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   Chapter 26 getting hurt

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Kent shrugged helplessly. His mother was too bossy. If he said something now, he would be scolded. In fact, he was just deceiving himself. He hoped that Melinda could take the jade bracelet. If she took it, then it meant that he actually had a chance.

"Do you dislike us?"

Janet asked nervously when she saw that Melinda was not willing to take the bracelet. Although the family was getting better because of Kent in the past few years, some girls were very demanding.

It was normal for people to be like this. Besides, Melinda was an excellent woman. Janet would not mind that. But if that was the case, it would be a pity, but she could understand her.

Hearing what Janet said, with a trace of loss appeared on Janet's face, immediately, Melinda became a little flustered.

"I didn't mean that. I..." Melinda felt that her eloquence could not be used at this time. At this moment, she had a feeling as if she had been in the face of Jonas.

"Since you don't mean that, then take it,"

Janet said. Since Melinda decided to put on a show for Kent, she would give it back to Kent after his parents left. So she took it. A brighter smile appeared on Janet's face.

Janet was very happy that Melinda stayed with her for a whole day. Both of the two were very satisfied with her. Janet even said to Kent, "It depends on you from now on."

She had given away the heirloom, if he still couldn't take her back home, how disappointing his son would be.

Kent gave a helpless smile which hid the bitterness that his parents did not know.

After meeting Melinda, the two of them were no more anxious about Kent's marriage. In the following days, Kent and Melinda would spare some time to go out with them.

A City was a commercial city, but the landscape project was well constructed. Besides, there were many tourist spots in this city, and the most famous spot was the amusement park.

The old couple was old and it was not suitable for them to take part in such activities. After discussing with Melinda, Kent decided to take them to the museum, then they would climb the mountain in the countryside.

These activities were mainly arranged by Kent. Melinda seldom went out when she was in the Gu family these years, and every time she went out, she would encounter all kinds of schemes on banquets.

She was always insulted, but she still smiled.

Before she met Jonas, Melinda had never felt that her heart was so strong. She was fearless and vulnerable when she loved someone.

As soon as Janet heard that Melinda had asked for leave to keep them company, she liked her even more. But thinking that it was not appropriate for her to disturb the two of them for so long, she quickly suggested that she should leave.

Kent brought them to the shopping mall and bought a lot of things for them. Melinda accompanied them all the time, and she was loved by the two elders.

Not until Melinda saw the two elders off did she feel relieved. The better they treated her, the more she felt guilty.

She and Kent were not real lovers.

After sending away the two elders, Melinda took off the jade bracelet she always wore at hand and handed it to Kent. A moment of loss appeared in Kent's eyes, but he covered it well.

"You must have a hard time recently. My mother is very nagging," said Kent, with a smile on his face. In fact, he was very grateful to his parents for coming here and making Melinda stay with him for such a long time.

"It's Okay. Your mom is very cute."

Melinda smiled but sometimes the enthusiasm of Janet made her a little uncomfortable.

It was obvious that there was helplessness in Melinda's eyes. However, Kent was a smart woman. He would not say it out, nor would he be disgusted with it.

"Let's go to the riverside for a walk,"

Kent said. Having stayed with his parents for so many days, he had put off a lot of things. And that would be a little better for Melinda. But, at least, she couldn't be like this these two days.


Melinda answered, she also needed to have a walk. Kent drove her to the park by the river. Seeing that Melinda's coat was thin, Kent took off his own coat and gave it to Melinda.

"Thank you,"

Melinda did not refuse. She was not in good health and did not dare to neglect. The night wind by the river was strong, and her hair was tousled. Her quiet face made people feel peaceful.

Kent enjoyed this kind of getting along with Melinda.

"Stop! Somebody help me! He took my bag!"

A woman's shout came from behind. Melinda raised her head and saw a man rushing towards them. The people in front all moved away. Seeing this, Kent pulled Melinda aside and blocked the robber.

That robber moved smoothly. Apparently, he didn't expect that there would be someone who dared to come out to stop him. He took out his knife in an instant.

Melinda covered her mouth with her hand in surprise, and then she realized that her presence would cause trouble for Kent. So she walked to the other side and called the police immediately.

The advantage of a prosperous city was that the police would arrive immediately.

Although Kent looked like a frail scholar, he was skilled. But the robber was very strong, which put him at a


Seeing that someone was helping, those who were originally indifferent also came to help. The robber was finally controlled by them.

The police came very soon. No one who offered help later got hurt, but Kent's forearm was injured. A long wound was left on his forearm. Looking at the wound, Melinda was frightened.

"Kent, are you okay?"

Melinda asked. The owner of the bag showed her gratitude to Kent, and offered to help since he was injured. However, the police needed to make a statement and she left with them.

Melinda drove Kent to the hospital herself and did some simple treatments for Kent. She hadn't driven for a long time and was a little frightened at this time.

"I'm fine, Melinda,"

Kent said. After taking a few deep breaths, Melinda finally calmed down and took Kent to the hospital.

The wound was not very deep, but it had lost a lot of blood, which made her feel very frightened. Melinda had been accompanying Kent all the time. Seeing that it was inconvenient for Kent, she stayed to take care of him.

The doctor prescribed some medicine. Melinda kept checking the dosage in a careful way. It was because the two elders had lived a long time in Kent's house, it was a bit messy.

Melinda cooked bone porridge for Kent, and then helped him clean up the house. Even though Kent was a little tired, he didn't have a rest. He had been watching Melinda busy doing things. He felt very satisfied, because it was like Melinda was his wife.

"Kent, why don't you take a rest?"

It was more than an hour after Melinda cleaned up the room. Seeing that Kent was still awake, she couldn't help asking.

"It's okay. It's late now. You may stay here tonight,"

Kent said. He had a guest room at home and his parents had cleaned it up since they lived here for a long time.

"Never mind. But I might need to borrow your car,"

said Melinda. She was not used to living in other people's home, which made her feel insecure. Sometimes she could not fall asleep at night for many years when living in Gu's mansion.

"If you insist on going back, I can take you back, but I can't drive now. We have to take a taxi,"

Kent said with a tough attitude. For a moment, Melinda felt that Kent and Janet had really similar personalities.

He was gentle, but deeply irresistible.

"Kent, It's okay. I can go home alone."

After hearing this, Kent stood up and was ready to put on his coat to accompany her. Melinda had no choice.

"Have a good rest. I'm sorry to bother you tonight,"

Hearing that, Kent became happy in an instant. Melinda changed her bed sheet into a clean one. Then she went to the supermarket in the neighborhood to buy a new pajamas.

She also bought a new set of disposable toiletries. Lying in a strange place at night, she could not fall asleep. Finally, she quietly got up, leaning against the window, looking at the night scene of the city, and listening to the light and soft music.

The next day, Melinda went to the kitchen very early to prepare breakfast. When Kent got up, he looked at the figure of Melinda in the kitchen and was in a daze for a moment.

He really felt like they were together.

"Good morning,"

Kent said with a smile. Melinda turned her head and looked at Kent. Then she put breakfast on the table and said, "You can wash your face first. I made some breakfast. I don't know whether it tastes good or not."

Melinda was not good at cooking, but the food was good. Kent enjoyed the meal very much, but he discovered Melinda's low spirit.

"Did you sleep well last night?"

Kent asked in a caring tone. Melinda shook her head and didn't say anything. In the following days, Melinda had been taking care of Kent. His wound healed soon.

Getting along well with Melinda these days made Kent like her even more. So he decided to tell her how he felt for her.

This was not a sudden decision. It was the result that he had thought about for a long time.

Melinda was still preparing dinner for Kent. As Kent had recovered, she also said that she could not come tomorrow because she had her own things to do.

"Melinda, I have something to tell you."

Just as they were eating, Kent said suddenly. Melinda raised her head in confusion, and looked at him in confusion. But when she saw the emotion in his eyes, she was a little scared.

She had to face something sooner or later.

"Melinda, you're a smart girl. I believe you've figured it out a long time ago. Can you give me a chance? Let me take care of you, okay?"

Kent's eyes were full of deep affection, but Melinda dared not accept it, and she even selectively ignored it.

"Kent, I don't believe in love."

Melinda smiled lightly, but there was a bitterness in her tone. She had given all her love to Jonas, so she didn't dare to love anyone again for the rest of her life.

Kent was disappointed though he knew the result long ago. Melinda said nothing but left quietly. It should have been a nice meal, but now he was the only one at home.

When Melinda left, she was still a little embarrassed, but she did not regret to do that. Perhaps she could not be his friend, but she did not want to be involved in other emotions because of this.

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