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   Chapter 37 Recovery

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"Mr. Gu, the patient’s cooperation could aid in the treatment for depression." The family doctor was around 50 years old. The Gu family hired him since he was a student. For many years, he had been in charge of Nelson’s health condition.

An apprentice, in his early twenties, with a youthful face and brilliant mind followed him around. Word had it that he was a gifted physician and was now mainly responsible for Jonas’s well-being.

This time, both of them were present.

"I didn’t expect her to be like this. Sorry for the trouble," said Nelson.

The doctor arrived to examine Nelson’s status every month. After so many years, their personal relationship matured into genuine friendship. Nelson sighed at the thought of Yulia.

"Let’s look at your body."

The doctor had learned from Gavin regarding Nelson’s situation and recommended a physical examination. The most important thing for the old man was his mood. Some time ago, the affair of Jonas and Melinda annoyed Nelson, and now he became more agitated with Yulia’s issue, which was in significant contrast to Nelson’s present condition.

But deep in her heart, Yulia knew better than everyone else concerning her own condition. Knowing that the specialist was coming to the mansion, she acted restless and refused to cooperate. She shoved the servant that her grandfather sent out of her room.

The doctor proposed that she should see a psychiatrist and work together with the drug treatment, which may focus on medication.

Yulia isolated herself in her room and she stayed there secluded for another day. The psychiatrist tried to interact with her, but got kicked out.

"She’s in morbid self-protection. It’ll just make matters worse."

"I’ll give it a shot."

Melinda got up and went upstairs. The servant who took care of Yulia was holding a silver tray and stood at the door looking helpless. She looked at Melinda as if she saw a rescuer.

"Give me her lunch, and you wait out here."

The servant immediately handed Melinda the tray. Yulia had locked the bedroom door, and even if they had the key, it couldn’t open. She had installed another padlock from the inside.

This meant that Yulia was still sober. Melinda raised her eyebrows and knocked on the door three times in a row, making sure the person inside could hear.

"Yulia, you are such a wimp."

A mocking smile twisted on the corner of Melinda’s mouth, and her tone was sarcastic. The servant next to her widened her eyes in surprise. She sensed that Mrs. Gu did not come to save a life, but to destroy one.

Inside, Yulia sat on the priceless Moroccan carpet not distant from the doorway. She had a strange expression on her calm face when she heard the voice of Melinda.

"Yulia, I despise you. You have insulted me for five years, and I’ve become better than I was before. But you’ve grown into a coward. I’m so ashamed to have you as my enemy."

These words were partially true, and she knew well how to get on Yulia’s nerves. Maybe a depressed person couldn’t bear such vexation, but Yulia needed to hear it.

"Do you know why I came back after all this time? Because I wanted my revenge. But now it seems that you’re not worthy of it at all."

d her could be fear, resistance or other factors. But in general, it was not a favorable circumstance for her.

After the psychiatrist learned of this, he developed a plan in his mind. But Melinda did not push Yulia too hard. Melinda had carried out what she needed to do with a clear conscience.

During this period, Melinda paid more attention to Yulia’s rehabilitation. Now that her condition had stabilized, Melinda rarely stepped into the main villa. If it was unnecessary, she remained in her own villa.

She had been living in the mansion again for a while now. At the beginning, she could hardly fall asleep. Now she felt relaxed in her place, as though she lived in her own private domain. This was under the premise of the absence of Jonas.

They got along together in a way that was very different, and they didn’t argue as much as before. They used to have a deep familiarity of one another, but now they acted like total strangers.

Jonas grew very upset about this, but he never showed. He didn’t give a damn on issues in his family. He was too busy to even handle the company’s affairs. So he just let Melinda deal with the family drama. It was, after all, the obligation of the matron of the Gu family.

Melinda walked over to the balcony with a laptop. She closed her eyes, emptied her thoughts and tried to drag herself into the plot of the story. She finished writing a climax today, but she felt like in a sour mood.

After trying to write a few scenes, Melinda felt dissatisfied and deleted everything. Her hands rested on the keyboard and lightly tapped the keys, re-typing the story. Still not pleased, she dropped her fingers and sighed.

When writing the highlight of the story, she couldn’t quite keep still. In addition, the recent events had left her distracted. She could not forget what had happened in the past which took place regularly.

Melinda had turned to Kent for help back in the past, but now she didn’t have a suitable identity. Going on a trip to unwind wasn’t the right time. It was easy to make people gossip about her. She thought Yulia might have influenced her, and she became upset.

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