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   Chapter 21 Companion

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Nelson knew clearly that it was useless for him to get any news of Melinda from Jonas. So he had to ask Gavin to investigate this matter.

He was very happy to know that Melinda was writing some works recently and that the book was about to be published.

"It seems that we, the Gu family, have held her up for all these years,"

Nelson had his own connections. Even though Melinda's book hadn't been published, he still had got a sample. He looked at the carefully written words in the book, and what she had experienced personally.

Every word was tasted sad for Nelson. It was the first time that he doubted his decision.

"Master, it is Melinda's own choice,"

Gavin comforted Nelson. Back then, Melinda had a crush on Jonas. Knowing that she could marry him, she didn't care about anything at all. Struggling against hope and disappointment over the years, she finally chose to get rid of it quickly.

"Anyway, Melinda is a member of the Gu family. I need to protect her. I'll support her in the future when her books are published. You have to make an arrangement it and don't let other people know about it," He said to Gavin.

It seemed that Nelson had made up his mind. Although Melinda could not be his grandson's wife, he would still protect her.

The novel was published, so she was not out of money. She rested for a period before looking for a job. Learning from the lesson of being tricked last time, she didn't dare to look for an agency. Instead, she went to the commercial office building alone to find a job.

But the editor know that she was looking for a job. He recommended her to his friend, who worked in the planning department of a small-scale cultural company.

Melinda liked this job very much, which was on par with her major. Moreover, she had relatively free working hours.

Seeing that she had gradually settled down, Kent began to chase after her. He drove her to and off work every day, and it took him less than three days to get familiar with the Melinda's department.

He was handsome, elegant and polite, and the most important thing was that he brought food every day. He quickly bought a group of people over, although she still denied, the people in the department all believed that he was her boyfriend.

If that's not the case, then try your best to bring them together.

"Hi, Kent! You come here to pick Melinda up again!"

A colleague greeted Kent warmly as soon as Kent arrived at Melinda's department. Kent smiled and gave the stuff what he bought. Then someone shouted, "Kent, here you are again with food!"

"Where is Melinda?"

Asked Kent as he walked to Melinda's desk and found no one there.

"She is in the washroom. But she is not doing well today. You may be a father, Kent,"

A colleague said jokingly, but Kent frowned unconsciously. Melinda had not promised him yet. It was a daydream for Kent to be a father.

"Yeah. She has vomited several times today,"

Another colleague ate the food brought by Kent and said vaguely. But Kent was worried and was not excited at all.

Just then, Melinda came out of the bathroom. After vomiting, she became pale and very frightening.

"Wait a minute, Kent."

Melinda said weakly. They had made an appointment to go out for dinner today, so she was not surprised to see Kent here. Seeing her weak appearance, Kent was more worried.

"You should go to the hospital and have a check-up. You should know if you have eaten something wrong,"

Kent was not at ease. Thinking of what her colleague said just now that Melinda had vomited several times, he could not help but worry about her. After all, she loved herself very much. There was nothing between them, and it was impossible to get pregnant. That was why he was worried that she might eat something bad.

He was a smart man. This sentence explained the guess of colleagues.

"No, it's not. My diet is normal. But my appetite is not so good these days, and my abdomen is also a little uncomfortable."

Thinking of the discomfort of these two days, Melinda was also a little worried. Then she did not object Kent, just simply tidied up and followed him to the hospital.

There were always many people in the hospital at any time. Melinda sat on the chair for rest, and Kent helped her to wait in line for the registration. After everything was done, more than an hour had passed.

"Did you have a surgery?"

"Yes, I had a miscarriage a few days ago,"

Melinda went to a random hospital and returned at that time. Although she was recuperating, the doctor clearly ignored the miscarriage and focused on the wound on her back.

"I suggest that you should go to the gynecology department. It's probably that the wound is inflamed,"

The doctor explained it to Melinda while handing a prescription to her. Kent accompanied Melinda to a gynecology examination. It turned out that the cut was inflamed.

The situation of Melinda was a small medical accident. Because of the negligence of the doctors, the inflammation was not treated well. Fortunately, it was checked in time, ot

herwise it would be more harmful to her health.

"Damn it. How can the doctor be so careless? Have a good rest, Melinda. I will deal with this matter,"

Kent was very angry. Once he thought of the consequences that the doctor had just said, he felt terrified. He couldn't bear to see Melinda suffer any more.

Melinda had rarely seen Kent become angry. Now, Melinda had found her problem in time and she would be fine after some time of treatment.

"Melinda, you have no idea if you are the only victim,"

Kent said. Melinda was speechless. Yes, she found it in time. What if it was someone else?

Melinda found that she didn't have a stand to prevent Kent. Soon, Kent found out the doctor who had treated her. The doctor was on duty at that time.

Kent seemed to be gentle and polite. But after all, he was a business man with good eloquence. His aggressive attitude seemed to be mild but enough to make the doctor sweat.

"It's my fault. I just had a major operation and I was too tired. Kent, I'm sorry, but I hope this can be solved in private,"

The doctor also felt guilty. If things got worse, she would not be able to make it in the industry.

"You can be irresponsible for other patients just because of a major operation? Is this your professional moral cultivation as a doctor?"

Kent said mildly. The doctor was about to say something when a woman's voice came from outside the door.

"Kent, it's my fault too. I should have taken more rest. It's not the doctor's fault,"

Though staying in the ward was not a good idea for Melinda, especially after she heard what the doctor said, she decided not to hold the doctor accountable.

The accident at home was unknown. When she was doing the examination just now, the doctor said it was because she used some medicine of the counter effect. All these were unknown.

"Melinda, I'm sorry. Anyway, it's my fault. Can we solve it in private?"

"It's okay. I just hope that you can be more careful in the future. If you feel tired, you can have a rest,"

The news that a lot of doctors fell down on the operating table because of exhaustion gave a good impression to Melinda. Seeing that Melinda was not going to pursue it, Kent didn't say anything else. The doctor hesitated and felt guilty, personally making arrangement of all the affairs of Melinda.

The ward in the hospital was a bit at short, especially for the department of gynecology. Other department could take care of Melinda's condition, so she was arranged by the doctor to a double ward in the close pediatric department.

Apart from Melinda, there was also a little boy in the room. Seeing the new comer, he was curious and kept asking.

Perhaps it was because Melinda lost a child before, she looked at the little boy and talked with him for a while. At last, Kent stood by and reminded her to take a rest.

"Are you sick? Dad said that you should have a good rest if you are sick. So do I. let's have a rest,"

The boy's tender tone made people smile. Melinda was tired and fell asleep soon.

Kent didn't leave. The boy played iPad by himself and soon fell asleep. Silence filled the ward.

Melinda had asked for sick leave from the company, and had a good rest in the hospital. The little boy kept her company all the time. He told her many interesting things in his own way, and she could not help but come up with a new idea.

After discussing with the editor for a while, Melinda set the background of the characters and prepared for the new text.

"Sister, are you writing your diary?"

The boy was called Luke and he was in the top class of the kindergarten. He knew a lot of words, but he could only read a limited number of them. At this time, he saw Melinda typing in front of the computer and taking it as a diary.

"No, I'm writing stories,"

"What story? May I read it? I like to read the story."

The story Luke told was obviously different from Melinda's. Melinda laughed and touched Luke's hair.

"It will be boring for Luke to read this story. I will find another story for you,"

"Is it like what father has been reading?" Luke asked curiously. However, his father didn't treat him so gently like Melinda. He threw him a random story book.

"Maybe it's the same,"

Melinda searched a story online. Soon after the story was told, Luke finished this story word by word.

Obviously, Luke had heard this common story for many times. But in the following talks, Melinda was surprised to find that although this child didn't know much words, but he knew a lot of other things.

"Luke, you are so smart!"

"They said I've picked up a few skills over the years,"

Luke was so proud of himself, like a peacock. After a while, he talked about her parents. It was not until then that Melinda knew that they had been in the same industry with her, but their level was relatively high.

Luke's father was the boss of Grand Culture Company which was well-known in A City. So she got interested in it instantly.

However, it seemed that she hadn't seen Luke's parents for so many days.

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