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   Chapter 31 Love And Hate

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10326

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In the past, Melinda could only see Jonas in her heart, and she did everything for him, and also for the Gu family. She didn't know how long she had not lived for herself.

She had lived a good and unrestrained life these days, but most of the time, she felt lost. She felt empty in her heart. She overestimated herself and believed that as long as she left, nothing would happen to her. But the unwillingness only appeared when the night fell and everything became quiet.

Mrs. Gu should not have been that easy to be bullied like her.

She would make good use of the power endowed by her identity this time.

Jonas was a little surprised that Melinda would make a condition. But it was not a difficult condition. The reason why he found Melinda back was just to stabilize Nelson, so he nodded and agreed.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation, my ex-husband."

Melinda smiled, her eyebrows crooked, like the innocent girl five years ago, but the deep indifference in her eyes indicated her growth.

Jonas didn't say anything about this title. As long as he had achieved his goal, he would leave. As for the remarriage procedures, he would arrange them again. Meanwhile, Melinda knew that Jonas would arrange these things, so she was not in a hurry.

'But, next, I may have a hard battle. Melinda, you can do it, ' Melinda thought to herself.

Not long after Jonas left, Kent arrived. Sitting opposite to Melinda, who was confused and didn't realize that someone had come.

"Are you okay?"

asked Kent in a low voice. Actually, he was a little regretful. Because of his selfish motive, he arranged a meeting between Melinda and Jonas. He wanted to let her end the relationship completely, but he didn't expect that this conversation would let her make a choice to return.

"I'm fine, Kent."

The drink had already cooled down, but Melinda still held it tightly in her hand.

"What did he want to see you about?" questioned Kent. Jonas had told him that there was something he needed to tell Melinda clearly, so he subconsciously thought that it was a closure.


The calm tone seemed to be saying every day's weather, but it shocked Kent. He repeated unbelievably, "Remarry you?"

"Yes. We can take what we need. I have agreed."

Melinda took a sip. The drink was cold and her stomach throbbed painfully because of the stimulation, but she was awake unexpectedly.

"Melinda, are you out of your mind? Have you ever thought about the consequence if you return to Gu family?"

Kent thought that Melinda must be irritated by what happened to her, otherwise she wouldn't have made such a decision. The Gu family was such a cruel and merciless family. Though Nelson always protected her, she suffered a lot because of this. And in this case, Jonas made the greatest "contribution".

"I know."

She had gone through it, so she knew the darkness in it. She had endured it for five years before. Now she was ready to make good use of her identity. What else was there to be afraid of?

"Melinda, don't make the decision that you will regre

ou free now? Could you please help me find some materials in the municipal library? I need it urgently."

Kent had often asked Melinda to help with the material search, so she didn't have any doubts. What's more, it sounded that he was really in a hurry to get the material. She was a little hesitant.

"Kent, I have something else to do now. Can I search that for you later?"

"Melinda, I promised to update it in an hour. I can't make it to the library in time. Please."

"Well, send all the information you need to my wechat."

Then Melinda called Jonas to make another appointment because she had something urgent to deal with. And it took a long time for her to rearrange the meeting, because from that day on, Kent always found some excuses to prevent her from meeting Jonas.

The first time or the second time, Melinda didn't feel anything wrong. The third time, she became suspicious and simply expressed her attitude to Kent.

"Kent, it is inevitable for me to remarry Jonas. You can't prevent it. You'd better wish me a good start rather than doing this."

Melinda was determined. No matter what kind of reason Kent had used this time, she chose to ignore him. And she also told the situation to Jonas. They had made an appointment in private.

Kent was a bit stubborn. He still tried to stop her. He was not willing to let her go. He did not understand why she wanted to go back to the dangerous place as she had already gotten a good chance.

With the help of Jonas, the two people finally met each other. For this remarriage, Melinda was much more cautious. She went through the terms and conditions of the contract in detail, and even stated those she didn't understand or was dissatisfied, Jonas revised the contract again on the basis of compromising.

They signed the contract under the condition that both of them were satisfied. Melinda took her copy of the contract and said sarcastically, "I did not expect that I would be Mrs. Gu so soon. I really want to see what the expressions of your excited lovers will have."

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