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   Chapter 19 Publication

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It was natural for Melinda to feel unwell. She also began to pay attention to her own recuperation. She was completely rejected to stay up late, and would often spare some time to go to the playground of the university next door.

She skin was smooth and soft. She wore simple but elegant clothes and walked around in the campus. She was just like those students who went to the college. For several days in a row, some college boys hit on her, she was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh to this situation.

The whole novel was about 300000 words in total. Since Melinda was not busy recently, she wrote about twenty thousand words per day and revised it. Finally, she finished the whole book in half a month.

With the help of Kent, Melinda sent the book into a magazine and the editor thought highly of her work. They had already posted her book on the magazine biweekly, and if it was good, the magazine would sign up the whole book to publish.

Melinda went to the magazine for this and saw her writing being published on it. A sudden surge of pride rose in her heart.

Along the path of writing the novel, Melinda was getting more and more interested. She considered opening another novel when she finished writing this one. However, when she thought of her health, she gave up the idea at last.

About the matter of the novel published, Melinda only contacted the editor on the Internet. Most of the things were handled on behalf of Kent. He was very concerned about it, and almost became a regular customer of the magazine.

In order not to disappoint Melinda, Kent even told the editor frankly that if the data was not good, he would use his own money to publish it. However, he hoped that he could hide the whole thing from Melinda.

But Melinda's efforts had gained the approval of most of her fans. Many of her fans had gone to find out when the book was to be published on the social media, and they were also curious about the writer of this novel.

The editor was very happy to see this. Melinda even published a few short pieces to gain the fans during the repost.

The short stories were specially designed. Perhaps it was because of the living environment that Melinda's writing style was always filled with a faint sadness in the subtle parts. She was good at using maltreatment plots.

Her fans were tortured while reading, but they liked it. She wrote two short stories in a row which were published by the magazine. And the number of fans she had accumulated were very large.

Kent had been busy in his company recently and hadn't gone to see Melinda for a long time. That day he happened to receive a call from a magazine, and the chief editor had decided to buy the copyright of Melinda's novel.

"I'll make a more detailed contract and send it to you later. You can also make your requests through negotiation."

While editor said the words to Kent, a genuine smile grew on Kent's face. He was very happy for Melinda. He saw how hard the woman had been working for the past few days, and deeply admired her for her talent in this respect.

But it was more likely that this book was too similar to her experience, so she was very easy and smooth to write it.

Thinking of how happy Melinda would be when she heard the news, Kent could not help but laugh. Then he dialed her number, but the phone kept ringing for a long time, and no one answered.

The same situation happened for the next few consecutive times.

As soon as Kent thought of Melinda's health, Kent felt cold all over. He regretted that he had neglected Melinda recently. He immediately drove his car and headed to where she lived.

There were no traffic on the street at that time. Kent was so worried about her that he ignored the traffic light and rushed to Melinda's residence.

It should have been half an hour's drive, but it took Kent no more than ten minutes to get there. He had always been calm, but it was the first time for him to be so crazy.

Melinda walked out of the bathroom and wiped her hair. She heard a quick knock on the door. When she opened the door, she saw Kent walked in anxiously.

"Kent, what's wrong with you?"

Melinda was surprised to see Kent being in such a hurry. She then put down the towel and poured a glass of water for Kent.

Kent leaned on the door frame and gasped for air. He almost ran to her when he got off the car. Melinda lived on the fifth floor, though not very high.

"I called you, but you didn't answer. I'm a little worried."

Kent said. He took a deep breath and Melinda looked at her cell phone. She felt guilty for not answering the phone several times.

"I'm sorry, Kent. I was taking a shower just now. What's up?'

"The publisher is going to sign the copyright of your book. Congratulations, Melinda."

Kent said happily. Standing still, Melinda was moved by what he had said. All her efforts paid off in the end.

"Can my books be published?" Melinda murmured in disbelief. Kent touched her head. He liked her reaction.

Melinda knew that Kent had a thing for her, so she tried not to have physical contact with him, especially when she touched his head dotingly. However, she was so happy at the moment that she forgot all this stuff.

"Yes, the editor will send the contract to me later. We'll have a look at it an

d then you go to the magazine to sign the contract,"

Kent said. Suddenly, she laughed. The crisp laughter was very good to show her joy. She had forgotten how long she had not felt such joy from inside.

Kent was by her side all the time, so he could understand how Melinda felt and was very happy for her. The next day, it was also Kent who accompanied her to sign the contract.

It was the first time that the editor saw Melinda. The first impression was that she chose to use her talent even if she had a pretty face.

"Come on, in order to celebrate the publication of your book, I invite you to have afternoon tea." Said Kent, love and tenderness reflected in her eyes when he saw that Melinda was still giggling with the contract on her hand.

He had seldom seen Melinda in such a state. It was new to him and made him cherish her more. He wanted to protect her.

"You helped me so much. It's my treat today,"

Melinda packed up the things carefully and said to Kent. Opposite the magazine was a mall. She took Kent to a famous coffee house in A City.

"You don't change your taste at all,"

Seeing that Melinda was still drinking the usual macchiato, Kent could not help teasing her. She paused for a while when stirring the coffee, but she just smiled and didn't say anything.

In fact, the situation had changed, but mostly she subconsciously looked for that figure, just like what she looked for when she was a student.

It was very quiet in the coffee house, with the piano playing. Melinda enjoyed such an environment very much, but more often, she liked to cook tea and pastries on her own.

But she abandoned all these interests after she married Jonas. She once flied like a moth into the fire and threw everything to the relationship, but she dragged her tired body to leave in a hurry.

"Melinda, Melinda,"

It was not until Kent called her name twice that Melinda came to herself. Realizing that she had been lost in her memory in public, she shook her head in a hurry, and then said, "I was too excited last night. I'm starting to be absent-minded now,"

What Melinda said was no more than an excuse. But Kent did not expose it. He just smiled and reminded her to take good care of herself.

Holley had been in low spirits recently, so there weren't any news or activities. When she was about to buy a cup of coffee for herself, she caught sight of Melinda. Regardless of her public status, she walked up to her.

"Hey, isn't this Mrs. Gu? Are you standing next to Mr. Gu? How could you have an affair so soon?"

The big sunglasses covered Holley's whole face, and her tall figure made her aggressive.

Melinda frowned and stared at Holley. She didn't know who she was until a long time later.

"What a shameless couple!" The way Holley showed up in the coffee shop was especially abrupt. Her appearance had attracted almost all the attention, and many people looked at her curiously.

"Miss Huang, watch your mouth!"

Melinda was not a doormat. On the contrary, she would fight back most of the time. Due to her endurance for Jonas over the years, she had left a bad impression on many people that she was easily bullied.

"Did I say anything wrong? Mrs. Gu, as a married woman, you'd better watch your behavior,"

Holley was very arrogant. She had a difficult time, while Melinda had a better life than her. How could she accept this?

"I'm having coffee with my friends. It's normal social activity. Don't think other people are as disgusting as you. Moreover, Jonas and I have been divorced. I have complete freedom to be with whoever I like,"

Melinda didn't stand up, nor did she speak very loudly. Sitting on the chair, she said the fact with a gentle smile, which won many people's favor.

But Holley was just like a vixen.


Holley was shocked. She didn't know the truth at all. According to what she said before, it was totally a slap in the face.

"Who doesn't know you were together with him before. Mr. Gu couldn't bear it and finally divorced you,"

Even though, Holley still tried to be hard on the topic. Melinda's face did not change, but she was a little impatient. The good mood of her whole day was ruined in this way.

Jonas went to the hospital to see his grandfather Nelson. He saw the three people in the mall and could not help but purse his lips more tightly. It seemed that Holley and Melinda were still fighting.

He hadn't seen Melinda for a long time. It seemed that she had changed a lot again.

"Take Holley away. Don't let paparazzi take pictures of her," Jonas said to the driver. The driver nodded and then got out of the car and walked to the coffee house.

Jonas's eyes couldn't leave Melinda. He thought to himself that Melinda was totally different than before. She felt like a stranger to him.

The woman who risked her life to marry and serve him for the sake of money was not the indifferent but attractive woman now. Melinda was a different person now.

Holley was a very difficult person. Melinda did not want to talk to her. At this time, the driver just came over. "Miss, this is a public place. There are many paparazzi around,"

The driver said and hit Holley's soft spot. Holley looked around instinctively when she just about to scold the driver for his ignorance.

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