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   Chapter 29 The Destruction

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The Gu's mansion was brightly lit at night. The servants who were busy in the mansion seemed to be showing that this was a luxurious family.

Nelson sat on the sofa, with his head slightly drooping. He looked at the direction of the door, as if waiting for Melinda to come back.


Sighing, Nelson stood up on his crutch and left. He didn't know what he was expecting, but old men were always very childish at this age.

It was unusual that Jonas didn't stay at company but came home today.

Although he didn't like Melinda, since they used to be a couple and lived together, the moment when Jonas walked into the bedroom, he felt a little strange, but he couldn't tell what exactly it was.

The next morning, when Jonas showed up at the table, he almost caused another world war. Nelson was very angry.

Queena also felt headache. Her son and her father-in-law seldom got along with each other, especially when it came to Melinda.

"Grandpa, I really don't understand why you stick up for that woman. She had an affair with another man when she had not divorced with my brother. Now they are divorced, isn't it good?"

Yulia said unhappily. The more Nelson liked Melinda, the more hatred Yulia got from her.

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

But this time, the two of them were on the same side. Nelson was always defending Melinda. As for Jonas, he thought it was a matter of dignity as a man. Moreover, yesterday in the cafe, he knew that this matter was a misunderstanding.

Yulia felt very aggrieved. She thought that at least in terms of dealing with the matter related to Melinda, Jonas would help her.

Nelson glimpsed at Jonas, but somehow the atmosphere around the table was more harmonious.

In the Gu family, Nelson liked Melinda a lot. As the wife of Jonas, she should have a lot of things. However, she seldom used them. And she always put them in the bedroom.

After the meal, Yulia sneaked into Melinda's room. When she walked into the room where Melinda used to live, she saw a lot of things that she wanted. She took away all the things that were not opened, and the rest of them were destroyed by her.

Especially, Melinda's clothes were almost torn into pieces.

Jonas forgot his watch in the bedroom, so he went to fetch it and happened to see it. He frowned and his eyes were cold.

Yulia paused and hid something behind her back, as if she was trying to hide something.


"What are you doing?"

Looking at the mess on the ground, he finally realized what was wrong. Melinda's things were less than before, and now he knew the reason.

The wardrobe was just opened with only a few clothes left.

"Anyway, my sister-in-law does not need these things. I can tear these apart and let servants use them make a mop,"

Yulia said, clenching her teeth. How could she have all these things? She didn't deserve it at all! She was just a nobody.

So in order to humiliate Melinda, she wantonly destroyed everything related to her.

"It's enough. Don't make grandpa unhappy."

"Brother, are you speaking for her?"

Yulia didn't think so. She thought that it might be that she got it wrong or Jonas was just joking. Her eyes widened, and Jonas, who still wore a cold face, silently replied that he wasn't joking.

"Yulia, I don't want to say it again."

Jonas had always been a calm and dignified man. Now he stood there quietly, wearing a black suit, looking more rigorous.

Although Yulia was an illegitimate daughter, the Gu family had a high status so that she owned many things that other people couldn't have. So she had been very luxurious in living all the time.

She was also a person who didn't know how to make money and only spent money. She showed off her incapability, and Jonas disliked it.

These things belonged to Melinda, so no matter what, only Melinda had the right to deal with them. Use them as a mop? That was ridiculous.

"Jonas, are you a man or not? Melinda betrayed you and cheated on you. But you still defend her. You must be crazy."

Yulia didn't realize what she did just now was shameless. She just felt that there was something wrong with her brother.

"Yulia, am I letting you live too comfortable these days?!"

Every word Yulia said trampled on the dignity of Jonas, and what he most valued was this. This was only a misunderstanding deliberately made by someone, but was believed.

There was no change in his tone, but the coldness in his eyes was enough to make Yulia shiver. She remembered what she had said, and her face turned pale in an instant.

'Damn it!' She had forgotten that the man in front of her was her brother, a devil-liked man.

"Yulia, you should know your position. Don't do anything that doesn't make sense. And don't try to break my bottom line. You know I never have family in my eye."

Jonas was not fierce, but his words frightened Yulia. Everyone k

new that he was a man who thought the interests were paramount.

Family affection, especially hers, was a joke to Jonas.

Yulia didn't dare to contradict him. She was so embarrassed that she left the bedroom in a hurry. With a sneer on the corner of Jonas' mouth, he then walked into the bedroom, but he didn't find his watch.

His watch had been damaged by Yulia. She thought it was Melinda's.

Nelson used to take a walk in the garden after dinner, and the old butler, Gavin, accompanied him. In the past, they were talking and laughing, but now they were especially silent.

After Melinda left, Nelson was furious, then disappointed and guilty, and finally he was depressed. He was totally different from the previous old naughty man.

Jonas stopped his car near the parterre. A hint of suspicion flashed through Nelson's eyes when he saw it.

"Young master is still here?"

"He came back again. He must have forgotten something," the warehouse nearby answered. The car suddenly lit up and a sound was heard. Jonas appeared not far away from the car with a bunch of keys in his hand.

Jonas noticed the dramatic change of his grandfather, but he couldn't do anything about it. Both of them were stubborn people and wouldn't easily change their mind.

"When are you going to take my granddaughter-in-law back?"

Nelson asked. In recent days, they got along well with each other. But if Nelson made a concession to Jonas this time, maybe he would apologize too.

But things couldn't be the same as he expected.

"I will take her back."

Jonas gave an ambiguous answer. His "granddaughter-in-law" was a wide range. Although Nelson didn't want to believe that he and Melinda divorced, they did divorce.

"You know I'm talking about Melinda. Don't twist my words."

Nelson was totally pissed off. He had taught Jonas since he was a little kid, and he knew exactly what Jonas was thinking now.

Jonas had been avoiding the question these days, but he knew that it was not the right way to ignore this problem, so he chose to go home. But he wanted to go back to the company in a flash.

"Grandpa, you know what I mean. I have divorced from Melinda. We signed the divorce agreement. If you don't believe me, I'll call your exclusive lawyer and let him see it for you."

According to the law, a divorce was supposed to allocate property, and Melinda chose to leave with nothing. To a large extent, some process of divorce was reduced, which also caused their divorce to a very fast effect.

Nelson was old, but he was still sensible. He knew it was true, but he was not willing to give up.

"Grandpa, I have divorced her. She has no reason to come back. She doesn't have to fulfill any of her obligations."

In Jonas' opinion, his relationship with Melinda was only about power and obligation.

"If you didn't go too far, she wouldn't ignore me."

Melinda had always been filial to him. The reason why she hadn't shown up for so long this time was definitely due to Jonas, and it was the truth.

If Melinda wanted to start a new life, she had to keep herself away from many people, such as Jonas and Jonas who always loved her.

Since she had left, if she had had too much communication with Nelson, Jonas would be more sure that she was for money.

"Grandpa, if she really loves you, she will come to see you anyway."

Nelson was in a rage, but he knew that he couldn't win in this argument. His grandson was his pride, but he was also distressed because of him.

"Jonas, you need to know that you represent the image of the Gu's Group, which is not suitable for too much gossip. You need to settle down, so you need a good wife, which is not like the girls you messed with, so your wife must be Melinda."

Resisting the anger in his heart, Nelson intended to have a heart to heart talk with Jonas. He hoped that this could convince him from the point of view of interests.

The impression that Jonas was a man of interests first had been spread to Nelson. There was nothing Nelson could do, so he thought of such a clumsy reason.

"Jonas, I didn't care how you play outside in the past, but now it's different. Look how much the news you've been through these days has affected the Gu's Group. It has never happened when Melinda was here,"

Nelson said in a reasonable and emotional way. Actually, it was not like that. The PR Department was able to quickly spread the fake impression that Jonas and Melinda loved each other so as to prevent the media from reporting the bad news.

Now that they had divorced, Melinda hadn't shown up in public for a long time. With what Jonas had done over the past few years confirmed that Melinda was going to lose her power.

Jonas didn't answer him, as if he was thinking about what Nelson said. Nelson's face lit up and he thought it was a right way. There was a smile appearing on his unhappy face all the time.

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