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   Chapter 16 Two Years

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"Melinda, I'm so happy to see the present you,"

Kent said to Melinda when she packed up her things and was ready to go back. Now she had a goal and tried her best to reach it. She was shining brightly.

"Maybe it is because I have straightened out a lot of things. Half of the best years of my life have been wasted by me. I will live for myself from now on."

Melinda reached out and tucked the hair falling on her face behind her ear. The bright smile made her look like that she was back to the school days, but with a touch of beauty due to the years.

"It's getting late. I'm sorry to bother you today, I should go now."

In spite of the reluctance to go back home, she had to fulfill her duty as a daughter-in-law as she and Jonas didn't divorce.

Kent had been worried that she would regret as many times before, but now he was completely relieved.

"Let me drive you home."

Kent stood up to pay the bill and went back to the seat to help Melinda hold the laptop. Melinda did not refuse. The car was in the underground parking lot. Melinda was waiting outside the exit of the shopping mall and what she saw was the towering Soaring Group's building.

She was nobody in front of the high building, just like the gap between her and Jonas.

"Beep!" A sudden honk interrupted her imagination. What came into her sight was a gentle smile of Kent.

Gu's mansion was a group of old houses that had been renovated for many times.

She asked Kent to send her to the gate. As soon as she arrived, she got off the car and went into the house. She was very sensitive enough to sense that there was something wrong in the air. This kind of atmosphere would usually only appear when Jonas was at home.

Was Jonas back? Though confused, Melinda didn't pay much attention to that.

"Do you know what time it is now?"

The moment Melinda entered the main house, she heard a sharp inquiry. The tone was powerful. It could be almost imagined that the person in a formal suit, wearing a plump lipstick, curling up her hair, and sitting slightly sideways on the sofa.

Melinda raised her head and saw Queena Yao sitting on the sofa, looking at her unhappily.


Melinda greeted her. The route she was going to go upstairs changed and stopped in front of Queena. Queena was a strong woman. Although she was powerful, she wouldn't make people feel tired of her, but respectful.

In these years, Queena had never liked Melinda, which Melinda knew well. She had been trying hard to be a well behaved daughter-in-law of the Gu family, and treated everyone sincerely, but the result was pitiful.

"Melinda, who sent you back? It's a nice BMW." Not knowing when, Yulia appeared behind her. She seemed to be in a good mood, but there was an overtone in her words.

Hearing that, Queena frowned immediately.

"He was my senior at school. I asked him for some help today."

Yulia was deliberately making misunderstanding. Melinda did not need to explain, but she still spoke out.

"You can ask my brother if you need anything? Who else in A City is better and more powerful than him?"

Who Yulia worshiped most was Jonas and she wanted Jonas to spoil her like a normal brother, but he never looked her in the eye.

"As a daughter-in-law of Gu family, you should pay attention to your social circle," Queena said. A mocking smile appeared on the corner of Melinda's mouth.

In the social circle, Melinda couldn't have a worse reputation in the upper class. With the "help" of Jonas, no one dared to make friends with her. They didn't step on her only because they disdained to waste time on her.

"I got it," Melinda said obediently. Queena was not like Yulia, and she knew that talking back was not a good way to deal with Queena.

Queena felt that all her language attacks were against cotton, without any rebound. A touch of displeasure quickly appeared between her eyebrows, but she didn't continue to embarrass her.

"Auntie Yao, Melinda is even ignoring you now."

After Melinda left, Yulia came up to Queena's side and said with a frown. Queena knew it well that she was making mischief between her and Melinda.

In this family, the one she disliked the most was Melinda. The second was Yulia.

"A sparrow is a sparrow."

Queena gave a cold snort and looked at Yulia coldly. At her words, Yulia's face changed, but she struggled to maintain her smile.

After Queena returned to the Gu's mansion, the atmosphere in the mansion was tense. In these days, Nelson went out with his old friends.

After Melinda talked with Kent, she had some new ideas. She wrote a lot drafts recently.

"What are you doing?"

When Melinda was checking if there was anything wrong with her words, she suddenly heard the voice of Queena. Subconsciously, she switched the computer page and stood up.

"You stay at home with nothing to do all day long and doesn't have any children. I really don't understand why father asked Jonas to marry you, a person who only lived off a man."

Queena looked at her simple loungewear and felt that she was not like a noble young woman. She felt angry and couldn't help mocking her.

When hearing the word "

children", Melinda's eyes darkened a lot. She clenched her sleeves unconsciously. She should have had a child!

"Auntie Yao, Melinda is writing a novel. She's very brilliant. I've heard that the great novelists can have a million in their annual income."

Yulia was like Queena's tail. Now she suddenly stood in front of her and defended her.

"A million? Each project of Jonas doesn't cost less than one million."

Queena's words irritated Melinda. She knew that in the eyes of these people, millions were not money at all, but some people might not have such kinds of fortune for their whole lives.

"Auntie Yao, at least she is working hard."

However, Yulia's abnormal defense displeased Queena more. Melinda knew Queena's character, and so did Yulia. She easily grasped the anger point of Queena.

"Work hard? If you can't take care of your husband, you are only a loser. I've been back for so many days, but I haven't seen Jonas for even one day. What kind of wife are you?"

In the face of Queena's questioning, Melinda couldn't answer.

"It's not her fault," Yulia said.

"You mean it is my son's fault?" Queena cast a glance at Yulia, and she shrunk her neck, but she still whispered, "Of course it is."

Hearing the two persons competing against each other, Melinda knew that they were talking about her, but she acted like an outsider.

Her coldness irritated Queena. Yulia was still speaking for her, but she was actually adding insult to injury.

"Yulia, is it funny to act like a good person?"

Melinda asked, pricking her tricks. Yulia was blushing, but at last, she still left proudly like she was the winner.

Melinda went back to the computer and all her thoughts were interrupted. Wearing a gloomy face, she went back to her bedroom without saying a word.

In the past few days, Queena had made troubles for her, and Yulia was always playing tricks. She was already tired of these things.

"Kent, is the apartment you saw a few days ago still there? I want to rent it."

"Didn't you say it was noisy over there? Why do you want to rent it all of a sudden?"

Kent accompanied her to see an apartment. When she recovered, she was ready to move out, but Nelson entrusted her to stay, so the plan was put off.

"I am moving out."

It was too depressing in the Gu's mansion. She was afraid that she would collapse. She did not rent the apartment, because there were old women dancing in the neighborhood every day and night. It was difficult to have a good rest there.

"Okay, I'll ask the owner later. If it is rented to someone else, you can stay at my place and I'll go to another place."

Melinda didn't have many things. It was just a small luggage. The butler wanted to persuade her but held back.

"What are you doing? Run away from home?" Queena was surprised when she saw that Melinda was carrying the luggage painstakingly, but Yulia was in excitement. She thought that this annoying person was finally leaving.

"I'll divorce with Jonas. Mrs. Gu, wish you find a satisfying daughter-in-law soon,"

Melinda said with a smile. She no longer called her mom, neither humble nor pushy, but inexplicably made people feel sorry for her. The butler sent her out of the main house. It was hard to hail a taxi here, so she didn't refuse and asked the butler to arrange a car to send her to the downtown.

"Mrs. Gu, Nelson likes you very much." The old butler couldn't help telling her that. If Nelson knew that Melinda had moved out, he would probably lose his temper again.

"The one who would be with me all my life is Jonas. And we are not meant to be together."

Melinda moved away, drew up the divorce agreement quickly and left without taking any money.

She married into the Gu family only for one person, Jonas, rather than the property.

Now she didn't have any extravagant hope. It was wrong from the beginning. It was better to end it as soon as possible.

It had been a long time since Jonas came back home last time. Melinda had mentioned that Melinda had moved away, but he didn't care much about it. When he received the divorce agreement sent by Melinda, he was not able to react.

"Divorce without taking anything? Are you playing cat and mouse with me?"

Taking a quick glance at the divorce agreement, Jonas threw it into a drawer. In his eyes, it was a marriage of vanity and money that made Melinda marry him. If they were to divorce, how could she choose to give up all the property? This must be her new trick.

The divorce agreement was sent out for three days, but there was no reply. Melinda couldn't help but be a little anxious. Several times she wanted to find Jonas, but was refused by his secretary.

"The court will let a couple divorce after a two-year separation. That's the worst way,"

Kent said. He was also surprised that Jonas didn't agree with the divorce. Melinda remembered that he had told her that he was the one who made the decision.

"Two years, very short," Melinda said with a smile.

"Two years are nothing compared to five years." She was worried what might happen in the next two years. She had no idea what she needed to do to make Jonas let her go.

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