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   Chapter 14 Writing

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Both of them stayed out late at night, and the news that they were in the hotel were exposed by reporters, which made Nelson very happy, and his health also became better.

The next morning, facing an unfamiliar environment, Melinda was a little distracted. Last night, she lay on the sofa, woolgathering, and then fell asleep.

Jonas had already woken up. He leaned against the bed and was holding a cigarette between his slender fingers. The wisps of smoke seemed to be heavy around Jonas.

Jonas was attractive in appearance, but the rose petals on the bed had not been disposed yet, and the huge contrast between them was somewhat weird.

"Are you awake?"

Jonas's voice had been flat and emotionless, like a robot, but Melinda knew that it was only for her, not for Emily.

"Yes." Melinda was not very enthusiastic either, and she even felt weird that Jonas took the initiative to talk to her. Then she shook her head and stopped thinking about this matter. She had spent five years in finding out what kind of person he was, but she still couldn't see through him.

"There will be reporters out there. Do you know what to do?"

Jonas stuck the cigarette in the ashtray and let it burn slowly until the end.

Hearing that, Melinda stopped kneading her arms. Without saying a word, she went to the bathroom for washing.

When the two of them were done, Melinda held Jonas's hand, blushing coyly.

There were lots of reporters waiting at the gate of the hotel. The Gu family had arranged cars to pick them up. Jonas and Melinda, who seemed to be reluctant to part at all, quickly separated after getting on the car. Their indifference was like that they were strangers.

"When will this be over?" Melinda frowned and asked. If it hadn't been for Nelson, she wouldn't have agreed.

"You have to believe that I want this kind of life to end earlier than you do," Jonas said, then he closed his eyes to have a rest. The netizens could bend with the wind easily. However, after the incident last time, it was obvious that it took much more time to prove Jonas's innocence.

They spent a period of time as if they were playing a drama. The public opinion gradually changed. During this period, Holley tried to destroy it countless times, but she failed in the end.

"Melinda, damn you!" Holley's eyes were full of concealment, blaming all this on Melinda.

Now many netizens were attacking her. She originally wanted to be popular but now it was destroyed by the netizens. The gloomy Holley went to the hotel alone, the one used by Melinda and Jonas.

The hotel room was very clean. On the balcony, there was a small table, on which several bottles of red wine and fruit plates were placed according to her requirements.

After bathing, she wore a bathrobe and went directly to the balcony. She was a model, with good figure and rosy skin.

Holley was also a person who was very good at taking advantage of her own advantages.

Because of her bad mood, Holley didn't care how much she drank. She only wanted to drink as much as she could. Soon, bottles of red wine were empty. Her face turned red. At this time, there were three knocks on the door. Holley shambled to open the door.

A tall man was standing at the door. He wore a perfect suit. A tender smile appeared on Holley's face. She put her hands around the man's neck and then rested a kiss on the man's Adam's apple.

They kissed crazily at the door and went back to the bedroom. During the time, no one noticed the camera in the distance.

The detective looked at the photos in his hand, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was somewhat creepy. "You're really a slut," he commented.

His voice was dripping with contempt. Obviously, he had no intention to hide his disdain for Holley. The detective then sent a group of photos to Holley's mailbox.

After they finished, Holley didn't return home immediately. Instead, they lay on the bed. Holley browsed the e-mail. Panic suddenly registered on her face.

"What's going on?" the man asked. Holley stared at the man. There was no expression on the man's face. He asked flirtatiously, "What's wrong, honey?"

"Leave here right now." Holley said after taking a deep breath, and then returned a message to the sender.

She didn't know what he wanted, but the best way was to send the man away first. If there were reporters waiting outside the hotel, it would be done.

"Transfer money to this account..."

Soon, Holley received the message and she found that it was the account of the detective.

"Don't go overboard. This is a lesson for you. And this is your tuition," said the detective lazily.

With the help of Jonas, Holley finally had a few popularity. She didn't want to ruin her image.

The detective was sure from the beginning that Holley would pay to deal with this problem.

The peace of Holley made the PR Department of the Gu's Group relaxed a lot. Melinda also realized that it was time to end the show, and what Jonas did proved it.

As time went by, Jonas and Melinda rarely showed up in public. At last, the PR Department directly said that she was recuperating at home. With the photos they had already tak

en, they began to post some lying statements.

Melinda still lived in the Gu's mansion. Nelson was here to make sure that all the maids worked very hard for Melinda. And for all these years, Jonas had put all her heart and soul in taking care of Jonas. Since she gave up now, she had no idea what to do.

"Melinda, have you ever considered writing literature? I remember you liked it very much in the past." Melinda shared her worries with Kent, who had always been a careful person, and now gave her advice.

Melinda thought of her school days and her romantic dreams that were delayed after she married Jonas.

"I think I know what should I do now. Thank you, Kent."

Melinda smiled from the bottom of her heart and said to Kent. Kent also hoped that she could do it now to distract her attention and do not think too much about her failed relationship.

Having found the position in her heart, Melinda also changed a lot. She was no longer as stubborn as she used to be, which made Nelson very happy. He could not help asking, "Melinda, what good things have you encountered? Look at your happy face."

"Grandpa, I'm going to write a novel," Melinda answered and smiled. Before Nelson said anything, Yulia mocked, "Novel? You are really overestimating yourself."

Yulia often read novels, and she often imagined that she was a star and had a handsome and rich boyfriend.

"It's a good idea to write a novel. I'm on your side."

Nelson glimpsed at Yulia with displeasure, and encouraged Melinda's idea very much. He also asked the butler to check whether there was a magazine under the Gu's Group, and ordered the company that they must support Melinda with all their strength.

Melinda was a woman of action. She had gotten the general idea of this work, and some of the background were written five years ago. Her writing was good, and the details were simple and unadorned.

She was full of youth back then. Melinda closed her eyes.

The Gu family was always good to Melinda. Nelson specially arranged a room for her with many books to work.

Having not been in touch with such things for a long time, Melinda was still a little unfamiliar. She looked through a large amount of information, and some inspiration was also quickly recorded.

Nelson cared so much about Melinda that Yulia envied her very much. She didn't want Melinda to live a better life than she did. If Melinda really wrote a novel, Grandpa would definitely help her.

As long as Yulia thought that one day Melinda's novel would become famous, her attention was all on destroying it. She would never allow it to happen.

"Who let you in?" While Melinda was trying to write down her characters, a woman showed up beside her abruptly.

"This is my house. It's none of your business no matter where I go." Melinda didn't want to argue with her. She went back to the writing work.

"Hey, go shopping with me."

Hearing that, Melinda looked at Yulia in surprise. She thought that there must be something wrong with Yulia that she would ask her to be her company.

"What? Are you afraid of me?"

Seeing no response from Melinda, Yulia said provocatively. But the power of the paper tiger was ridiculous and pitiful, and Melinda didn't want to expose it.

"Let's go." Melinda said as she saved the work and closed the laptop. Then she stood up and took her phone. She also wanted to buy something.

"Are you going out like this?"

Yulia asked as she pointed at her in shock. Melinda simply tied up her hair and wore a white shirt and jeans.

"No wonder my brother don't like you. You are so unfeminine,"

Yulia said. However, it didn't matter to Melinda. Compared with her casual attitude, Yulia deliberately changed the dress, had delicate makeup, new hair, with a nice pair of shoes and a handbag. She really armed herself even with fingernails, without missing a single detail.

The two were two extremes when they went to the mall. Melinda was wandering around with a mobile phone in her hand, while Yulia was selecting big names and flaunting them intentionally.

Speaking of the cultures of famous brands, Yulia was enthusiastic. She had planned to show off, but she hadn't expected that Melinda had learned these cultures since a long time ago.

"Miss, the clothes here are all tailored. You can't try them on." The gentle voice of the saleslady attracted the attention of Melinda. She also heard of this brand before.

It seemed that Yulia had a quarrel with the saleslady.

Putting down the drawing she was watching, Melinda turned around and got to the bottom of the matter. She was speechless with Yulia.

"I'm sorry, my friend just loves all kinds of designs from Joey. The new design..." Melinda began to change the subject and began to praise Joey. Then she took out a design drawing to Yulia and asked her to let the saleslady to register a tailored dress for her.

"Miss, Joey is happy that you can appreciate his design. This tailored dress is for you at half price." The saleslady winked at Melinda. Yulia stood there with a livid face, looking very indignant.

Her original intention was to humiliate Melinda, but she was the one being humiliated in the end.

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