportant.

Jonas had no complaint about the sudden heavy work, and he took over the whole task. He was clear that it was Nelson who was behind this.

Melinda still led an old life. She lived in her own villa, writing and reading. She didn't care about what was happening outside. But she heard some gossip.

If it was in the past, she would feel uncomfortable. Now, she touched her chest and still felt a little stuffy, but it was much better than before.

Melinda stared at the screen of the computer. The insert cursor on the computer screen kept flickering, but she was not able to type a word. In the end, she closed the computer silently.

Jonas had been very busy recently. There were endless meetings and endless documents. William also accompanied to work overtime. He secretly hated Emily that if this woman hadn't pestered the boss, Nelson wouldn't be so ferocious to the boss, and he would not have been involved.

When the light in the office was dim, it was already twelve o'clock. Jonas rubbed his eyebrows and forced a bitter smile.

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