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   Chapter 34 Paid Posters

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10358

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During this period of time, Melinda felt very leisurely, of course, without paying attention to the annoying creature like Yulia.

Melinda had dinner together in the main villa. Yulia used to be not home. However, she ate three meals on time every day after Melinda came back to the Gu's mansion, in order to get even with her.

These days, Nelson took Melinda to attend various activities, many of which were what she wanted to attend, but she didn't have the invitation, so she had to stop.

Therefore, Nelson accidentally made Yulia hate Melinda more.

Jonas usually had lunch at company. Nelson had an appointment with his old friend today, so there were only Melinda, Yulia and Queena at the table.

It was said that three women were a play. Their positions were in a triangular shape. Yulia's face was as disdainful as ever. Queena acted like she was not involved, while Melinda was indifferent.

"Auntie Yao, why do you let her to have lunch here? Aren't you afraid of affecting your appetite?"

Yulia hated Melinda. The whole Gu family knew that they were not getting along well. Queena didn't like both of them, so she said nothing and watched them quietly.

However, what surprised her was Melinda. Previously, she was nothing but a puppet without thoughts. Although she was still holding back her anger, she was very good at taking advantage of the situation and putting herself in the advantageous position.

"Let's have dinner. We are a family, so we should sit together, shouldn't we?"

Queena said. The dishes were placed on the table in succession. The Gu family didn't have any luxury style, but there were still ten dishes for the three of them, each of which was delicious in color, aroma and taste, making them feel very hungry.

"She is not my family!"

What Yulia didn't want to accept most was the fact that Melinda became her sister-in-law again. Especially, Melinda stole all the attention from Nelson as soon as she came back.

"Yulia, don't let your brother hear what you just said, or he will be unhappy,"

Melinda said and smiled, as if she was tolerating a childish girl. In this period of time, she had acted a lot with Jonas. Now what she said made Yulia feel some scruples.

"Melinda, are you threatening me with my brother?"

Exasperated, Yulia thumped the table. These days, she had always been this irritable. She stood up from her seat, and the chair hit the servant behind her hard.

"Mother, I'd better go back and have dinner at my place."

Melinda didn't answer Yulia's question, just stood up quietly and said to Queena politely. Compared with Yulia's childish behavior, she was more sensible.

Queena nodded, and then gave a warning look at Yulia. She was a person who paid much attention to dignity. If Yulia was like this at home, wouldn't she lose the face of the whole Gu family when she was out here.

Being short and slim, Melinda wore a white dress today. The way she walked away looked very pitiful. Yulia's clear and beautiful eyes were full of anger as she thought that Melinda was really good at pr

h cursed Melinda on the Internet.

Nowadays, cheating on one's partner was not acceptable to the netizens. Because Jonas was the prince charming in the public, and many women liked him. All his fans felt bad for him and were cursing Melinda.

Things were developing so fast that the Gu family was totally unprepared. Looking at this news, Yulia felt happy and sneered at Melinda coldly.

All of these were done in front of Nelson. This time, Nelson was unable to defend Melinda, but Melinda was calm about this matter. She turned off the Weibo, as if nothing had happened.

"Grandpa, I've told you that Melinda is not a good woman. Now you believe me! She dated that Kent long ago!"

Yulia didn't miss the chance. She even slandered Melinda in front of Nelson. Melinda knew that there must be someone behind this. She was wondering who was so impatient to launch an attack.

It should not be Yulia, otherwise she wouldn't have waited until things went ugly and taunt her again. She would have said something baffling in front of her.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry for what happened. It's not the truth."

Unwilling to disappoint Nelson, Melinda chose to explain. As for the photos, they must be produced by Photoshop. But that person was skilled and it was not easy to tell, but as long as the experts check these photos, they could find out.

Melinda told the whole story about Kent helping her, as well as his parents. She didn't avoid the fact that they pretended to be lovers in order to cheat Kent's parents.

Upon hearing this, Yulia lost her temper and made a lot of scornful remarks. But Nelson was relieved. He knew that Melinda wasn't that kind of person. On the one hand, he was afraid that Jonas might hurt her. On the other hand, Kent was good to Melinda.

At the thought of this, he thought that it was understandable for Melinda to do so. Intellectually, she should act like this.

"I trust you. You suffered a lot this time."

Nelson was more satisfied with Melinda's character. He would never allow her to suffer any grievances.

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