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   Chapter 30 Cooperate

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"Grandpa, I have divorced her. We are just acquaintances now. She is just my ex."

Hearing what he had said, Nelson was so angry that he put his hand on his chest. He would have fainted if he hadn't been clear about it.

Nelson knew he was asking for much, but this was his only wish now. He was old and became more stubborn about it.

There was no way for Jonas to understand his grandfather's mind. He didn't care much about love all the time. Even if he got married, his marriage would be after weighing the interests.

There were a lot of work in the company, and Jonas didn't stay to continue the topic with Nelson. But he knew that this matter wouldn't end so easily.

The large office was empty and cold. Although there were many things in it, the color of black, white and gray always made people feel cold inexplicably. The expressionless face of Jonas made William feel that the boss was in a bad mood today.

William was smart enough that he could reach this position. He tried his best not to enter the office in a day. Seeing those who had been scolded, he felt that he was clever again.

However, sometimes cleverness could not solve some crisis.

Jonas didn't answer Gavin's call. With the guidance of Nelson, he called the phone of the CEO office.

"Is Mr. Gu in the company?"

"Mr. Gu is still working."

William chose a relatively conservative answer. In fact, Jonas had stopped his work. Now he was leisurely watching the financial magazine and drinking coffee. It seemed that he did not want to go home at all. He knew that the boss would definitely sleep in the company tonight.

"Please tell him that his grandfather wants him to come back tonight. It's very important."

Gavin was very kind and polite, but it inexplicably made William feel a bit stressed. This was the calm before a storm.

Nelson was the biggest decision maker in the company. He didn't get involved in the company's affairs since Jonas married, but his power was still there. So William weighed the pros and cons and finally decided to knock the door.

"Come in."

Joan stopped what he was doing and put down the financial magazine. He looked leisurely, but he didn't read anything. He had been staring at the same page all the time. He drank a lot of coffee.

"Boss, Gavin called to ask you back tonight,"

William said after a moment of hesitation. He tried his best to convince himself that there must be some risk in getting a high salary. Wealth was always accompanied by danger.

William looked terrified as if he was going to die heroically. Jonas raised his eyebrows and thought, 'Am I that frightening?'

"I see."

He knew that Nelson wouldn't give up easily. If Nelson asked him to go back, Nelson was definitely going to show his last card.

"Boss, he said that you have to go home,"

William said before he quickly left. He took a deep breath and finally came to himself. He felt so lucky that he had come out alive.

Jonas felt a strong sense of toughness in the words "have to".

Jonas deliberately stayed in the company for a long time before he went downstairs. At this time, there was almost nobody in the company except the security guards and working overtime employees. When he returned to the mansion, Gavin was waiting for him in the living room.

"Mr. Gu is waiting for you in the study."

Jonas nodded to him, and then turned and walked to the stairs. When Gavin saw his figure, he couldn't help but think that he had grown up.

"Young master, something Mr. Gu does is for your own good. Don't be too stubborn with him. He is old,"

Gavin couldn't help saying. Jonas kept walking, but he heard every word he said. Of course he knew that Nelson was getting old, so he moved to the company and didn't bother him.

Nelson was sitting in his study and browsing through the photo album. There were photos of Jonas' childhood. He grew up from a little kid to a handsome man, with less and less smiles on his face. There were also marriage photos of Jonas and Melinda.

Jonas knocked on the door for three times, but found the door was not locked. He directly pushed in. Nelson wiped his eyes and closed the photo album.

Jonas stood while Nelson sat still. They didn't talk with each other. They seemed to have competed against each other, and Nelson was defeated in the end.

"You are going to stay in the company for the rest of your life, aren't you?"

At the thought of this, Nelson got furious. What a family! Nelson had planned to have a good talk with Jonas. But he couldn't control his anger that accumulated in these days.

"Grandpa, you won't be bothered if I am not at home. So it's for your health," Jonas answered frankly.

He knew his grandfather was angry with him.

"It's for my health? You're my grandson, today, I won't beat around the bush with you, and I don't care about yo

ur current relationship with Melinda. If you don't bring her back, I'll take back your identity as the heir,"

said Nelson. It was his last card. If this hadn't succeeded, he wouldn't have had any way to solve this. And for the inheritance, Nelson had used it at the beginning.

Hearing this, Jonas's face darkened. What he hated most was being threatened, but Nelson always gave it a shot. He couldn't do anything to resist.

Some charges had a heavy weight on him.

Since he had taken over the company, he had already possessed his own benefit chain. It was impossible for him to give it up at this time.

Nelson got his weakness easily.

"Okay, I promise. But grandpa, I hope you won't interfere with the following things."

Nelson nodded his head and said that as long as he took her back, there would be a way out. A world war ended as the two of them reached an agreement.

Nelson was getting old now. He went back to sleep after he got the promise of Jonas. On the contrary, Jonas could not fall asleep the whole night.

He could feel that Melinda had changed. Therefore, he had no confidence to bring her back.

Since he tossed and turned, he couldn't fall asleep. Sitting up from the bed, he took his coat and car key aside and went out.

Jonas knew where Melinda lived. When he drove to the downstairs of her home, the light was still on and he wasn't sure whether she was asleep or not.

Most of the time, Melinda could not take good care of herself like a child. For instance, she would forget to turn off the lights and forget to cover herself with quilt and so on.

Jonas thought there must be something wrong with himself. He drove here late at night and left, while Melinda knew nothing about it.

The next day, Jonas called up Melinda, only to find that he had been blacklisted. He got it through with William's phone. As soon as Melinda heard his voice, she hanged up and then blocked him. From now on, whenever there was a strange number, she ignored it.

Caught off guard, Jonas clenched his teeth and thought, 'Well done, Melinda!'

But then Jonas realized how desperate she was unwilling to see him. He couldn't get through, and he couldn't find her at her place.

Melinda knew very well about Jonas. As long as she wanted, it was easy to avoid him.

Having looked for Melinda for a few days, Jonas could not see her once. It was obvious that she was trying to avoid him. Jonas was in a bad mood, especially when he compared she with the old her.

He couldn't find the culprit to vent his anger.

Therefore, the atmosphere on the floor where his office was at was low and nervous for a few days.

Jonas had no choice but to see Melinda through Kent. She was a little surprised to see him, but soon calmed down.

It had been a long time since they met last time. Jonas hadn't changed a bit. She had thought that she wouldn't miss this man, but only when she saw him, she knew that she hadn't forgotten him completely.

"I heard that you have been looking for me."

Melinda was no longer the one who she used to be. There was no love and confusion in her eyes. She had changed completely.

But she was also more attractive.


What Jonas said was like a thunder to her. She was stunned for a long time.

"Mr. Gu, are you kidding?"

Melinda had to admit that her heart began to shake just now. Then she warned herself not to be so naive.

"I'm never kidding. I can also tell you that this is grandpa's request. Otherwise, he will take back my identity of inheritor."

Since Jonas was about to look for Melinda, he didn't plan to hide anything from her. Melinda was not a fool, and there must be a reason for the abnormal behavior. It was better to tell her in the beginning.

Melinda smiled coldly in her heart. She had wondered how it could be possible for him to do such a thing. It turned out to be his grandfather.

At the thought of Nelson, she was grateful to him, but also felt guilty. In order to escape from the previous things, she even deliberately ignored him.

"You know I won't give up my right of inheritance. What's more, advantages will outweigh disadvantages if you remarry to me. My grandfather has been very good to you over the years. He has missed you a lot lately. Just agree if you still have consciences,"

said Jonas. Melinda's parents didn't know about their divorce and she had been concealing it from them. Although Jonas didn't say anything, from his eyes, he said everything.

"It's okay for me to remarry you, but Jonas, I'm not the same person as I used to be. I want to have my own space and freedom, and we can cooperate."

She emphasized the word "cooperate" and expressed the purpose of this remarriage. The two were not out of feelings, but for each other's interests. Jonas's words were indeed attractive, but she had her own thoughts.

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