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   Chapter 24 Internet Play

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Kent looked at the closed door and stopped thinking. Then he turned around and went back home. Janet had prepared the dinner. Seeing that he came back alone, she couldn't help looking out.

"Where is she?"

After Janet confirmed that there was no one else except Kent, she couldn't help asking him. Although Charles looked very calm, he was actually looking forward to meeting his daughter-in-law.

His son was not a little boy anymore.

"Mom, please don't do that again. I will take her back in a few days, but she is not my girlfriend."

Kent felt that he needed to explain something. His mother made a U-turn in her mood as if she was riding a roller coaster.

She was relieved to hear that he would take her home. But what he said next was that she was not his girlfriend.

"She's not your girlfriend? Then why do you treat her so well? You are really one-sided in love?"

Janet looked at her son in disbelief. Then, thinking of Melinda, she thought she was an excellent person too. Therefore, she felt a balance in an instant.

"Well, don't push him too hard. It's a good thing that the girl is willing to come home with him."

Charles came out to mediate the dispute, so Janet let Kent go. Kent breathed a sigh of relief, and the family enjoyed dinner happily.

The first thing Melinda did after coming back home was to close the windows and doors, then she began to prepare dinner. There were a lot of food in the fridge. She cooked a simple noodles to be her dinner.

The secretary was frightened again when he received the photos from the person he sent out. He finally bit the bullet and knocked on the door.

Jonas was still working. Melinda thought that he was a strange man. He was a workaholic, but he also spent much time with different women.

"Mr. Gu,"

the secretary said cautiously. Jonas looked up instantly, and his eyes were as frightening as eagle's. He had been waiting for the news, seeming to abuse himself.

Although he didn't think his behavior was self-abuse at all, as if he was pursuing the truth, so that his grandfather would know that Melinda was not a good woman. Only in this way, he would be completely relieved.

But in many cases, why didn't he want to be released? But this idea that came to his mind only lasted three seconds.

"These are the photos taken today."

The secretary took out the photos, on which Melinda and Kent got off the car together, and then went into the apartment building. There were also several photos of the two on the car. Because of the angle, they looked a little intimate.

"You can get off work now and you don't have to watch them anymore,"

said Jonas. Then the secretary nodded and left quickly. It was true that there were high risks to get a high salary. Being with Mr. Gu made the secretary feel that even the air was very precious.

The photos were scattered on the desk. With a cold snort, Jonas looked gloomy, and then he began to handle those documents again.

He had been receiving the photos all these days, indicating that the relationship between them was unusual. He didn't expect that though Melinda looked so innocent, she had already been with someone else.

Jonas was signing on a document when he heard a weird sound. He lowered his head and found the document was scratched by his force and some pieces of paper under were also broken.

The force was powerful and terrifying.

Jonas stared blankly at the document, then irritably picked it up and threw it into the trash can. Rubbing his eyebrows, he was inexplicably angry and in urgent need of vent.

As a matter of fact, there was nothing serious to deal with anymore, but he was still unwilling to leave the company. When he came back home, he would always see his grandfather frowning and looking at him discontentedly.

It seemed that he was the one who had caused Melinda's leaving. When he looked at the photos, which showed how happy the couple was, he wanted to show the photos to his grandfather, and this was his original intention.

But another voice came out of his heart and stopped him. The restless Jonas explained to himself that he shouldn't stimulate his grandfather since he just recovered.

It was obviously not suitable for him to work in such a state. He picked up the car key and left his office. He did not go home. He had his own residence, which was not far from the company.

Queena called him at more than ten o'clock to ask about his whereabouts, but she did not force him to go home.

"Son, what's on your mind?"

Mothers always knew their children best. Jonas gave a careless answer which was not even right, and Queena keenly felt that something was wrong.

"There are a lot of things in the company recently. You'd better stay at home to be with grandpa. I won't go back these days," Jonas said and rubbed his forehead. There were many business problems in the company when the new season came, but the company's business wouldn't affect him like this.

The thought of Melinda brought a stab in his head again.

Last time when Holley had an affair with Jonas, she received a large sum of money from him. With great excitement, she bought a lot of things and posted them in the wechat and the microblog. Her posts were so many and they were all fai

ntly telling everyone that this was the money of Jonas.

That was exactly what she wanted.

She was used to being dissipated, but she couldn't afford it. Her reputation was not very good, and she didn't attend any activities, so she was naturally poor.

Her agent had totally let her go, and there was still a hint of unwillingness in her heart. But no matter what she did, it was always difficult to get fans. Only being with Jonas would be better.

Although there were many malicious fans, she didn't care at all.

With the popular Internet plays, a large group of actors became famous, so Holley had a lot of ideas in her mind. She dressed up at home, and then went to the company of Jonas.

Jonas came to the office early in the morning, and the secretary was working with soybean milk in his hands. Seeing the cold expression on Jonas' face, he sprayed the milk all over his face.

"Mr. Gu." The secretary cleaned himself up hurriedly and then greeted him. Jonas looked at him, frowned, didn't say anything and turned back to his office.

The secretary collapsed in the office chair, patting his chest, thinking of the scene just now, and then looking at the broken soybean milk in his hand.

"Why did boss come so early today?"

the secretary said in a low voice. Then he cleaned his clothes and quickly changed another suit so that the boss wouldn't look at him with disgust.

To be honest, Jonas looked at him with disgust every day.

But the boss came so early and the secretary had a lot of things to deal with. He whined and then began to make arrangement quickly.

The secretary was very efficient. He didn't feel relieved until the schedule of the whole day was arranged. Seeing the boss's style of working, the secretary deeply felt that it would be still useless to work in advance in the future.

"William, today's schedule,"

Jonas said coldly as he opened the office door. William felt happy secretly that he had done that just now, and then told Jonas all about today's schedule.

"The schedule is not tight enough,"

said Jonas. William looked at the schedule and didn't react for a long time. "I see. I'll rearrange it now,"

said William. He went back to his seat and began to make a new schedule. Since Jonas was very busy every day, he had never dared to arrange his schedule too tight. In the past, Jonas hadn't said anything about it except this time.

'It's so hard to guess boss' mind, ' William sighed and arranged a meeting, which was presided over by the vice boss, to Jonas.

This meeting should have been hosted by Jonas at the beginning.

Seeing the new schedule, Jonas was very satisfied. This was the kind of workload he needed.

The meeting was held at 9 o'clock in the morning. Nobody except for the vice boss knew that it was Jonas who was in charge of the meeting. They came into the meeting room lazily.

Jonas was a very punctual person. He showed up in the meeting room at 9 o'clock in the morning on time. Those who were in low spirits suddenly froze in place.

They had paused for a long time. The others were still in a hurry and when they saw the person sitting at the head of the desk, their foreheads were sweating.

Jonas indifferently glanced at them, and they all narrowed their necks and lowered their heads.

"One minute,"

Jonas said lightly. All people sat on their seats within one minute, then the person in charge quickly divided down the items, and a minute later, the meeting began.

Because he was in a bad mood, the meeting room was in a low aura.

It was fair to say that every meeting Jonas held was like this.

When Holley arrived at the company, she went directly to the CEO's office. William happened to be out of the office to send some documents at this moment.

It was not her first time to come here, so no one stopped her. The other secretaries prepared a cup of coffee for her according to her preferences.

This was also the reason why Holley liked to come here. Every time she came here, she always had a feeling of enjoyment.

"Mr. Gu is having a meeting. It may take some time,"

the secretary said. Sitting on the sofa in the office, Holley nodded her head in a reserved manner. Being able to be secretaries to Jonas in such a company was naturally a group of sensible people.

That meant they knew how to behave themselves.

Although Holley's identity and some things were despised, they would never speak them out.

When Holley watched those Internet plays recently, she found that most of the heroines were silly and sweet, and they were more popular. Therefore, she was going to take this approach to clean herself.

After the secretary left, Holley put down the cup and walked around the office. The style of Jonas's office was cold and stiff with few colors.

With a smile on her lips, Holley took a few photos in the office. Then she sat in front of Jonas's desk. All of a sudden, her eyes were attracted by the photo aside.

This photo was rare because she had never come to this area before when she came to see Jonas, and she never saw this photo before.

It was a photo of a man and a woman, Jonas and Melinda. Melinda had a gentle smile on her lips, and Jonas still had a sullen face. But they looked well matched.

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