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   Chapter 20 Slander

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Holley looked around and didn't find the man she wanted to see, but she knew it clearly that the man in front of her was the driver of Jonas.

"Miss Huang, you've finally made a fortune and had some fans. You'd better be careful," The driver said again, but he was a little impatient.

He didn't like the way Holley got along with his master. All the way, she was too arrogant and bossy. She would only do rotten things.

"Melinda, we'll see,"

Holley snorted and warned. Melinda didn't care about it at all. After Holley left, she still looked arrogant.

It was undeniable that the stature of Holley was attractive. Although she was not a famous model, she looked noble, cool and full of energy.

Seeing that his mission was finished, the driver smiled at Melinda and left.

Watching the driver's leaving figure, Melinda was curious. If she didn't misread it, Holley seemed to have some concerns for this person.

"Do you know him?"

Kent stared at the driver, lost in thought. When everyone was paying close attention to themselves, a man suddenly stepped out. Apparently, he sided with Melinda.

"I don't know him,"

Melinda shook her head and searched her memory about this person in her mind before giving up.

When the driver got back to the car, he saw that Jonas was closing his eyes. Since he wore a black suit, he was still very serious. He looked Isolated from the world. With a faint smile on his lips, he looked very indifferent.

"Master, everything is done. But Miss Huang seems to have recognized me,"

The driver said. Jonas's eyes were as dark as obsidian. He opened his eyes in an instant. But everyone knew that this was a person without any compassion.

"I'm fine. Let's go to the hospital,"

Jonas then turned his eyes to the direction of the coffee shop. When he saw that Melinda had already stood up and was about to leave, he saw that Kent was on the side to protect her. From the way he looked at her, it seemed that they were a perfect couple.

The driver started the car and drove out of the mall slowly.

Holley had been very indignant after she left the coffee shop, but she still felt dissatisfied after she returned home and threw a lot of things. Why did Melinda still get the protection from the people around Jonas even if she had already left him?

Nelson even refused her even though she wanted to have a look at him. She talked about Melinda from time to time.

Holley was a proud and arrogant woman. Her hatred grew like a fire when she was defeated by Melinda.


When Holley was venting her anger, her phone rang. She glanced at the screen, only to find the displeased tone.

"Who pissed you off?"

Yulia had few friends because of her identity. The cooperation between them was temporary, but their opinions were similar. And Holley was not bad to her.

Although everything was based on using each other.

The two set up a weird mode of getting along with each other. In fact, Yulia was going to invite Holley to go shopping with her.

"It's is your sister-in-law,"

As soon as Holley talked about Melinda, she became very angry. In fact, the two of them had only met for a few times, and neither of them had much communication with each other. But if Holley had talked about Melinda, she was absolutely capable of keeping her mouth open for three days without a break.

"You met her?"

Yulia hadn't met her or given much concern to her since Melinda moved out.

When Holley told Yulia what had happened in the coffee shop today, she indeed felt uncomfortable. They shared the same feeling, that was, they didn't want to see Melinda live a good life, even if she had left Jonas.

If one was cursed to sneeze, Melinda could now suffer from a severe cold.

"She's really good at bribing people. You have to make it clear in the Gu family, otherwise those servants all support her. If Nelson really finds her back, you will have a hard time again,"

As a matter of fact, this displeased the two because of Nelson thought highly of Melinda. It was well known that Jonas was cold-blooded and selfish, but he was filial to Nelson and would never go against his words.

"I know. She is a real bitch,"

After hanging up the phone, Yulia went downstairs to the living room where Queena was arranging the flowers, with a servant standing next to her.

Yulia wasn't interested in bodily cultivation, but she thought it was a good opportunity.

"Auntie Yao, are you arranging flowers? Can you teach me?"

Yulia came forward and tried to be friendly. Queena ignored her and continued doing what she was doing, but Yulia didn't care.

"Auntie Yao, Did my brother really divorced Melinda? I've heard from my friend that she saw a man hugging with Melinda today for several times. Do you think she is cheating on my brother? "

When Yulia spoke, Queena finally sto

pped his movements. If it was true, it would really damage the reputation of Jonas.

"Melinda is really an ungrateful woman. Her brother is so good to her, but she is not satisfied and started seducing other men. She doesn't even take the Gu family seriously..." The more Yulia said, the more excited she was. He didn't know what she was talking about, but when Jonas went back home, he was listening to her talking about Melinda as that bitch.

Melinda was just having a tea with Kent in the afternoon. But Yulia's explanation had completely another meaning.

Jonas knew the truth of the matter. Even though he didn't like Melinda, he didn't like it when Yulia talk dirty behind ones back.

"Don't talk about it if you don't know the truth. I'm also here today,"

Jonas's words worked a lot better than what Yulia had said just now, and the servants around Yulia changed their expression when they saw this.

Queena's mouth also gave a mocking smile. What Yulia did was just like a contemptible scoundrel.

Back in the bedroom, Yulia began to get mad. Although Jonas didn't say anything, she felt it was an insult from everyone's attitude.

The servants were the most miserable. Although Yulia was an illegitimate daughter, she was still the master of the house. She could take it out on those servants. Gavin couldn't handle it. Queena turned a blind eye to it. Nelson was still in the hospital, which made her more arrogant.

Nelson was so angry with Jonas last time that he had taken a long rest in the hospital. Since Melinda had no idea of this matter, she had not gone to visit him. Nelson thought that she was very disappointed with Jonas. Even he was disliked by her, making him dislike Jonas more.

Jonas handled discharge formalities for Nelson, and Nelson still said childishly that he would rather stay in the hospital than go home to bother him.

"Grandpa, it was her who proposed the divorce,"

"If it weren't for you, I think she have no reason to bring it up,"

Nelson was irritated by his words. Since Nelson was in such a bad mood, but he was able to scold and beat, so Jonas could tell that Nelson could leave the hospital.

Jonas took Nelson home by himself, and Gavin was waiting with a group of servants. As soon as Nelson came back home, he began to sigh.

"Is it true that Melinda will not come back? She can be my granddaughter if she doesn't be my grandson's wife. What a good child!" Nelson said.

Jonas didn't answer him and Yulia was furious. Her grandpa didn't care about her at all.

"Call her now and apologize to her,"

All of a sudden, Nelson turned his attention to Jonas. Being aware of the situation, Yulia ran out and said, "Grandpa, don't you know that Melinda can't come back? She is happily in the arms of Kent."

"Melinda has already had feelings for Kent. My brother is the most innocent person in the world,"

What Yulia said seemed to be defending Jonas, and she just denigrated Melinda. When Nelson heard this, his face instantly darkened.

"Melinda is not that kind of person. Don't talk nonsense here,"

Melinda had always been obedient. Nelson sympathized with her whenever she was in trouble, but she always told him that she was fine. Now that she was slandered, he felt bad for her.

"Grandpa, I didn't say anything wrong. Many people have seen it. If you don't believe me, you can go find her. She must be with that man called Kent," Yulia said angrily.

These days, Yulia had sent someone to investigate Melinda, and she saw many photos of the two.

"Keep your mouth shut, Yulia!"

Nelson was not a kind person, he was only kind to Melinda. He was strict with all the people in Gu family. He was very frightening with a poker face.

"Melinda has divorced your brother. She is free to choose whoever she wants to be with. Don't let me know that you are disturbing her,"

Nelson was clear about these people's character. He would always protect Melinda at his home. Now that Melinda had moved out from the Gu family, these people would definitely no longer have scruples.

Then he looked away in displeasure, but didn't see Jonas. When Nelson asked him about what happened to Melinda, he left quickly.

But there was something that could not be solved by evasion. When they came back home in the evening, Jonas saw that Nelson seemed to be waiting for him specially.

"Haven't you contacted each other for so long?"

"No, Grandpa, we have divorced. Now she has Kent with her. You don't have to force her,"

Said Jonas. When he talked about Kent, he had a kind of inexplicable jealous feeling. But he didn't tell him the truth. He had paid attention to Melinda all the time and knew what was going on now.

She had changed a lot. She was like a pearl covered by dust, shining with a new light.

No matter what Nelson asked him, Jonas chose to avoid answering it.

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